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Raven in TeleVixen Championship/Contendership Match Empty Raven in TeleVixen Championship/Contendership Match

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:47 pm
Raven in TeleVixen Championship/Contendership Match EO2015-TVBallot

RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/ewe-televixen-championship-contendership-t2003.html

Show: Extreme Overload 2015 [11/29/2015]

-9 years ago-

In a town off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, there is a hospital. This hospital is like any other one you'll find across the United States of America. So what makes this place so special now? It was at this very place that a decision was made that changed the lives of 3 individuals.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

The voice came from a younger girl about 16. Her hair was dyed blue, but her natural black color was poking its head out at the ends of the hair and her roots. This girl was currently wearing a hospital gown. You'd of thought she was the patient here, but they were in what looked to be a surgical waiting area where not only she but the girl she was talking to was also in a hospital gown. This girl had long black hair, yet it was messy and tangly. Half of it dangled over her right eye as she sat there on one of the two beds in the room.

"It was a mistake, MJ. Master will not be pleased if he finds out." The dark hair girl said somberly. This caused the other girl to sigh as she sat next to her.

"Why do you have to leave with him anyways? You could stay here with me," MJ Said as she wrapped her hand around the dark haired girl's hand. It was all too obvious that these two were more than just friends. The dark haired girl doesn't reply but MJ cups her chin with her free hand and lightly moves it to face her. "Raven, I love you, more so than he ever will." MJ removes the hair covering half of the young Raven's face and smiles as she looks into her blue eyes.

"It's not like that," Raven response as she doesn't meet MJ's eyes back. MJ however understands.

"I know, he's like a father to you. But Noir's... he's so cold, and scary. He doesn't even speak to you, so how can he understand you? How can he tell you if he even cares about you?" MJ said trying to reason with Raven. Raven only lifts her head up and turns away.

"Why are you trying to make this so difficult?" Raven asked, "This romance... it was forbidden...and... You know what he's offering me. I can't just turn it away."

MJ doesn't like her response as her own gaze drops to their entwined fingers. Her own thumb softly rubs her hand back and forth.

"Is that really the life you want to live?" MJ finally asked, "An assassin? I know you Raven, you're a good person... killing is not in your nature. Just look at why we're here. You could have gone a different route but no."

Raven doesn't respond at first as her eyes drift towards her toned stomach. Absentmindedly she rubbed her free hand over it, her hair once again falling over to the front of her face. "This way... you'll always have a part of me with you." Raven finally said. Her words didn't go over well with MJ as she stopped her thumb rubbing and stood up getting right in Raven's face.

"Maybe that's not what I want," MJ Said, "Maybe I want you to be with me? We could handle this problem together. You don't need Noir, or his training. We can be a family. Screw Noir, Screw the Shadow Division."

Raven looked up at MJ as she could see the tears in her eyes. She knew she desperately wanted her to stay, but Raven had made up her mind.

"...I'm sorry," Raven said, "... This, is all a distraction. You are a distraction for me. This thing is a hindrance to my ability to learn."

"Stop acting like that," MJ said, "You're sounding like you were when we first met. This is not the Raven I know."

This time it was Raven who stood up.

"Then maybe the Raven you knew was a lie," She said her voice becoming intense. But MJ shook her head.

"No this is your shell, Raven," MJ said, "The one you show the rest of the world. But I know the real you. You showed it to me when you opened up."

Raven's anger suddenly changed to a face of stone. She stepped back as she replied in a neutral way.

"Think what you want," Raven said, "I don't care anymore."

MJ saw it, the point where Raven tuned out all of her emotions. She'd seen it once before and it was scary. She didn't know what she'd do.

"If you think this will change anything," MJ said, "You're wrong."

"I don't care," Raven replied, "In fact, I don't even think I care about this thing any more. So if you don't want it, there's the door. I'll take care of it another way."

Raven directed her head to the door to the room. MJ shook her head as she began to cry, seeing Raven dissolve behind her closed shell. She sat down on the other bed and shook her head.

"No... I'm still taking it," MJ said her sorrow clear in her voice, "Someday, maybe you'll come back to me... and maybe it will help you do just that."

Raven didn't say a word as she sat back down on her bed. The two girls waited there a moment before the door to the room opened up as the doctor and two nurses came in.

"We're all set," The doctor said, "You two ready to go?"

