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Raven Vs Mystery Girl Empty Raven Vs Mystery Girl

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:41 pm
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/6-10-15-raven-vs-mystery-girl-t1652.html#p22148562

Show: Ladies Night [6/10/2015]

Scene 1

It's been awhile since Raven has had a match. Not since the second Chaos back when she was defeated by Calista Leon, but she got in a little bit of fear tactics regardless of what Calista may have said. But none the less Raven hasn't been booked sense. However, this week, we find Raven at a hotel as she seemed to be packing a suitcase filled with small clothes and toys. Obviously, it wasn't hers as it belonged Sparrow, the young girl she had been taking care of for almost a year now.

"Got your toothbrush?" Raven asked Sparrow as Sparrow nodded handing her My little pony toothbrush holder to Raven who packed it in. Sparrow's expression wasn't entirely joyful or sad as she watched on.

"Why are you packing all my stuff again, Aunty Ray Ray?" Sparrow asked as the last time Raven didn't tell her. Raven took her hand and pinched her eyebrows momentarily before finally she decided to just tell her.

"After Ladies Night, We're heading back to the United States," Raven said as Raven had taken her to the different locations of the shows as need be. Normally, she'd have an associate of hers from the Shadow Division watch her during the shows. Yet that reply wasn't good enough for Sparrow.

"Ewe going back there?" Sparrow asked and Raven shook her head at Sparrow calling EWE a young goat.

"It's EWE," Raven replied, "And no."

"Then why are we?" Sparrow asked her curiosity getting the better of her. Raven looked at her as it'd be the one thing that she wasn't going to miss after Ladies Night. Everything returning to normal.

[color=red]"Your mother is out of prison," Raven said, "You're going home."

That got a smile on Sparrow's face as she hugged her Pinky Pie toy.

"You hear that Pinky Pie?" She asked it joyfully, "We're heading home to mommy! YAY!"

She smiled as she grabbed the doll's arms and began to dance around the room with it, giving the occasional yippee or yay. Raven just looked over at her as a slight smile reached the corners of her lips. She did enjoy seeing her happy. Raven's smile quickly removed from her lips returning to her usual scowl as she turned away from Sparrow's dancing around the room. No, get ahold of yourself. You made you're decision long ago. Just have to get through one more day. Just one, then things will be back to normal.

"Aunty Ray Ray?"

Raven looked down to see Sparrow tugging on her shirt sleeve with a questioning look in her eyes. Raven didn't reply with a yes or what is it but looking at her was enough for Sparrow to continue as she wrapped her arms around Raven's arm staring up into her eyes.

"Will you be coming to visit us?" Sparrow asked her. Her bright eyes twinkling from the room's lite. Raven looked back at her as it felt like the worse torture she ever could image. Sparrow was starting to get through to Raven's normally hard as steel shell, but Raven wasn't going to give in. She just wouldn't.

"No," Raven said as she looked away from Sparrow and got her arm back. Sparrow looked at her and frowned slightly.

"Aww but why?" Sparrow asked as Raven continued to pack Sparrow's things.

"Because, you're a mission Sparrow, a contract," Raven said not bothering to even look at Sparrow while she said it, "You're only here until your mother can get you back. After that I'm done with you, never to see you again. And thank Noir that it's almost over."

Raven had finished putting a shirt away when her senses picked up Sparrow clutching her pinkie pie closer as she began to cry silently. Don't look, Raven told herself, don't look at that crying girl. The tears you caused to run down her face.

"Oh-tay..." Sparrow said her sadness echoing in her voice quiet clearly as she went to the bathroom and shut the door behind her as Raven heard Sparrow's sobs. Raven actually breathed a sigh of relief as she went back to packing Sparrow's things. Just one more day.

Raven continued as she finally finished packing all of Sparrow's things. Before she headed over to the bathroom door and opened it expecting to find Sparrow sitting on the floor close by. Instead, all Raven saw was an empty bathroom and an open window. Raven swore as she quickly looked outside the window seeing little tracks of where she went. Though her mind wasn't thinking clearly. Finally, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number. After a ring the other end picked up.

"It's me, I need..." She paused as she fumed at the person at the other end, "You KNOW exactly who this is. Now get you’re a**es down here right away. Sparrow has run away."

Again Raven got some grief on the other end of the phone as she snapped at them again, "I don't care. Just get down here. I won't have something bad happening to her."

More grief as this time it sounded that Raven was defending what she had just said, "For the mission. I refuse to fail this mission." Raven then hung up as she looked around, using her trained senses to detect where she had gone. Oddly, enough she was having a hard time doing it. Which lead to only two possibilities but she refused to believe the girl was clouding her judgement that much. But then she got a phone call as she swore again before answering it.

