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Raven & Roller Brawl Vs Summer Sunshine Empty Raven & Roller Brawl Vs Summer Sunshine

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:46 pm
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/8-10-15-200-match-two-t1805.html#p22150383

Show: Chaos [8/10/2015]

Partner RP Link: (takes place before this one timeline wise)

OOC: Yeah sorry, wrote it during lunch break at work and forgot about the book form I usually do with Raven's RP but didn't think I'd have much time to post so Razz But no layout for Raven so I just threw on the "s and color so uh yeah.

We open up again to Monday Night Chaos episode 200. Raven is seen walking through the place when suddenly she's stopped by Trixy.

Trixy: "Hey Raven, Can I get an interview?"

Raven didn't even bother to slow down as she kept on walking. Trixy pouts but signals for the cameraman who just happened to be there to follow her as she went after Raven.

Trixy: "Now come on Raven don't be like that. An interview with you is extremely rare and with the draft I may not even get another chance to do it."

Raven: "And if you get another then you're point is mute."

Trixy shrugs still keeping up with Raven.

Trixy: "Yeah but it's still a mystery, just like you. Like People want to know more about what happened with your last match which was in the Queen of the Ring tournament. You pretty much sacrificed your spot because you’re partner tonight for accidently hitting some girl we've seen you with before. Why did you do it? Who exactly was that girl? And how much trouble did you get in with Grace for it?"

Raven's eyes narrowed as she realized the cameraman was already filming. So she stopped.

Raven: "Why is any of this any of your..."

She then pointed to the camera obviously indicating those watching.

Raven: "Or their business? Who that girl is, is not important. Not anymore. She's back with her real mother and out of my life so you do not need to know any more about it."

If Trixy was better at catching things she might have caught something in that sentence but she didn't and she moved on.

Trixy: "What about the trouble you got with Grace?"

Raven: "Again not relevant. If Grace wanted that known she would have televised it. But as she didn't it's none of your business."

Trixy shrugged.

Trixy: "Ok ok, but what about the incident that happened earlier in the week, The one that caused you and Roller Brawl to be teamed up to take on Summer Sunshine."

Raven: "You want to know about that, ask the sore excuse for a partner, Roller Brawl. She's the cause of this and now I'm trapped in a match with her. She said she wants to take them both on by herself. I'm just going to let her. My employer told me not to leave the match at least until I make sure Roller Brawl gets what's coming to her. That pale freak has stepped on one to many toes and she doesn't have the skills to back it up."

Trixy: "Some people could say that about you. Though I have to ask is it really true you can teleport? Or a part of the Teen Titans? And where's your cloak? I think it looks good on you."

Raven's eyes narrowed.

Raven: "You're just as moronic as Jessica Fugate. But that's just as dumb as calling Mizore's father Krillin."

Trixy titles her head confused.

Trixy: "Krillin?"

Raven shakes her head.

Raven: "Krillin. In the Dragon Ball Z series Krillin marries Android 18 and if you watch long enough they do have a daughter in the series."

Trixy's mouth opened wide.

Trixy: "Oh my goodness, Android 18 is from Dragon Ball Z? I never even knew that. I'm totally going to have to look that up."

Raven rolls her eyes yet Trixy asks her next question.

Trixy: "Though I have to say it's nice to know that you watch good shows like Dragon Ball Z."

Raven shakes her head.

Raven: "I don't. I just had a client once who had me look after an individual who was obsessed with the show. So yes I know some things about the series but it's irrelevant. After all I'm not as clueless as Jessica who thinks that these cartoons and video game characters are real. But that's just one more thing they share with my partner tonight."

Trixy: "Sunshine's a great friend to hang around with. But what about Summer? She's pretty good don't you think?"

Raven: "Are you serious?"

Trixy nods.

Trixy: "I am."

Raven shakes her head at Trixy's response to a rhetorical question.

Raven: "Summer is nothing to special. She comes and throws her hat in the ring with the BFFs. Which that group didn't amount to much in my opinion. They split up because none of their egos could withstand the others. But Then Summer aligns with Michelle McCool? Did she not learn anything from the BFFs? McCool has a larger ego than either of them. "

Trixy: "Isn't Michelle McCool one of your stable mates?"

Raven: "Yes and?

[color=pink]Trixy: "Well that didn't sound like a very nice thing to say about someone on your side."

Raven: "I'm on Ms Moretti's side. Whoever else she adds to your group is her business."

Trixy: "So you're saying you don't like Michelle?"

Raven: "Are you trying to put words in my mouth?"

Trixy: "No, but..."

Raven: "Then drop it. I don't have any issues with working with anyone on this group. Saying someone has an ego is only a matter of fact and you are getting off the point. The point is Summer has made bad decisions in who she's decided to team with. She was an idiot for trying to team with McCool. She should have seen what happened coming. Then she tries and takes McCool down but no one really cared about those pathetic matches. And now she's teaming with one of the ditsiest moronic delusional Diva's in all of EWE. And do you know here that will lead her too?"

Trixy: "Victory?"

Raven shakes her head at her annoyance.

Raven: "No. It will lead Summer to defeat once again."

Trixy: "Yeah but they won their team debut match."

Raven: "Those people they fought were no one special. H*ll I could take Roller Brawl and take down the ones they fought."

Trixy: "Roller Brawl's a great fighter, so how's that help your point?"

Raven shakes her head again.

Raven: "Again, right over your head. This interview is over."

Raven looks to the camera and the Cameraman who half feared Raven was going to throw a kunai into the camera lens like she's done in previous times. But instead she speaks.

Raven: "Summer Sunshine I'm handing you Roller Brawl on a silver platter. And perhaps Jessica can get back into her sister's good books by helping her get some payback on her. Then again, I couldn't care less."

Raven scoffs before suddenly the lights go out. Trixy eeps and when the lights return Raven was gone.

Trixy: "She's a ninja I tell you. But until next time."

And with that the scene ends.

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Raven & Roller Brawl Vs Summer Sunshine Empty Re: Raven & Roller Brawl Vs Summer Sunshine

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:46 pm
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