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Sonic Vs Eric Steel

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:44 am
-Insert Baner here-

RP Link:

Show Chaos [5/13/2013]

(*We begin at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois as we see two people walking down the hall. One was none other than Sonic the Hedgehog while the other was his friend and in some ways more popular Miles "Tails" Prower. I'd get into their outfit but as everyone knows, Sonic and Tails don't normally wear anything other than, white gloves, white socks. and red sneakers or red and white in the case of Tails.*

: Isn't this great. The feeling of being back in eWe. How awesome can this get?

: You should know. I mean how many times is it that you've left and come back?

*Sonic give Tails a slight glare as they continued to walk.*

: Hey not my fault on the last time. eWe had problems that they had to close down for awhile.

: Right, but did you not go on Leave of Absence before it closed down?

: That one wasn't my fault. But I can't go into it without either sounding bad or going into OOC.

*Tails shot him a look.*

: Careful mentioning OOC. It's dangerous waters in a RP.

: I know I know. But you brought it up.

*Tails gasped in mock shock.*

: Me? I'd never do something like that. I'm only pointing out that you leave and come back allot. So even if you did have a reason for

*Tails does finger quotes.*

: "Leaving". That still doesn't explain why you took so long to get back.

*Sonic just give his friend a stare.*

: What?

: That's another OOC topic.

: Oh come on. Is everything OOC with you? Might as well throw this whole Role play into the toilet. Heck, why not even have JC come in to say a few lines?

*Sonic stares at his friend again.*

: Let's just change the subject.

*Tails gave an approving nod.*

: We'll change it abruptly by me saying... We're here.

*Tails almost shouts the last part as Sonic and Tails had made it outside a locker room. Though Sonic just raised an eyebrow as a sign on the door said, "Cartoon Locker Room."

: Really? Do I look like a cartoon to you?

: Sure do. Besides, you should be honored to have your own locker room. Well then again I heard Optimus Prime's going to be joining and he might take up allot of space in there.

: Optimus Prime? You mean the Transformer?

: The one and only. I've been hearing roomers on the eWe Xat that Optimus might be joining.

*Sonic shook his head in disbelief.*

: Guess if he joins he'll have to have matches outside.

: No, he'll just break through the roof. Though it'll be hard to pin him. I mean if you knock him off his feet he may squash a few audience members. Or maybe he'll just end up in a fender bender with Michael Jensen's car and wind up being demoted to Jensen Car pool. Nothing says style like arriving in a semi with flames painted on the side of it.

*Sonic just looks at his friend in disbelief.*

: ...

: What?

: Nothing. Can we talk about something else? Other than the Chairman’s street cred?

*Tails gave Sonic a confused look.*

: I thought we were talking about the sign on the wall saying Cartoon?

*Sonic let out a sigh then went into the room. Tails looked as if he was wondering what he did wrong before he entered too. Inside the room Sonic headed over to a chair and sat down. Tails short of slowly walked over to him as he pondered something aloud.*

: Though to be honest i don't see why you really need a Locker Room. I mean you don't change your clothes. Not like you got another fur suit you can change into.

*Sonic looked up at his friend.*

: Well it is nice to have a shower after a great match.

*Tails nodded a few times but he still wasn't convinced.*

: Wouldn't the staff be afraid that all your ink will wash out?

*Sonic gave Tails a confused look.*

: Ink?

: Well yeah if we're cartoons. All a shower will do is wash off all are color.

*Sonic hit his forehead with his hand.*

: We aren't cartoons, Tails. Just some crazy idea that most people get. Besides, I'm more of a Video game character since I'm most noted for being in a video game. But that's beside the point.

*Tails nodded.*

: OK now with that out of the way. I guess you can prepare for your match in peace.

*Sonic grinned.*

: Oh I doubt that.

*The two stayed in silence for a few moments. Sonic then stood up and began to do some warm up excersises.*

: So you got Eric Steel tonight?

: Yep.

: I find it a bit strange though.

*Sonic looked up at his friend wondering what he meant but still continued his warm up.*

: How so?

: Well I mean ewe’s really getting over run by the Steel Family. I mean first it was the twins Jonathan Steele and John Steel. Then we have Kendra Steel and now Eric Steel. Plus I'm pretty sure there was a brief mention of a Kaylie Steel back when that JC person was wrestling.

*Sonic continued back to his routine.*

: I doubt there's any relation. I mean Steel's not that unheard of for a last name. Plus don't Jonathan Steele and John Steel spell their name's differently?

: Oh don't let that fool you. The e in Steele is silent. therefore doesn't exsist.

*Sonic rolled his eyes as he moved to a different exercise.*

: But look at the bright side. You got what seems to be the easier Steel? Well unless it was Jonathan Steele after all he's a commentator.

: Oh? and how do you figure that?

: Well he wears that head set and sits at the commentator booth most of Chaos. I figured it was obvious.

*Sonic rolled is eyes again.*

: No I mean why do you think Eric Steel's the weaker one?

: Well, John Steel's pretty big as he's gone toe to toe with the legend White Tiger. Even won other matches. Kendra is not only a wrestler but a porn star so you know she's got to have a lot of endurance. This is only Eric's second match in eWe and he lost his debut match.

: So? It was a pretty good match.

: But he lost.

: He managed to eliminate one of his opponents.

: But he lost.

*Sonic short of stared at Tails. Knowing all to well where this was going.*

: He was facing 5 other guys.

: But he lost.

: ...

*Sonic sighed.*

: Whatever Tails.

: But you know I still think that Rick Roll guy should of won. I mean did you hear his Rick Roll? Priceless. And he never gave up his Rick Rolling, even in the face of all those odds.

*Sonic rolled his eyes as he got up from his warm up excerses.*

: Anyways, I can tell that Eric has some skill. I know he thinks he's the greatest and hopefully his first lost here will motivate him to do better and he doesn't try and sweep his lost underneath the rug.

: Right, and besides everyone knows that Supreme is better than great.

*Sonic nodded.*

: Now I'm ready to go out there and battle. As long as he's not another one of those people who think "Cartoons" don't belong in this company, then this should be a great match. If not then I'm just going to have to show him just how much I belong in this company.

*Tails gave Sonic a nod but he couldn't help but add one last thing.*

: I thought you said you're not a Cartoon?

*Sonic rolled his eyes.*

: I'm not. Anyways, I'll catch you later. My match is about to start.

*With that Sonic headed out the room as Tails gave him a good bye wave.*

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Re: Sonic Vs Eric Steel

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:44 am
Results Link: TBA
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