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Marine Vs AJ Lee Empty Marine Vs AJ Lee

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:06 pm
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/5-13-13-marine-vs-aj-lee-t172.html#p22041605

Show: Chaos [5/13/2013]

-Cap'n's Log 010-

My name is Cap'n Marine and this 'ere's the tenth entry in my cap'n's log. Now today I've been given some new information on a new uncharted land. This land was called EWE. I wonder what this land is like. But I expect it to be pretty gross, after all what kind of place is named ewe? But A good cap'n never let's a name keep her from continuing her adventures. But first I have to find out where this illusive land of EWE is. So I make my way to a comuni..commoonitie... Blimey. one of those places you get information.

So there I was in one of them places. I enter and all the scallywags turn towards me with fear in their eyes. They knew I was the best Cap'n in all the world. So I walk up to the bar tender bloke. I sit down at one of them circular spinny chairs. After swingin' back and forwth on it a bit I look to the bar tender bloke.

"Gimme your best chocolate milk," I tells 'em.

The bar tender bloke gives me one of them funny looks.

"Aren't you a little young to be in a bar by yourself," He tells me.

I look back at 'em and give 'em my sterniest stare.

"Don't you know who I am, mate?" I askes 'em, "I'm Cap'n Marine. And I'm on an adventure."

"Aren't you like seven?"

I opens my mouth in shock. How did he know? But I didn't let that get to me as I closed my mouth.

"Strewth, it ain't polite you trying to guess a Sheila's age," I tells him, "Now gimme that drink so I can go about finding where that EWE place is"

"I can tell you that," The bar tender bloke said as he poured me a cup of Chocolate milk, "But tell me, why do you want to go there?"

The bar tender bloke gave me the chocolate milk. I took a drink of it before answering. The drink leaving me with a milk mustashe.

"For the adventure mate," I tells him, "For the adventure."

I take another drink of chocolate milk. as the bar tender bloke nods his head.

"Very well," he tells me, "I'm gonna tell you. Currently, they are at a place called Allstate Arena - Rosemont, IL. They's puttin on a show called Chaos."

"Chaos?" I asks him, "Strewth mate they must be evil."

"Very evil, " ays the bar tender bloke, "In fact if you go there you have to face the evil crazy AJ Lee."

I finish my drink and puts down the cup.

"I ain't afraid of no AJ Lee," I tells him.

"But this AJ is troppo," the bloke tells me, "Very troppo."

"No drama mate," I tells him, "I'm Cap'n Marine and I can handle a troppo sheila."

"I wish you luck then," the bar tender bloke said.

So I paid the bloke then I left to my ship, the SS Super Marine. Then I took 'er all the way to the placed called Allstate areana - Rosemont, IL. It was now dark as I neared the Chaos place. It looked kinda creepy with all the red banners. The place was full of people fighting. But I continued on my adventure to find the AJ Lee. Just then someone came up to me. Some Sheila with brown hair.

"Hey little girl you look lost," the brown haird sheila tells me.

"I ain't lost," I tells her, "I'm cap'n Marine. I'm never lost."

"Oh really?" The sheila with the brown hair tells me, "Then what are you doin here?"

"I'm lookin' for AJ Lee," I tells her, "I need to defeat her in order to continue my adventure."

"Defeat her?" she asks, "Are you signed up with the company?"

"Signed up?" I asks her, "Blimey is there a waitin' list?"

"No," the shiela says then she pulls out a sheet of paper, "just sign your name here."

I look at the paper. I can't read much good but I shrug. as I take the pencil there and sign my name.

"Now can I defeat AJ Lee?" I asks.

"Sure i guess," She tells me, "Just head to the ring."

I looked all puzzled not sure what she means.

"Blimey I don't know what ring your talkin' about."

"The wrestling ring," She tells me.

"Oh No Drama mate," I tells her, "Just lead me there and I can continue my adventure."

"This way," she says as she leads me to where the ring was.

So this is where I gotta end my Cap'n's log as I get ready to face the Troppo sheila, AJ Lee. But rest asured. Cap'n Marine's gonna beat her and continue my adventure.
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Marine Vs AJ Lee Empty Re: Marine Vs AJ Lee

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:08 pm
Results Link: TBA
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