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Maya In Golden Intentions Battle Royal

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:22 am

RP Link:

OOC Note: This RP was made before I found out about the rule that all scenes are 'on-camera' for Match RPs. However, all RPs without this note will follow those rules. But as for this RP. Scene 1 was not on camera.


This was still new to Maya as she was making her way down the streets of Albany, New York. Well, not that training for a match was any new but heading to another company just to compete in an open invite match was still a pretty new concept to her. Sure she and her girlfriend Mizore had participated once before in a Tag open invite brought on by 4CW, she had only really only had matches in feds that she was on the active Roster. Which, to her, it was still a little strange for her.

So Maya continued her jog as she wore a green hoodie over black shorts. She continued down the road as her mind went through various different events. After all her home fed, HSW had just finished it’s very first Pay-per-view and while she wasn’t allowed to talk about the results of that show it didn’t stop her from thinking about it. After all she was in two grueling matches both with championship belts on the line. The first was a Vegas Roulette match where 5 women tried to eliminate each other and with each passing elimination the rules of the match would change. As for the other, she and her partner Mizore had participated in a Tag Team Gauntlet to determine the very first HSW Tag Team Champions. Both were pretty tough matches and physically draining. And while normally you would want to rest for at least a day after the events unfolded, but not Maya. For the very next day she went straight back into training. After all she refused to let the results of this match to be the same as her brief time in the 4CW Tag tournament. She didn’t even make it past the Qualifiers after all.

So Maya’s continued her jog as she neared her destination, which was her house settled in a nice area. Maya jogged up to the front door before she walked on in. Insides, the house was cleaner than what Maya remembered leaving it as the day prior Mizore and herself had settled in to watch a few movies and the snacks had been scattered around the living room area. But the mess was cleaned up. Maya curiosity was a little peaked but then a pleasing aroma reached her nose from the kitchen. Maya gave a few sniffs as she knew what that meant. Mizore was cooking something. Maya smiled as she headed towards the kitchen and walked over she just about said a greeting when she caught that it wasn’t Mizore in the kitchen, but a red headed girl named Annabelle Jackson.

"Oh.. Annabelle, hey.”

Annabelle turned her head towards Maya as she gave her a slight smile. She had been staying in the house for awhile now, ever since Maya returned. For Maya had attempted Suicide some weeks back and had finally been released but only if she didn’t stay by herself. But after Mizore returned Maya figured Annabelle wouldn’t be needed any more but her parents, who were keeping watch on her progress insisted she stay with them for awhile longer, even if Maya had no idea how long that would be.

"Hey there. Hope you’re hungry because I’m about done with lunch.”

Maya nodded as she had been working out all morning. But she does smile slightly.

"It smells great. But where’s Mizore?”

Annabelle nods her head slightly towards the back rooms before she replies.


color=orange]"She’s still sleeping in. Didn’t want to disturb her.”[/color]

Maya nods to Annabelle as she walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway of the living room. She walked down to the end where the door to the master bedroom was. Slowly, Maya opened the door as she walked into the room. Inside, the lights were off as the black out blinders were drawn over the window. There was also a slight chill in the air but it wasn’t new for Maya as she knew Mizore preferred it cold. So Maya walked over to the bed where Mizore was laying sound asleep. Maya couldn’t help but smile at her peaceful form. She had missed her, as while she was away on suicide watch, she had elected to not let Mizore come see her, which was another story for another time. But Maya still missed watching Mizore’s sleeping form. But it was time for her to get up. So Maya leaned slowly over Mizore as she gave her a light kiss on the forehead.

"Mizore, it’s time to get up.”

Mizore shifted in the bed as she turned away from Maya before mumbling a reply.


Maya smiled as she understood her mumbling but she took ahold of the blankets Mizore was wrapped up in and pulled them off her.

"Now Now, Mizore, it’s time to get up. It’s nearly noon.”

Mizore gave a grunt of displeasure in her resolve to not get up but Maya only smiled.

"Don’t make me turn on the heat?”

This got Mizore’s attention as she replied a little more clearly this time.

"You wouldn’t…”

Maya grinned mischievously.

"Try me.”

Mizore grunted again as she finally got up. She gave a glare to Maya who only smiled back in return.

"Right I’m up, I’m up.”

Mizore gave a yawn and a stretch as Maya still couldn’t help but smile as her. Even with her messed up purple hair and evidence that she had been sleeping awhile, Maya still thought she was the cutest thing ever. When Mizore finished her yawn she looked up at Maya staring at her.


