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Sonic in EWE Championship Gauntlet

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:39 pm

RP Link:

Show: WrestleMania 9 [5/26/2013]

OOC: Pics need to be entered

*We begin our scene outside a Luxurious Motel in Chicago Illinois. There we find Sonic leaning back in a pool side chairs. The view seems to be from a video camera as we are getting closer to where Sonic is sitting. Sonic glanced towards the camera as he seemed to notice who was behind it.*

: What's with the camera?

*Just then a voice we all recignise comes from behind the camera. But he seemed a bit in shock.*

: You don't know?!

*Sonic shook his head.*

: No Tails, I don't know why you have a camera.

: Wrestle Mania of course. I mean did you honestly think you could sit back and relax when we have promos to do?

*Sonic raises an eye brow."

: We?

: Oh come on, you know you'd never be able to cut a good promo without me. After all I'm the smart one.

*Sonic sits up in his chair. Then stands up.*

: If you say so, but next time why don't you tell me next time.

: Oh but you have to be ready at a moments notice. After all you've seen some of these promos. Interviews come at random times.

*Sonic nods*

: True. So you're going to interview me?

: No.

: Then who is?

*Tails shrugs*

: Not sure, I just thought it be fun to film us while we talk about random stuff.

*Sonic rolls his eyes.*

: Whatever Tails. So what do you want to talk about?

: How about your last match on Chaos?

: I was a little disappointed to be honest.

*Tails titles his head to the side. But you can't see it because he's behind the camera’s view.*

: Really? Well i did tell you he was the weaker of the Steel wrestles.

: Yeah but you also told me Optimus Prime was going to join eWe.

*Tails shrugs*

: Hey it's what I heard.

: I still doubt he'll join. Besides, I was there to, and it sounded more like it was a joke.

: Your just scared.

*Sonic rose an eye brow at that.*

: Me scared of a robot? That's funny considering how many robots I've destroyed in my life time.

: Was that a shot at Android 18?

*Sonic gave Tails a confused look.*

: What do you mean by that?

: Well Android 18 is an Android. And She's in the gauntlet you entered.

: I know. It's just a very abrupt change of subject.

*Tails was shocked.*

: Me? Change the subject like that? Never!

*Sonic glared at Tails but Tails just looks like he doesn't know what he did wrong. Or he would of if you could see him.*

: Besides, if you don't start bashing your opponents, you're going to loose.

*Tails rolled his eyes*

: I'll do what I need to in the ring. I mean sure, I might be the underdog in this...

: Under-Hedgehog.

*Sonic lifts an eye brow at Tails but otherwise ignores it.*

: No one even expects me to win this match. Even Jonathan Steele and Justin White didn't mention me when they went talked about the match last Chaos.

: They didn't mention those triple question mark competitors.

: that's because we don't know who they are yet.

: How so? I mean sure they have the same name of ??? but they could easily win this thing.

*Sonic just stares at Tails.*

: Anyways, as I was saying. No one thinks I'm going to win. Then again.

*Sonic grins*

: So what? it's a little exciting really. Not because I think my opponent's will underestimate me and I'll be able to win that way. Nah, I enjoy competing just like I know the others do. I love a challenge, and this Gauntlet will give me just that. So go ahead put me in anywhere. I'll be enjoying the match rather I win or rather I loose. Besides, that's what matters. If you can't have fun while competing for this company, why join? Sure you got those who just like to beat on people. And you got those who are in it just to make a paycheck. but they know deep down inside of them that they enjoy being in this company.

*Tails nods but once again it's off camera.*

: Sounds like you gonna loose to me.

: Did you not just hear what I said?

*Tails shrugged*

: You lost me at Loose. so since we are on the subject. Let's get down to the nitty gritty and talk about each person individually.

*Sonic shrugs*

: All right. Which one should i start with?

: I'm not an interview. So I don't know.

*Sonic shrugged again and was about to say something when Tails interrupted.*

: Buut, you could start out with those ??? people.

*Sonic looked at him.*

: Wait how'd you say that again?

: The ??? people?

: Yeah. How are you saying that? I mean true you'd write it like that but, i don't know.

*Tails shrugged.*

: JC's just being lazy again. And doesn't want to type out Question mark, question mark, Question mark. He was already warned about it by you know who.

: you know who? you mean that Volde...

: Don’t say his name. It's bad juju. But no I mean the "other" you know who.

: No I don't know who.

*Tails Shrugs*

: Awe well he knows who he is. So continue with the ??? guys.