"Yes Ma'am?" Raven asked her years of training under pressure at least able to cover up her annoyance as she decided to call it. Not that it wasn't as easy this time. "I'll be right there."

She sighed as she hung up. Just what she gets for taking on multiple assignments as Grace just called her to come to a promotional shoot. Raven reluctantly waited until the ones she had called arrived before she told them the situation before she left.

Scene 2

While the search for Sparrow continued, unknown to the EWE universe, one thing that did pop up recently as a live streaming video of backstage EWE was scene. Suddenly, the lights go off and come on not long after as we now see Raven standing there. Her usual demeanor showing through as she began to speak.

"Here we are yet again," Raven said as her arms remained crossed. Her disdain was clear to everyone, "I have a match and you people want me to say a few words before the big dance. I'm not at all against Grace's wishes but I find it pathetic that you expect this from her. Why should we need to say anything? We should just be able to come out to that ring and get our business done."

Raven glares slightly at the camera as she shifts her poser to the other hip. She didn't seem to care about this talking thing but it's what she was ordered to do.

"But that's just the problem with this company," Raven said, "One of its many problems. I hear the rumors in the back, about how I'm just muscle for my employer and am hiding behind her as to not face anyone. You people have a problem with it. I see it as me not being needed. Why would I waste my time facing the pathetic people in this company when I do not have too? Am I sick and sadistic in wanting to hurt you so bad that I crave it? No. All that matters is that I show up, and do what my employer says. So if it means I face someone in a match, or attack a former colleague to help my employer win a match against her. Then so be it.

Raven then smirked a bit at the mention of her being one of the Divas who attacked Josie Wales at WrestleMania. Most people would have rather had a bigger part in the biggest event of the year, but Raven didn't care. She did what she was told and that was it.

"I never did like Josie Wales to begin with," Raven admitted to the camera, "Most of the people I can tolerate, but she bested me in this place a long time ago and I made sure to get even with her. But that still didn't mean that I give a care about Wales. I say good ridden to her and welcome the new face of Grace's Army."

Raven didn't even care too much to who Grace decided to promote as the face of her group. And her welcome didn't even have much behind it. She just didn't care as she was a soldier, a tool to be used, nothing more.

"So forget about that now," Raven said, "You want more insight on it, ask my employer, if she even cares enough to grace you with that information. But for now I'm supposed to be telling you all my entrant into the Queen of the Ring. Which what's there for me to tell? You should already get what I'm about from what I've been forced to tell you idiots time and time again. Yet you mock me for being brutally honest with you. But what about someone who's not even going to tell you who they are?"

Of course, Raven was referring to her opponent for the night, dubbed on the card as Mystery Girl.

"The mystery opponent ruse has happened so many time during these tournaments," Raven replied, "Which has its advantages. But most of these people back here only use that ruse to further hype up crowds or make grand entrances all for the lovely EWE Nation," Raven Scoffs, "You've turned the skill of mystery and made it into way to entertain. Not that it's the only skill that's been done that way. Like fighting for example."

Raven let that hang open but she was referring to the EWE. But she went on.

"But I wonder," Raven thought aloud, "Do you really think that you being a mystery gives you an edge? Perhaps I should be afraid huh? Wrong answer. You're little ruse doesn't bother me one bit. I don't need to know fully who you are and if I wanted too, I could easily find out exactly who you are. Or do I know already?"

A small grin spread on Raven's face. Did she really know who she was? Or was it all just a ruse.

"Yet I know you'll doubt my skills," Raven continued, "You will probably be like Calista Leon who doubted my abilities and what I am. She thinks it's all an act and I have the suspicious that you'll think the same thing. It's a common theme here in EWE as I couldn't possibly be who I claim. Not with how I've lost so many matches. I should be top of my game right? Defeating everyone that lands in my way? No. The rules aren't the same here and quite frankly you really think I've been giving this my all? When I don't even care about most of this."

Raven let her statement hang in the air as it brought up something interesting she thought.

"Do you want me to start caring though?" Raven asked as she pondered this, "I've defeated different Divas in this division, even won one of your prestigious titles, all while I only cared about following my Employee's orders. But just image for a second what would happen if I care about these belts. Then I'd make sure to use all of my skills on acquiring my objective, screwing the rules that are set out. Some of you might not even survive."

She said that last part as a matter of fact statement, not with any ego attached to it. She then shook her head as her bangs moved more over her face, but she didn't make an effort to brush them off.

"I am about to rid me of something that has been keeping my attention for the past few months," Raven continued on but paused slightly as her mind began to wonder more about if she had been found yet. But nothing she could think about now, "So just know, Mystery Girl, that you may think you have the advantage in the dark. But when it comes to the shadows and misdirection..."

Suddenly the lights flicker as we now no longer see Raven there but her voice remained.

"I am the QUEEN!"

The scene fades to black as the stream ends.


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