"Nothing. Just admiring that new hairstyle. Really works on you.”

Maya giggled as Mizore playfully grabs a pillow from the bed and hits it with it. When the small exchange was over Mizore finally stood up.

"So what’s to eat? I’m starved.”

"Annabelle’s making us something right now.”

Mizore gives another stretch this time more on her back as she finally nods.

"Right well, let’s go get some food.”

So the duo headed out of the room and back to the kitchen to get their lunch as the three of them begin to talk and enjoy the rest of their day.

"Why am I here?”

The scene opens up to an empty room. Nothing to spectacular about it. But then an individual walks infant of the camera. She wore a black #GreenNoMore T-shirt and a white Jacket. Her pants were black and her hair was tired back in a pony-tail.

"This isn’t my home fed after all and I have no intentions of joining the fed. Nothing personal but I already have my hands full with High Stakes Wrestling. So why am I here?”

Maya rubs her chin thoughtfully as she asked the question.

"Is it so I can go win this Battle Royal and move on to take on your CWF Champion and win the title to take back home to HSW? Perhaps I just want to add it to my resume? I mean I’m already an EWE Hall of Famer and a… well, you’ll just have to wait to find out about my HSW achievements.”

Maya winked to the camera before again getting that questioning air about her.

"Maybe it’s because of the Sugay Sisters? They’ve entered this Battle Royal and I want to get my hands on them after how they attacked my girlfriend, Mizore on HSW Saturday Night Slam 5. I wasn’t in a good place then but I’m better now and I’m looking to settle the score. But is that really why I’m here?”

Maya asked the question as she shrugs her shoulders lightly.

"What about Christy Chaos? I mean she’s my boss and I’ve seen her do so many great things. She’s one of the top women who ever graced our old federation of Extreme Wrestling Entertainment, but knowing she won’t be wrestling in her own fed, that the only way I can get a chance to face her is these kind of outside matches. Perhaps I need to prove myself that I can be better than her? But again is that really why I would put so much pressure on myself just to come out here to compete? Or better yet go through 28 other competitors including my sister, just to get a chance at facing her?”

Again Maya had to shrug her shoulders. But the question is, just what was she doing here? Well, perhaps it was time she finally answered.

"But the truth is, while some of those things I mentioned may be true, it’s not why I’m here. I’m here because I’m tired of the status quo. And while I still have my work cut out for me in HSW, I’m tired of just being a name brand for one fed. I want to expand out and take on more challenges out in the world, not just the ones I’m comfortable with where the ones in the match are ones I’ve known or known about for years. No I’m out here to make a name for myself. So when people ask who is Maya Jensen, they know exactly who I am.”

Maya smiled as she began to walk slightly to her left but still keeping her eyes on the camera.

"But that’s a tall order for me to fill. After all this is a Battle Royal, anything can happen. And while I could pull up my experiences in battle Royals, Like how I won the EWE’s Ladies’ Choice Briefcase in a Battle Royal. But that was in that company. That was with people I already knew all to well. No, this match will be different as there is only a hand full of people in this match that I even know of. The rest, are all new. But sure, I can look at the tapes. I can study their movements and the ends and outs for weeks, but nothing can really prepare you for when you actually step into that squared Circle.”

Maya nodded as she stooped at what looked to the door to the room. It was brown and not really all that descriptive.

"What I can hope for in this match is do go out there and do the best I can. I’ll turn some heads one way or another and they will all remember the name Maya Jensen. Because I’m going to start making a name for myself. I’m going to make sure that next time I come put my name down on a CWF invite that people will not take me lightly. They will know they’re in for a fight.”

Maya nodded as she slowly angled her walk so she was now right besides the angled door. As she was there were some muffled sounds could be heard from the other side.

"So this is just the start. CWF competitors, All outside forces, and yes all of the ones I know, I’m coming to give you my all in this match. So Don’t Blink…”

Suddenly, the lights go out covering the area in complete darkness. When the lights come on the sounds is now defeating as now, we aren’t in the bland Room but Maya is on the Stage of the CWF arena as she raises her hands in the air as she shouts.

"Or You’ll Miss It!!”


(OOC: yeah I’m a bit disappointed in this RP… had to pretty much rush it thanks to so many things I’ve got going on and I didn’t have time to start on these RPs until pretty late. :/)[/align]
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Re: Maya In Golden Intentions Battle Royal

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:23 am
[align=center]Results Link:

(Note @Jaiden_RishelCWF is the twitter account for the fed.)[/align]
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