*Sonic sighed*

: Well, as I said before we don't know who they are just yet. But it doesn't concern me.

: don't underestimate your opponents. I mean it could be White Tiger or Johnny Chaos, or even... dare I say it. the Rick Roll Guy. If he shows your toast.

: Have you not gotten the concept that the Rick roll was a joke entry?

*Tails opened his mouth in a gasp.*

: How dare you say that. He worked harder than all the rest of those entries. He never stopped his Rick Roll through out the entire time he was out there.

*Sonic grinned as he saw an opportunity.*

: But he lost.

: Even his promo was a thing of beauty. He song that song like a real pro.

: But he lost.

*Tails stares at Sonic. But once again you can't see it for Tails was behind the camera.*

: He lasted longer in that match than you did your match against Eric Steel.

: But he lost.

: Whatever, your just afraid of his awesome singing abilities. Can you even sing as good as he can?

: Apparently, you haven't seen Sonic Underground.

: So enough with the role reversal. Now on to the next one. Ummm... how about Johnathan Steele's twin?

: He has a twin?

: John Steel, duh.

*Sonic rolled his eyes again.*

: I was hoping you wouldn't bring that up again. But he's like one of the favorites in this match.

: So?

: I thought I was supposed to save them until the end?

: Who cares. It's your Role play. Think outside the box.

*Sonic shrugs*

: well then, John Steel is some short of Ladies man but honestly I don't see what that has to do with our match. I mean sure the Champions a woman so perhaps he'll use his charms on her. But I doubt it. The two really seem to hate each other and I can garuntee that if they face in the gauntlet that will be a very heated battle.

: But who cares if they face. What about if he faces you?

: Honestly? I can garuntee he'll think he can just blow right past me. But I know for a fact that if we face that won't happen. I mean true it won't be as fast as I took down Eric but I'm going to show him that I'm not a joke entry. In fact, the way i see it, he'll probably be cocky like he always is, and he'll go in thinking he'll put me away quickly or just think he'll have a small break before the "real" wrestlers show up. With that in his mind I'll be more than able to catch him off guard. It may be enough to give me the win but if what I've seen about John is right, he'll adjust his strategy eventually. Either way I'm treating this match like I've got a fight on my hands.

*Tails nodded.*

: Now do Mickie James.

: Well she's got determination, that's for sure. I mean she's in 3 different matches that will allow her to get her singles division championship this company has active. Of course, part of her plan has back fired on her as now she's got 2 title defenses. So Mickie's got her work cut out for her. Though if you think about it. Even though it's true she'll want to win this match just to make a point. But even if she looses this match but wins money in the bank that still gives her a shot at getting the undisputed Championship. With that being said, this match will be towards the end of the night, thus you know she's going to be tired. I know others will look to target her fatigue but I'm not. don't take that as a sign of weakness but I'm not going to be letting up on her just because I think she'll be tired. No, I'm going in there ready for the match expecting to see that same Mickie that took on Leo Kat and beat him for the Mid-Eastern Championship. The same Mickie who fraught Layla and won the Televixen Championship. That's the Mickie James I plan to see.

: Right. So we also have, do do do DOOO!!!!, D-Dawg.

: Wait, he's in this match?

*Sonic shrugs*

: Well I know D-Dawg's pretty good. But recently he's been in a slump. Hopefully, him signing up for this shows that he's ready to get out of it. Otherwise, he'll be ran over by the competition.

: So you could say he's the under dog?

: No I wouldn’t say that. He's got good skills and to be honest if he gets out of this slump he's in he'll give any one of these competitors a run for their money. Besides, I'm the underdog.

*Tails shook his head.*

: No, your the under-hedgehog.

*sonic rolled his eyes.*

: Who's next?

: Hmmm... How about Nero Phoenix?

: Well he did short of come back with a slump. But he's been picking up the pace again. I mean he really showed Michael Burke that there was a reason for why he's in the Gauntlet. So we're looking at a very good match with him.

: OK, how about Alesandro Quake-See yah-tiara.

*Sonic raised an eye brow.*

: Really that's the best you can do?

*Tails shrugged*

: Not my fault he's got a crazy last name. But he's got an epic first name. Alessandro. I mean you could even sing to it.

*Tails begin to sing.*

: Alesandro, Alesandro, ela ela ela ela sandro.

*Sonic rolled his eyes.*

: Anyways, Alesandro is a very tough opponent. He's showed it with all of the different championships and achievements that he's not someone to take lightly. Even John Steel thought he was just an old legend that only blew hot air. Even though the match was a draw.