Raven only nods as she swings her legs up on the bed. MJ nods too not trusting her voice at the moment. So the doctor signals the nurses and they unstop the beds as they wheel them out of the room.


-Monday Night Chaos #205-

Monday Night Chaos was all but over as most techies and wrestlers were packing it up. However, there were a few people around getting some post Chaos Footage for the EWE.com section. One of such individuals was Kelly as she had a cameraman following her through the place. As they was looking for something interesting for the Post Chaos for the Network, Raven happened to pass by, and Kelly seen this as a chance to get something good.

"Raven, Excuse me," Kelly said as she raced to catch up to Raven. Raven paused for a moment, though her usual demeanor didn't change as she glanced back to Kelly.

"What is it you want?" Raven asked not in the mood for interviews. Raven saw the green light on the camera so she knew they were already recording.

"Just wanted to see if I could get your thoughts," Kelly said, "For the EWE Network."

Raven didn't want to give her thoughts. She always found it annoying. Yet she glanced at a clock sitting on the wall and seen she was earlier to where she needed to go, so she had a few minutes to spare.

"Fine," Raven replied, "But I have somewhere to be in an hour."

"Plenty of time," Kelly said as she took a step closer to Raven so they were both aligned in the shot, "Now Raven, you've not really been doing much lately since teaming with Roller Brawl against Summer Sunshine. In fact, you're rarely seen in the back halls as well."

"I'm around," Raven said, "Usually I'm with my employer as I assist her with different tasks."

"Like?" Kelly asked trying to get Raven to go further into detail but Raven wouldn't have it.

"Does not concern you," Raven replied.

"Right, well, one thing is that you assisted Michelle McCool and others in Team Grace to send a message to Lady Lilac, the former Diva's Champion, I bet you guys are pretty steamed?" Kelly said but Raven only met with her usual air of emotionless.

"Myself? No," Raven said, "It's not my place to who's champion or not. Nor do I really care. However, my employer is none too happy with the way things worked. I can say that it will not change things at Extreme Overload, Michelle McCool will walk out the Diva's Champion as Ms. Moretti desires. What the elf did only added fuel to the McCool's fire."

"Well, speaking of Champions, and Grace's wishes," Kelly said to Segway to her next question, "If you haven't heard, you're the final entrant in the TeleVixen Ballot. So if you're voted for you could be facing Cayla Phoenix, the poster child of Grace's army. Any issues there? Like Loyalties towards what Grace might want, obviously she'll want her lead to win the match, but wouldn't you want to get the TeleVixen Championship?"

Raven actually began to chuckle at Kelly's question. Which went to an actual cold hard laugh.

"Are you kidding me?" Raven asked as what Kelly said was very amusing to her, "Do you forget who I am? Who Team Grace is? No fan in their right mind would vote for me to face Cayla Phoenix. They see me as just a fill in, which is fine by me."

"Maybe they want to see a Team Grace member facing another?" Kelly suggested but Raven only shook her head.

"Let's put it this way," Raven said, "A majority of the fans do not like my employer. They're all happy to go along with who the company wants to place as the hero... the ones who you're supposed to cheer for. So they wouldn't want to give Cayla an easy defense. No, they'll throw in Milani or Sasha Banks. Neither of which are even good enough to defeat Cayla."

"And you are?" Kelly asked taking Raven's statement not where it was intended.

"That is irrelevant," Raven said.

"Oh I get it," Kelly said, "If you're voted to face Cayla, Grace wants you to lie down and take the fall right? That's got to hurt your pride."

Raven shakes her head as a stern expression crosses her face, "My pride?" Raven said, "You don't realize what makes up my pride do you? My pride is in following my employer's orders, My pride is in doing whatever it takes to get the job done. So if that means laying down on my back and letting Cayla claim victory, that's fine. I couldn't care less. If I really cared about my win, loss record, you'd hear me B*****ing and complaining about it like a lot of others here like to do. I know what I'm capable of, rather you or anyone else chooses to believe it or not."

"Right, so going back to your previous statement," Kelly said, "I've got to say you don't seem to be given Milani or Sasha Banks too much credit, claiming neither could beat Cayla. After all, Rogue beat Cayla many times and took her, letting Cayla win, before Cayla actually won. And Milani has been trained by Rogue. Not to mention Milani's out to get some revenge on Cayla for that."

"Milani falls into the same problem Rogue does," Raven says, "whining and complaining about every nitpicking little thing that happens to them. Getting all worked up over silly little things and going to world war 3 because of it. No one cares about their personal drama they spew onto the airwaves. But I guess that's EWE for you."

