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Dropping Off Marine

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:58 pm

OOC: unless otherwise stated Cheese the Chao will always be with Cream the Rabbit. Also, when you see this This means that only Cream is talking even though Cheese the Chao is in the pic. I'll indicate Cheese speaking by Cheese: until I get a pic.

*The scene opens to sometime after Blaze had her last match. Blaze, Cream, and Marine were heading to Cream's House.*

: You're not bein' very fair.

: You high-jacked a golf cart and caused much trouble as well as property damage. On top of that you interfered with several matches.

: But you won didn't you? I don't see the problem if I give you an assist.

: I don't need an assist. I need you to stop causing me problems.

: But...

*Marine then stopped as they reached their destination... or what was left of it. For it seemed that the house was burned to the ground. The three off them at it stunned.*

: Ok, I didn't do that... hmmmm... Oh, maybe it was pirates, yeah that's it. Pirates that came here thinking they could stop the adventures of Captian Marine. But they didn't expect that I wasn't here. So...

: Quiet!

*Marine was a little taken aback from Blaze's sudden outburst. Then recovered.*

: ...Are they maybe still here? *She strikes a fighting pose.* There not getting away from this 'ere sheila.

: No, I want you to be quiet so I can consintrate.

: Oh.

*The three of them looked at the burnt house.*

: Hey what's that?

*Marine dashed over to a spot in the house.*

: Marine, get back here.

: No drama, mate. I'm only seein' what that sparkly thing is.

*Marine walked over to the spot where she pulled up a chared chest.*

: Ripper! There's treasure.

*Marine opened the chest as her face lit up.*

: Bewdy! Look at the size of this gem.

*Marine came back over to Blaze. She showed the chest to Blaze. As Blaze saw it she reciginsed it.*

: A Sol Emerald!

: ... Awe.... this is one of those thing-a-jigs you were lookin' for? Blimey, 'ere you go Blaze.

*Blaze took out the Sol Emerald and as she did there was another thing in there.*

: Crikey, there's some paper in 'ere. Maybe it's a treasure map.

*Marine got out the paper and began to read it.*

: Oh, Blimey. It ain't.

*Marine handed Blaze the note then she began to inspect the chest again. Blaze began to read the note.*

: *sigh* Seems whoever, burnt down the house also kidnapped Vanilla.

: Do you think it was Mr. Eggman?

*Blaze shrugs*

: Can't be sure. But what am I going to do with you two?

: Sounds like a real burl. So the adventures of Captain Marine continue.

*Blaze looked at Marine.*

: Don't be so sure about that. But for now I'll have to take you with me til I can come up with another solution.

: Ripper!

*Blaze gave Marine a slight annoyed look. Then the three of them left.*


*Some time later, inside Blaze's hotel room. It was night and Blaze, Cream, and Cheese was asleep. Marine, however, was up and on the laptop Blaze used to get in touch with eWe. Marine was browsing the eWe sight as she happened upon the sign up for the sign up to the Queen of the Ring sign up. Marine thought about it as she then entered Blaze to the tournament. Marine smiled to herself.*

The next morning.

*Blaze gets up to see Marine asleep by the laptop. Blaze sighed as she pick up the laptop then used the history to see what all Marine did. Marine didn't seem to do much but send strange emails to different eWe people. ofcourse, she used Blaze's account so Blaze made a mental note to change her password. She also saw that Marine had signed her up for the Queen of the Ring Tournament. Blaze didn't mind that. She did want to enter the Tournament but she knew that she'd have to do something with Marine so that she wouldn't interupt her match. She thought about it. The only people she really knew in this dimension was Cream's mom Vanilla as well as Sonic and Tails. Vanilla was kidnapped and Sonic and Tails had their own problems. Blaze then sent an pm to Sonic. Perhaps he could think of someone who'd keep Marine. Blaze waits then she gets a reply. Sonic tells her that a Amy Rose would be able to look after both Marine and Cream. Blaze had met Amy Rose once before. So she sent an ok message and arranged a meeting for her.*


*Later, Blaze meets up with Amy and drops off Marine and Cream.*
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