*Sonic shot Tails a look almost daring him to say "But it was a draw" But Tails didn't bite. Instead he said something else.

: Well I think he's a ghost.

: A ghost?

: Well, how does a guy shoot himself in the head and continue to live?

*Sonic shrugged*

: I guess the same way you can turn a baby into a bag of popcorn.

*Tails was utterly shocked.*

: He did what?!

: Don't worry Tails. I'm pretty sure it was all just smoke and mirrors.

: Tell that to the baby.

*Sonic rolled his eyes.*

: Anyways, despite how you do your promo's. I know I've got my work cut out for me if I wind up facing Alesandro.

: Well your the world's fastest Supersonic Hedgehog. But you best watch out for his magic powers.

: Whatever Tails. Next I'll do 18.

: You can't you've already talked about her. Besides, I'm the one who chooses who you talk about next.

: I didn't and if your counting my "Shot" at 18 earlier then that's not even close to what I'm doing now.

: So you admit it was a shot against 18.

*Sonic rolled his eyes. Then continued.*

: No it was. Besides, I thought you're not an interviewer?

: I'm not just like what you said earlier wasn't a shot against 18.

*Sonic let out a sigh*

: Whatever Tails, who do you want me to talk about next?

: Android 18.

*Sonic lowered his head and shook it.*

: Fine.

*He looked back up.*

: Anyways, for starters I know that Android 18 is not a robot. She's just a really good wrestler.

: Oh? and what about that fireball thing she did in her last promo?

: Oh come on you and I both know that was a special effect.

: Then how'd she throw it at that one guy in the X-core Championship 24 hour defense?

*Sonic rolled his eyes*

: There's another reason for it but I can't get into it. So moving on.

: Whatever, but you're going to wish you'd listened to me when she throws a fireball at your face.

: Then she'll be disqualified.

: Thought you said you were moving on.

: I am.

: Sure fooled me.

*Sonic shook his head again in disbelief.

: ANYways. Like Mickie, this isn't 18's only match. And that is a No disqualification match.

: So 18 will throw a fireball in Mickie's face then.

*Sonic ignored his friend.*

: The other match is a grudge match so you can bet they'll be more exhausted after that match. But I still think that 18 can more than able to do that match and still give whoever she faces in the gauntlet a run for their money. Sad thing is, we'll probably not hear from her in eWe for awhile after Wrestle mania's over.

: yeah they can get worse than you in their coming back and leaving.

*Sonic looked at his friend knowing what he meant. But he shrugged it off.*

: Last but not least. The current Champion, Christy Chaos.

: Do you think they named the show after her?

: What show?

*Tails rolled his eyes.*

: Chaos, duh.

: I doubt that.

: Just think though, that explains why she's champ. I mean it's her show. So you've got to fight the entire show just to beat her. Of perhaps if you win you'll have to change your name to Sonic the Chaos. or even Sonic Chaos... no wait that one's been done before.

: Can we get back on topic?

: I am on topic. we are talking about Chaos.

*Sonic rolled his eyes.*

: Whatever Tails. Now let me finish this in peace.

: OK, if you want to take all the fun out of it. Go right ahead.

: Good.

*Sonic cleared his thought before he began to speak perhaps the last match talk of this very very long promo.*

: Christy Chaos. First I have to hand it to her, this idea was a great one to prove that she's not just some wimp or even a fake champion. This will shut the nay sayers up. She's already been given very tough opponents. Android 18, John Steel, Alesandro, all people I know she's believe that if she can beat them she'll show what she's made of. Christy has a point to prove. But the truth is, she's not the only one. Most of the others are here to show the world that they deserve to be champion or that still have it despite what people think. Then there's me. I've joined this gauntlet for two reason. One is to have many great matches with some of the top wrestlers of this company. The other reason is similar to Christy’s. People count me out, people say I should even be in this company because I've got fur and a slightly different head, that I’m not "realistic enough, a joke. But if I can make it here. If I can not only obtain the highest championship that eWe has to offer and not only that but by doing it against the likes of these top wrestlers? Then and only then will I be able to shut them up. So, they can put me at the number 2 entry spot. I'm going to prove that I can do it. Then we'll see who's the cartoon.

*There was silence as Sonic finished his statement. Then Sonic gave a nod to Tails.*

: Well I'm going to get going. See you at Wrestle mania.

*With that Sonic headed off as the scene fades.*
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Re: Sonic in EWE Championship Gauntlet

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