"You know," Kelly said, "Saying any negativity against Rogue will usually bite you in the rear."

Raven shrugs her shoulders before speaking, "You mean how she came out to the ring and blowed and go'd on about a small thing Roller Brawl said about her?" Raven said, "I'm a big girl Kelly, words are meaningless."

"Unless you back them up," Kelly replied.

"It's all just a waist of energy," Raven said, "Rogue likes to create wars over the most trivial things. She wants people to hate her. In the end, I couldn't care less about what she does. Not to mention, a match between me and her, will never happen, No reason for it."

"And if she just straight up attacks you?" Kelly asked.

"She can try," Raven said, "But enough of her pathetic excuse of a human, is this interview not about Extreme Overload?"

"It is," Kelly replied, "But I have to ask, what if she interferes and costs you the match at Extreme Overload?"

"Then she'd hear the complaints of her friend about having had me and wanting to do it on her own," Raven said, "Or some other pathetic drama. Now move on."

"Ok fine," Kelly said, "How about, who you think will win the ballot?"

"Milani," Raven said matter of factly. When Raven didn't go into more detail Kelly finally spoke up.

"Why her?" Kelly asked.

"I already told you about me," Raven said, "And no one cares about Sasha Banks. After all Sasha's a washed up, never was who thinks she's better than what she is. And Milani has a bit more fan favorite."

"So what if you're wrong and you're facing Milani?" Kelly asked.

"Then we fight," Raven said, "There isn't much more to it than that. Or what did you want more? How about I praise her and say she's an up and comer, going to go far in this Company, then contradict what I just said by saying, But not at Extreme Overload. I'll be making her wish she was never born. She'll run home crying to mommy."

Kelly was trying to determine which of that was sarcasm and what wasn't.

"The fact is, I can bet I was only thrown into this match as a last minute effort to find someone," Raven said, "Does it bother me? Not in the slightest. Do I think that I'm super good and deserve the title shot? I don't care. But watch as these two idiots bring it up. Or better yet, mock my appearance or name, all they're really good for. If I ever need someone to give the same insults to someone again and again, I'll be sure to hit them up. Just about anyone here. It's pathetic and boring. No one cares and they're all sick of you doing it. But not to the reaction you'd like, no. We just roll our eyes and walk on, paying you no attention. Which is all it is. Just a cry for attention because their mommies never gave them any. Boo freakin' hoo. They need to feel special, and they do it by putting others down, verbally."

"Sounds like you could be a spokesman for Anti-bullying," Kelly interjected. Raven only sighs.

"You're missing the point," Raven said, "I'm saying their wasting their efforts on something so stupid and only makes them look worse. Especially, when that person beats them. But again I couldn't care less. Any of them want to get in my way, I'll take them on and shove their pathetic insults down their throats right before my blade cuts it open."

"Uh..." Kelly said wearily, "This is Wrestling... you know right?"

Raven just stares at Kelly for a moment, causing her to back up slowly.

"I believe you're times up," Raven said as without another word she walked off. Kelly scratched her head in confusion.

"Well," Kelly said, "That was something... Let's go find someone else."

With that Kelly headed off to find something else to put on the Network.

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Raven in TeleVixen Championship/Contendership Match Empty Re: Raven in TeleVixen Championship/Contendership Match

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:48 pm
Extreme Overload, the Pay-per-View of the fans. Every wrestler on the ballot were doing all they could to sway the EWE Universe to vote for them instead of the other to give them the title shot or specific match stipulation. Rather it was from trying to butter them up or merely giving valid arguments on why they should be voted over the other. One Diva, however was not doing that as she couldn't care less about who got the vote, in fact she knew that her getting the vote would be surprising in itself so there was no point in going with it. This particular Diva was currently in Grace Moretti's office at Extreme Overload as a meeting was being wrapped up.

"Everyone understand?" Grace asked her lackeys. They all nodded in their agreement, "Good, you're dismissed."

So Grace's group headed out of the room. However, Raven stays behind as she is usually found in Grace's office. Grace seems to be pondering over something as she places her hands on her desk and laces her fingers.

"I'm not sure if Cayla's up for tonight," Grace Moretti says with a sigh, "We'll need a plan B."

"I could do something about it," Raven suggested but Grace wasn't convinced.

