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Sonic Vs Jesse Brooks Vs Cyrus Vs James Maanson Empty Sonic Vs Jesse Brooks Vs Cyrus Vs James Maanson

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:32 am
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=2345

Show: Chaos: [8/29/2011]

X-Division #1 contendership

*The scene opens to Sonic's hotel room, where Sonic and Tails were sharing a hotel room.*

*Tails got up and looked around the apartment. After seeing that something was missing, he quickly got up and shook Sonic awake.*

Tails: Sonic, get up. The Chaos Emeralds are missing.

*At that Sonic instantly got up and ran a check around the room himself. His search came up empty as well.*

Sonic: Great, Just great... Who do you think took them?

Tails: Well, there's a long list of people who could've done so. The government, Eggman, some other random people.

Sonic: Yeah, Yeah. Great just when I was getting back into eWe.

Tails: YOU can still go to the events. I can track down the Emeralds.

Sonic: All right, thanks. Now let's see if I'm booked for next Chaos.

*Tails walked over to a laptop computer he had set up on a desk. He opened up eWe.com and checked.*

Tails: You’re in a number one contender match.

Sonic: Really? Sweet. For what belt?

Tails: The X-division championship belt.

Sonic: *Whistles* that’s awesome.

Tails: *Turns towards Sonic.* You do realize that it's the lowest belt right now.

Sonic: So, A Champs a Champ. And a match's a match. Besides this just means that the competition should be more ferrous.

*Sonic was very glad to have a tough match to look forward to.*

Tails: Well, you are going up against three new comers. James Manson, Cyrus, and Jesse Brooks.

Sonic: Doesn't matter. This match is going to be sweet. Rather their new comers or seasoned pros, I'm heading in to play for keeps. Hope they bring there A game too.

Tails: They should. Unless they get stage fright or something.

Sonic: *Laughed at that.* I doubt that.

Tails: Never know. I've seen it happen.

Sonic: Well, hopefully they give a good match.

Tails: Right.

*Tails browsed the eWe site some more.*

Tails: Want me to schedule an interview with Trixy?

Sonic: I don't see why not. of course, before we left I had a feeling that she was avoiding me for some reason. After all she was skipping out on the interviews we had planned.

Tails: never know. Maybe she just had something come up.

Sonic: Yeah you're probably right. So go head and schedule that interview.

Tails: all right.

*So Tails scheduled the interview.*

Sonic: Well, I'll be seeing you. I've got to do some training.

Tails: ok, later Sonic.

*Sonic gave a small wave as he left the hotel room.*

*Later that day. Sonic is seen entering an interviewing room. Inside is Kelly.*

Sonic: Hey, Kelly. *looks around.* Where's Trixy?

Kelly: She suddenly got sick then asked me to cover your interview.

Sonic: Really? Well, I'm beginning to wonder about her.

Kelly: Me too.

*Sonic walks to the interviewing chair and has a seat.*

Sonic: So how have you been?

Kelly: Pretty good. How about you?

Sonic: ecstatic.

Kelly: Really? how so?

Sonic: My up coming match. I did some browsing and it looks like those guys are pretty good.

Kelly: We haven't started the interview yet...

Sonic: I know. I just can't wait for my match.

Kelly: Well then we may as well start the interview.

*Kelly pulls out a remote and starts the camera.*

Kelly: Hello I'm Kelly and I'm here with newly come back Super Star Sonic the Hedgehog. For off I'd like to say Welcome back. But could you give us a reason as to why you left? after all you were in a money- in-the-bank match.

Sonic: Well, I had some things I needed to take care of.

Kelly: More important than getting a shot and eWe champion?

*nods his head.*

Sonic: You see I left to help out a small island community. It was under attack for nothing more than to take something that they had worked so hard to get. I can't stand things like that happening. Remember though getting a champion title may be great in all; there are more important things than winning it.

Kelly: Well, since you mentioned titles. It is said that your up coming match will determine the number 1 contender to the X division title.

*Sonic grins*

Sonic: I've heard. and as I've said before there's some pretty neat wrestlers coming to this match. One of course is Jesse Brooks. I've hear he's being managed by Kurtis Porter. If he's anything like his manager then this will be a great match from what I've heard of Kurtis' record. However, I'm sure that he doesn't want to put into the same shoes as his manager. After all people will look at him and say, "Look there goes Kurtis Porter's Superstar." I know you don't want that, and you know you don't want that. He's a roughneck brawler but he's looking at power strikes. I'm a speed fighter myself so I ask, Can you keep up with me?

Kelly: I see so what about your other opponents?

Sonic: Well we have Cyrus. From what I've read he's a local hero where he's from and is he a luchador? Well, I hear he's into big stunts and moves. Careful, those big stunts can easily cause your defeat. Especially, in a match like this. What I've seen are that Luchador's are masked crowd pleasers. Why win if you can't win big... well with special moves that is. Of course, you can do them if you wish. Just don't think I'm going to sit around waiting for you to finish your warm up.

Last but not least is James Manson. I see that he's a heel so his promos or interviews will be mostly centered on how he "defies" the system. In the ring he'll be all him and nothing but him. I'm going to show him that it's not all about him. He may think he can win with his might alone or perhaps even his motivation to get him what he wants. However, they lack one thing, passion. The true kind of passion, their passion comes for their greed and willingness to do what it takes to get what they want. My passion and other's like me have the true passion for the sport itself. We fight, not for fame or glory, but for the fun of the game. and those are the true champions. Just remember that James.

Kelly: good point. so any final comments before we close?

Sonic: Yeah. *Gives a thumbs-up.* Here's to a great match.

Kelly: *Turns to the camera.* There you have it folks. From the words of Sonic himself. This is Kelly. Until next time.

*Kelly presses stop on the remote.*

Kelly: Great interview. I do wish you luck in your match.

Sonic: Thanks.

*Sonic leaves the room.*

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Sonic Vs Jesse Brooks Vs Cyrus Vs James Maanson Empty Re: Sonic Vs Jesse Brooks Vs Cyrus Vs James Maanson

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:33 am
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