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JC Vs Eli

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:31 am
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Show: Chaos [12/27/2010]

JC vs. Eli Hogan

International Number 1 contenders tournament Round 1.

OOC: JC is JC's technical Wrestling name. However, he also goes by JC Kane. Like Stone Cold is either just Stone Cold or Stone Cold Steve Austin.

(The scene opens up to the arena in Vermillion, South Dakota. As we look to see JC center stage. JC was dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a black shirt covered by a opened red buttoned up shirt. He had on black tennis-shoes and a red cap with the letters JC on it. JC also wore on a metal band on his left wrist. Embedded into the metal band was a clear crystal. JC held up a micro phone and spoke into it.)

JC: The time has come. For coming this Chaos will be my dÈbut match. Now most of you don't know who I am or what I stand for but soon you'll see for yourself.

(JC paused for it to soak in.)

JC: I know that you've seen many a wrestlers come up here and tell you the same things over and over again. Telling you about how they are a force to be reckoned with. That they are on fire. Only for them to get the floor mopped with their own bodies. eWe has seen many people come and claim to be something big. Some have lived up to their claims and have risen to become champions. Others have started doing what they claimed only to find out that they were big among the little people but mice among the true stars of eWe.

(JC pauses for a break then continues.)

JC: Me, I will not make such claims. I will not make a claim to be someone big but rather let you decided for yourselves as I go out on next Monday to face Eli Hogan in the first round of the International number 1 contenders tournament.

(JC Pauses as the crowds cheers to what may look to be an exciting match.)

JC: Now I know that many of you are probably thinking that I don't deserve a shot a the international title since I'm new. It seems that the reason why I'm in this tournament is due to the few number of wrestlers left here. But you see I'm going to use this has a chance to make a name for myself. I won't back down due to others thinking I don't deserve this chance. You may be right but like I said, It doesn't matter to me.

JC: Now about my opponent. (He starts pacing back and forth) Eli Hogan son of one of the top most famous wrestlers. Hulk Hogan. Myself, I've never met Eli but I've looked at his record. Eli Hogan has been here a while but yet his record shows that he's had more looses than wins.

(JC stops pacing and looks straight into the camera.)

JC: Now listen Eli you need to step it up. I've heard you've lost at money in the bank. It looks as if this might be you're next big chance to get some gold in this company. Sorry to disappoint you but this isn't your time. If it's not by my hand it will be done by someone else here. Don't assume for a second that this chance will be just given to you. I won't and neither will anyone else in this tournament. So bring your A game. but according to your record it looks as if your A game might not be enough.

(JC pauses briefly)

JC: This crowd has never seen me wrestle before so they don't know what to expect out of me. You on the other hand they've watched. They know what to expect. Another mouse among the true champions of eWe.

(JC walks to the side of the ring where a bottle of water sits. He takes a drink then places it back down. Then he goes back to center stage.)

JC: Now, remember, don't go thinking that you're going to walk all over me since I'm new. You can't make an accurate assessment on me until you've been in the ring with me. I'm going into that ring all out. I won't hold anything back.

(he points to the screen as if to point directly at Eli Hogan.)

JC: (Loud) Come Monday Night Chaos, it's GAME ON!!

(The scene fades.)

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Re: JC Vs Eli

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:31 am
Results Link: TBA
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