"No she's too well guarded with her family and friends," Grace remarked, "Not that I doubt you're abilities to get in and out undetected. But it will only cause a retaliation which would cost us the TeleVixen Championship anyways. If only you would get the vote."

"Which we both know won't happen," Raven replied as Grace sighed and nodded her head in agreement, "Milani's too well liked by the fans. And the snarks will vote Sasha Banks."

Graced nodded again. She knew all of this. But she didn't like it as she tried to think of a different plan.

"I'd say we promote you more," Grace said, "But Extreme Overload's a few hours away, most of the fans who will vote have already done so."

Raven nods her head in agreement. She stands there a moment as Grace continued to think. It was that for a while before her phone began to ring. Grace picks it up off her desk and glances at the caller ID.

"I need to take this," Grace replied, "Wait outside."

Raven nods as she walks out of the room shutting the door behind her. Raven just stands there to the side as she watched different people going by. Most of them were crew workers as they were getting things set up for the big show. A few wrestlers here and there were also sighted amongst the crowds. Raven just stands there however in her black attire, nothing was moving except her eyes as they looked around taking in details and fact in a blink of an eye. Something she had been taught, even the smallest details could save a mission, which like it or not, Raven had a contract with Grace Moretti and that made it a mission for her. Raven always took her job seriously and took pride in her utmost care and precision of her tasks. Even if it was as simple as following Grace's orders, but she was a soldier not an entertainer, which did strike a slight nerve in her whenever she was forced to perform. But it was buried down deep and as long as it didn't affect the mission, Raven had no problems letting it out from time to time.

As she stood there a sound reached Raven's ears. Sure to anyone else it would have been lost to all the other noises but Raven had trained for many years to pick up on things and tune out other sounds. This particular sound was one that Raven heard all too often some months prior, and it dropped a stone into the pit of her stomach Light footsteps with just a tad bit of a skip into them, the rustle of leather pressed and strained from time to time as the person gripped a back pack's straps. The thump thump thump as the bag's contents went up and down inside the backpack and the sound of hard plastic hitting the other as two my little Pony dolls collided with each other from the force of the backpack's movement. Then Raven's eyes caught sight of the very thing making those sounds.

"Auntie Ray Ray!"

Sparrow, with a backpack full of items and two my little Pony dolls strapped to the back caught sight of Raven as she dashed down the hall yet Raven couldn't help the slight underlining tone in Sparrow's shout. Sparrow caught up to Raven as hit a running hug holding on to her. Raven's initial reaction was anger that she was hugging her yet something seemed off. Wait, a moment.

"Where's your mother?" Raven asked as she looked around yet didn't see any sign of MJ. Sparrow's grip tightened as she began to reply.

"Don't be mad..." Sparrow said as an underlining hint of sorrow reached Raven's ears. Raven pulled the girl off of her and looked down at the girl's tear streamed face.

"What happened?" Raven asked understanding that something had gone wrong.

"I.... Mommy's hurt," Sparrow said not looking Raven in the eye, "She hurt real bad."

"She in the hospital?" Raven asked trying to figure out what was going on exactly. After all MJ could be injured and need assistance now, or be in the hospital and possibly means that Sparrow might of ran away. Sparrow gives a nod confirming more of what was happening, "And why are you here?"

"I Cames to find you," Sparrow said, "Mommy... Mommy can't take care of me... I don't wanna be on my owns."

Raven looked at the girl and seeing her tears run down her face made caused a slight tug of emotion. But this was why Raven couldn't have Sparrow be here. So Raven grabbed took ahold of Sparrow hand and began to head towards the exit of the building.

"What Hospital is your mom in?" Raven asked.

"Sunrise Hospital," Sparrow said trying to keep up with Raven's longer strides.

"Room?" Raven asked.

"203," Sparrow said though realizing what Raven was doing.

"Good," Raven said, "I'm taking you back there."

Sparrow didn't say a word as she just kept up with Raven. The two continued on until they left the arena and called for a taxi. Eventually, they arrived at the Sunrise Hospital as they went to room 203. The door was closed and Raven just opened it up, not caring if MJ was indisposed or talking with her doctor. When they entered Raven was met with the sight of MJ badly beaten and bruised lying on the hospital bed with a tube in her mouth. She was hooked up to a few machines. One of them was emitting a beep in tune to MJ's heart beep. Raven's hand dropped Sparrows as she walked into the room, her mind not fully focusing. Sparrow was there but silently crying as she stood there.

