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Red Phantom Vs James Ceno Empty Red Phantom Vs James Ceno

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:53 pm
Red Phantom Vs James Ceno CenoRP

RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/4-25-16-211-james-ceno-vs-red-phantom-t2152.html#p22153952

Show: Chaos [4/25/2016]


The question was on everyone's minds. Just who was this new team that has joined the EWE. Some believed they were just another bunch of jokes, coming in to ruin the good name of Extreme Wrestling Entertainment. After all why would they wear such outfits instead of just coming out and showing just who they are. Others thought they looked interesting as they elected to ignore the possibilities of yet another disgrace to the company. One of their members has already been in a match, and while the others in said match were laughable, Yellow Phantom had taken the match seriously and quickly took out the other two. But what of Red Phantom? The leader of this group. Will he further prove to the EWE Nation that the Phantom Elite are no joke? That has yet to be seen, but for now, the fans are treated to an online video as the camera's open up to a dark area with embers floating lightly in the air. Each piece of ember gives off an alluring glow, but this glow wasn't pleasantly warm, but the aftermath of something decimated. As the camera continues to just watch these floating charred remains still alight with flame, slowly Red Phantom walks up on the other side of them. The glows from the embers casted spots of light across Red Phantom's suit as he stands there looking at the camera. No expression could be taken thanks to the mask that completely covered his face. When he finally spoke, it was low yet intense to show his seriousness.

Red Phantom: "Extreme Wrestling Entertainment... This is where the Phantom Elite is now calling home. Yet, you know that all in your minds, you wonder exactly who we are, what exactly we bring to the table. Here I thought that at Last Stand, Yellow Phantom gave you all just a small sample of what we're all about. We're not here to play games... We're not here to entertain your feeble little minds. We have but one purpose, to destroy whatever that's set in front of us. And on Monday night, that whatever, is none other than James Ceno."

A sinister chuckles escapes from Red's lips. He looks around the area, staring deep at the embers that flowed upwards in front of him, yet, silence was heard after. Red Phantom looks back to the camera as he raises his right hand in indication of the surroundings.

Red Phantom: "Tell me, what do you see here? What is it that's in front of my face?"

Red lowers his hands as he continues to speak, the glow from the embers reflecting in the mask's visor.

Red Phantom: "What I see, is what is left of a man who wanted to be great. Oh he tried all right, but all that he got was burned down in flames. Now he tries to stay aloft with the small bit of spark left in him, but even he knows that the spark is leading to the rest of him to be consumed until he's nothing but ashes in the wind. These embers, are James Ceno. They're what's left of what used to be someone. But now all he wants to do is wallow in self-pity. He wants to cry, moan and groan about all the losses he's had. Then he has the gall to come back and treat it like he's never was that depressed. It's pathetic of you ask me. Just like his most recent attempt to look impressive in front of you lot."

Red held up his hands as suddenly, fire in the shape of the five Phantom Elite Masks hovered over it. As it watched, we seen another fiery figure of James Ceno, striking each of the masks with a various objects before finally smashing the last one before the flames fizzled away.

Red Phantom: "What were you really trying to prove Ceno? That you're good at attacking things that don't fight back? Or just to show your ignorance of who the Phantom Elite really are. You use some reference to some other group. That's not us, Ceno, but I guess delusional can be added to your list of flaws. But can we blame you for not knowing who it is that you're up against? After all the EWE has seen many embarrassments over the past few months. From the likes of a cosplay gone wrong, to wrestlers in animal costumes. But the worst of it is, none of these clowns really amounted to anything. They came, blowed and goes and didn't get anything done. Kind of like you Ceno, only they atleast make a name for themselves with their ridiculous attires. You just come in, lose match after match, and when it's all said and done, like the embers you will simply be forgotten. No one cares about the man who as you put it, is the toughest man to fight, when he never wins where it counts."

Red chuckles lightly to himself as the embers still flutter about in the breeze. The glow keeping things lit for the times being.

Red Phantom: "You say all these things about the men who beat you. Jack Michaels, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, all of them you claim you gave them a challenge. Yet from what you say, I see a man who couldn't withstand getting injured from Jack Michaels, A man who let CM Punk capitalize on his weakness, and a man who says he put Brock to the test, when he was in far worse wear after the match then he was. But most of all, I see a man who's still clueless and in the dark. You think you know me, what I am capable of by claiming that those three individuals are better than me? How would you know that, hmm? Have I faced the likes of them before? Or better yet, have I even set foot in an EWE ring before? Ofcourse not, but just continues the trend, you want us to be less than those three individuals. You want ME to be some joke so you can get to the Money-in-the-Bank match. Because we both know, that is the ONLY way you will qualify."

Red Phantom stares into the camera as a few of the embers around him had fizzled out, leaving nothing but what hadn't been fully burned to float into the air, yet lost to the darkness of the area.

Red Phantom: "Let's look at this another way shall we. How is it that you got into Money-in-the-bank? You beat Thunder Dragon, a man who had three opportunities to enter the match and all three times he failed. Not to mention the fact that he couldn't even win anything at that time. Goes away on injury and returns to lose match after match. So it was fitting that it took a man like that for you to beat to get into Money-in-the-bank."

Raising a hand into the air by him he smiles but it was hidden thanks to his mask.

Red Phantom: "Yet that wasn't your first attempt to get into Money-in-the-bank now was it? Sure you wouldn't of known that as the Money-in-the-bank entry wasn't added to the AA Number One contender tournament until the finals, but it still was your first chance to get into the match. Yet, you failed to a little girl. Correction, you allowed yourself again to underestimate your opponent. You assumed then that she was nothing but a scared little newbie who doesn't have the experience that you do. And that costed you the match and your first attempt at Money-in-the-bank. But that's all water underneath the bridge, you defeated Thunder Dragon in what was the best match of your career... hold on, I completely forgot how you actually won that match."

Red Phantom's voice was extremely sarcastic as he then laughs cold and hard.

Red Phantom: "You only won that match because someone decided to beat you with a chair that was outside of the match. You DIDN'T earn that victory, it was given to you on a silver platter. Sure it costed you a beat down, but you're the mountain of endurance, that wouldn't be a problem for you at all."

Red Phantom laughed coldly yet again as more of the embers around him began to fizzle out.

Red Phantom: "But what did you do with that silver platter? Nothing. You allowed yourself to be beaten by a clown. Not to mention you were once again outwrestled by the little girl you underestimated twice before. And while I beg to differ rather I really am better than those three you mentioned before, I guarantee that I AM better than Roller Brawl. So give up Ceno. Even your body knows when it's time to quit. It's sending your the message time and time again, that it's over. You're past your limit no matter how much you will it. However, we both know that you won't. Come Monday Night Chaos you WILL be there, thinking you're prepared to enter Money-in-the-Bank. But you are wrong Ceno. I don't need my stable-mates to beat you. I don't need to have them distract the ref, pull you off a pin, whatever it is. You just want that one more excuse, to explain to yourself why you are better than what you really are. Just like a year ago, Just like now. You will lose as your body will give up on you yet again. But the question remains, will you listen to it? Or will you continue to try and be lost in the wind."

Red laughs as he steps back into the shadows of the darkened area. All that is left on the screen are the few remaining embers. But one by one they fizzled out until only one single ember remained casting the slightest of glows on the area. Finally, it too disappeared leaving the area in total darkness.

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