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JC Vs Chris Vs Tyson VS JTG

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:34 am
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Show: Chaos [1/17/2011]

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(Other 3 = XD Qualifyers)
JTG Vs. JC Kane Vs. Officer Ken Tyson Vs. Chris Warren

(The scene opens to the ring. On it is JC who is wearing the same casual attire. He has a microphone which he raises up.)

JC: Final Round. Or at least for the number 1 international tournament that is. For the winner will move on to the sol

survivor pay-per-view to take on Dean Winchester for a shot at his International title.

JC: 16 wrestlers began in this tournament. Now we are down to 4. 4 wrestlers who are all want that shot at getting a hold of the international Championship belt. They are: JTG, Chris Warren, Officer Ken Tyson, and me, JC.

(JC pauses for a second.)

JC: Now each of my opponents had to defeat two others in order to make it this far, like myself. However, most of their opponents have put up more of a fight than mine did. So they believe that the only reason why I'm here is luck. Even from the words of Chris Warren, that he thinks that I'm going to wait for them to lay down on the mat and wait for me to pin them. But the truth is I'm not. Just because my opponents didn't put in the effort his did, doesn't mean I'm going to expect all of my opponents to do so. I went into those fights expecting to have my work cut out for me and I gave each of those fights my very best. Just as I plan to do on Monday.

JC: Now on to my opponents. First up is JTG. No doubt JTG is planning on showing you guys his latest crime spree. Showing
you all the different items he's "collected." Why the federation puts up with him and his partner is unknown. well it's more
than likely due to they make people laugh. They are a source of entertainment to amuse you. It's true they've made it this
far but do you really want a jokester as your international Champion? JTG and his partner are good for a laugh to lighten up
some of the tension of the other matches but they are just the after show, the in between act. The joke will be on him when
he finds that the other three in this match won't be laughing. You in the audience have come to see sizzling hot matches and
that's what you expect out of your international Champion, any champion for that matter. So I'll commend him for making
this far but this audience doesn't want a comedian and a thief for their International Champion. And I'm sure the others in
this match, myself included, will not only provide a better International Champion but We'll prove it to you, JTG.

(JC paused briefly)

JC: Officer Ken Tyson. I hear that he's a formal police officer and for that you have my respect. Now I've also heard that
you were able to get a hold of the X-core championship title. I title that is competed for 24/7. That shows you have focus
and determination. However, this is different. With the X-core championship despite it being a 24/7 any where competition
most opponents in that use the element of surprise to outwit their opponents. Here, in this match you will be facing 3 others
who are putting all their effort into winning. No cheap surprise attacks just all out power versus power, technique versus
technique. Of course I know that you have been pulling in a lot of wins. So I can't base all my facts on you by your involvement in the X-core championship. You've been making a name for yourself here in eWe. But you need to make sure that doesn't all go to you head. You'd better make sure that your original passion for this career stays with you. For if you don't you won't be able to win this match. Their are 3 other wrestlers here that are ready to show the world that they want to be number one contender to the international champion.

(JC paused and takes a few steps to the side.)

JC: Last is Chris Warren. Now Chris I must know... What happened? Back at the beginning of your career you used to have such a fire inside you. You were the Alpha Male and you didn't take nothing from nobody. So what happened? Now it's as if you've
lost your spirit your not as pumped on winning. You're nothing but a shadow of your former self. If you want this title
shot you need to reignite that old spark. The Alpha Male Spark. So tell me Chris, Are we going to see the leader of the
pack on Monday or some wolf that was beat up and cast aside?

(JC looked down as if to show his disappointment then he went back to the center of the ring.)

JC: So come this Monday during the conclusion of this tournament, you will see a thief, a New guy, a former officer, and old
Pack leader, go into the ring to determine who will get the chance to face Dean Winchester for the International Championship

(JC looked towards the screen.)

JC: So fellow competitors be ready for on Monday it's GAME ON!!!

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Re: JC Vs Chris Vs Tyson VS JTG

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:34 am
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