"What happened?" Raven asked unable to keep the anger out of her voice.

"W-we came to see you at the Estream Overload," Sparrow said trying to hold back her own sorrow, "Then some bad people cames and said mommy owed them dollars... from some times ago. Mommy said she didn't have the dollars so they did this to her... It was..." Sparrow began to break down and cry as she slumped to the floor. Raven's eyes narrowed at the story as her emotions got the better of her. Something she always had in check. Raven stormed out towards the door causing Sparrow to jump up to her feet.

"Don't leave me alone!" She said fearfully. Raven looked back as she was right at the door. The sight of Sparrow standing there, scared and miserable. But no. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. She shouldn't be caring this much. Let alone letting Sparrow back into her life. She tried to reach that part of her that she's gone to many times before, to block out all of her emotions yet, standing there looking at that little girl in front of her, it just wouldn't come. This girl was kryptonite for Raven's hard interior shell. And Raven could only say one word.

"Fine," She said holding out her hand towards Sparrow. Sparrow took it and the two of them headed out of the room. While they walked Raven pulled out her cell phone and selected one of her contacts. The phone rang once before the other line picked up.

"It's me," Raven said, "I have a job for you."


It was a little later as Raven made her way back to the arena with Sparrow. She had made a call back to the Shadow Division to have them locate the ones who put MJ in the hospital. But Raven knew she'd have to wait til deal with them as she first had her match later that day to attend to first. Not to mention have someone look after Sparrow.

So the two of them walked through the halls as they were making their way back to Grace's office, Raven would need to let Grace know of the situation. But as they did another shout out reached Raven's ears.

"Raven! Hey Raven!"

This time it was Trixy as she was right in front of Grace's office with a cameraman. Raven's eyes narrowed not in the mood for Trixy but she was right in the way of where they needed to go, and Raven had been warned to non-wrestler employees of EWE, which was something Raven couldn't guarantee wouldn't happen if she was forced to move Trixy.

"What do you want?" Raven asked her words cutting like daggers, but Trixy being Trixy wasn't fazed.

"I came to see if Grace would give me the inside scoop on all her team's matches," Trixy said, "But she won't let me in. So how about I interview you instead?"

"I already had an interview," Raven said hoping that would get Trixy to leave her alone but didn't seem to work.

"Nu-uh, that didn't count," Trixy said, "I'm your interviewer, not... Oh hey there."

Trixy's went from zero to squirrel in 2 seconds as she just then noticed Sparrow standing a little behind Raven's leg.

"How are you Sparrow," Trixy said, "I haven't seen you in a while."

Raven snaps her fingers however.

"Eyes up here," Raven said with some authority, "You talk to me, not her."

"So you will do the interview?" Trixy said beaming, "Ok roll the camera!"

The cameraman began to film as Trixy moved more into the shot, but now the cameraman was blocking the door. Raven fumed slightly but figured this was the best way to get Trixy out of here without resorting to force, which with the mood she's in wouldn't pale well for Trixy.

"Hi all you Trixinites," Trixy said causing Raven to cut her off.

"Trixinites?" Raven asked.

"My fans," Trixy said, "I'm in front of the camera as much as any other Superstar so my fan base should have a name to them too, don't you think?"

Raven rolled her eyes, and Trixy continued.

"I hope you're gearing up for your pay-per-view," Trixy continued, "As its fan vote central up in here. I have with me one of your votees for the TeleVixen Championship match, Raven!" Trixy waits for a moment for any possible view reaction as she turns towards Raven and holds out the microphone to her. "Now Raven, you're on the ballot with some tough people, each ready to gobble up your friend Cayla Phoenix to take her title from her. So how about first we see your opinions on Rogue, the former TeleVixen Champion and one Cayla had to beat in order to get the TeleVixen championship. Surely lots of fans will vote for her so she can get her title back."

Raven arches an eyebrow slightly at Trixy's question before slowly shaking her head.

"First of all," Raven replied, "Cayla and I are not friends, we are Co-workers under my employer. Secondly, Rogue is not in the match."

"Of course she is," Trixy replied, "Why else would you mention her in your interview on Chaos 205."

