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Returning Sparrow to her Mother Empty Returning Sparrow to her Mother

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:43 pm
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/raven-returns-sparrow-to-her-mother-t1741.html#p22149434

Show: CD RP

OOC: yeah this was going to be part of my Raven RP against RB. But I didn't have time to do a full one for both so yeah. Anyways, figured this scene may of been needed due to possible confusion of last LN. This RP takes place after the one before that one. So yeah.

The search for Sparrow continued as Ladies Night ended and Raven was excused to leave. Raven joined the search and eventually found Sparrow as she was at a bus stop trying to buy a ticket home. She hadn't known that a Bus couldn't take her back to the USA. When Raven found her, she didn't say a word as she took her straight to the airport with her bags. It was planned but she was in a bit more of a rush than usual as she wasn't about to let something like that happen again. Once she was back with her mother the better. Soon the plane landed as the two left the plane to meet up with Sparrow's mother. Sparrow ran to her mom and hugged her excited to see her again. Raven only walked up as she handed her the rest of her things.

MJ: Was she any trouble?

Raven: For the most part, no. She did try to run away. I had to get help just to find her.

That didn't seem to surprise MJ. She knew of Raven's employment, after all she hired her. But she also knew she was greatly skilled and was only 2nd to her mentor in the Shadow Division. However, MJ actually giggled.

MJ: Well you know what they say...

Raven cut her off with a glare before she could even finish that sentence. Sparrow was right there after all. MJ just shrugged as she went back to tending to Sparrow giving her another extra hug because she had missed her. Finally, they headed to the awaiting Taxi as Raven assisted them with their things. MJ got Sparrow into the back and told her to wait a moment before shutting the door and looking to Raven.

MJ: You know... I know about her running away. She actually called me from a payphone. She really is a smart girl.

Raven only stood there not saying anything. MJ just sighed.

MJ: Really Raven? I mean here I thought after this...

Raven: We'd what? Have a special bonding moment? I made my decistion about her a long time ago. That will not change. So don't try to get ahold of me and for Noir's sake do NOT ask me to baby sit her again. I will tear up that contract faster than you can blink an eye. You got that?

MJ sighed as she nodded. This was what she was afraid of but she had to give it a shot. Granted Raven was still the best person to watch Sparrow while she was incarserated but she opened the door back up, before saying one final thing.

MJ: I hope it's worth it... Choosing them over us...

MJ got into the taxi as they drove off. Raven watched them go, trying to keep her beating heart still. They were gone, finally out of her life and she could get things back to normal... But why did she feel so bad? Just then her phone went off as she checked it. It was a text from Grace asking her to meet her in the afternoon. Raven replied her alright before she turned right about and headed back into the airport to catch a plane.

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