"She was relevant to what I was talking about," Raven said, "Not only does she have some relevance to the match with being who Cayla won her title off of, she even claims to have jobbed the match too, that in itself brings her into the conversation of this match. After all, Milani had no problems mentioning Lady Lilac, though she is not a part of the Diva's Championship match. And similar to that, I was going off the comparison that Kelly made in how Rogue defeated Cayla every time she tried and with Rogue training Milani, made reason to why Milani would be able to defeat Cayla. My comment was something that both Rogue and Milani shared but was more towards Milani than Rogue. But why do I need to explain myself because Ms. Rogue will take any comment made about her out of proportion. So move on."

"Ok then," Trixy said as she pondered a moment, "Well what about Milani then? She thinks you might be the riddler and doesn't know who you are?"

"Aside from the Riddler joke she made," Raven said, "What part of that was new? How many people claim they don't know me and either crack some joke or another thing about me. They think it gets in my head but it don't. I live on being an unknown."

"Yet you claim you’re a ninja Assassin from the Darkness Division," Trixy interjected.

Raven actually laughed, not at Trixy messing up the name but at what Trixy was implying.

"It's Shadow Division," Raven corrected, "But do you really think any of them believe me? They live in their own little realities and refuse to believe that anything out of the ordinary could ever exist. So I can say whatever I want, they'll only believe what they can make fun of the most. Like take that Green goblin for example. She says she's not a Skylander but someone changed her into looking like that against her will and she takes on the name due to it being her own creation, but people don't believe that because it's easier to make fun of her being a Skylander. Yet she claims she's a lesbian and they believe that because again more mockery for a girl who likes other girls than a straight one."

"So what's your preference?" Trixy asked clearly not getting the point of what she was saying, "Seems there's lots of lesbians here in EWE. So how about giving me the inside scoop on rather you like manly men, or lady ladies."

"I have no preference," Raven said her annoyance getting the better of her. But Trixy gasped.

"You're a Swinger!" She exclaimed and that made Raven more annoyed.

"No," Raven said, "I don't date guys, I don't date girls. I do NOT date. It’s all a waste of time. Now stop getting off topic or get a walking."

"Ok ok," Trixy said, "What do you think about Sasha Banks?"

"You mean what else I have to say?" Raven said, "I went over all this on Chaos."

"But pay-per-views are special," Trixy said, "You get to talk two times instead of one. Or if you don't, you could lose."

"What kind of logic is that?" Raven said, "It's like you're implying that Cayla will lose because she's yet to have done anything on camera once."

That got Trixy jaw's to drop.

"You're right?" Trixy said as she turned to the camera, "You heard it here first Folks. We'll be seeing a brand new TeleVixen Champion tonight on Extreme Overload."

Raven sighed.

"You're dimwittedness is really starting to get on my last nerve," Raven said, "Any other time, no you don't bother me, but today of all times..."

"So you worried about your match?" Trixy said turning back to Raven, "It's ok Raven I know you can do it."

Raven's eyes narrowed at Trixy. How she wanted to hurt her. But she wasn't aloud.

"An-ny-ways," Raven said through gritted teeth trying to move this along, "You're just as bad as Sasha Banks. She's claimed to be new here, yet has she forgotten about her time with Audrie Marie's band of misfits? Or she hoping no one else will? After all that group barely amounted to anything, except winning the Diva's Tag Team Championships which they lost the very next defense to the same ones they took them from. And the Frost Elfs no less. So what do I think about Sasha Banks? Well how about I use the same pun people always use. Sasha no-money-in-the Bank."

"This is a Money in the Bank Match too?" Trixy said turning towards the camera, "Wow another scoop here folks, the TeleVixen Championship is now a Money in the...."

Trixy didn’t' get to finish her sentence as Raven reached out and pinched a very particular nerve around Trixy's neck causing her to black out. It was the least she could to in order to keep from striking her. Raven then glared at the cameraman.

"Get that dumb brunette out of here," Raven said, "Or I don't go so easy on you."

"... Uh, finishing statement?" The cameraman asked as usually the person gives one first.

"Do I look like I give a D*** about a finishing statement?" Raven asked and the cameraman stopped his recording as he picked up Trixy and headed off, an urgent spring in his step. Raven watched them go before looking back to Sparrow who had a confused look on her face.

"What's a Swinger?" She asked Raven. Raven just shook her head.

"I'll tell you some other time," Raven said as she grabbed Sparrow's hand and walked into Grace's Office.

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Raven in TeleVixen Championship/Contendership Match Empty Re: Raven in TeleVixen Championship/Contendership Match

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:48 pm
Results Link: TBA
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