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Raven in House Show Open Invite Battle Royal Empty Raven in House Show Open Invite Battle Royal

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:27 pm
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/house-show-lady-39-s-choice-qualifier-t1102.html#p22114529

Show: House Show [4/29/2014] (Posted date)

A break. That's what Raven was supposed to be doing. Especially after her previous failure when she lost to Anya Makrov. Raven still couldn't believe how far she had fallen in this company. Not that she care about it exactly, but there was a small bit of her that was angered with each passing loss. Though she still cursed her luck when she had planned a nice little ambush for Anya, but that didn't go to plan as she had been given a call that her young charge, Sparrow, needed her. Turned out it wasn't really anything serious for she had misplaced one of her My Little Pony Dolls, which turned out she left it in the hotel room. Raven was really irritated that she had to go all the way back to their hotel room just to get that doll. Raven could of blamed her loss against Anya with this, but Raven would be only kidding herself. She never used to get so annoyed or angry at a mission. She's even had some other failures in the past.

Either way, Grace had told Raven to take some time off. She called it mandatory. Raven of course listened to Grace, but that didn't stop her from keeping up with what was going on, at Ladies' Night. She even noticed how both Josie Wales, and Michelle McCool made it into the Ladies' Choice match. Yet she couldn't help but wonder, why didn't Grace ask her to try and enter. Did she really not thank she could help her?

The next show arrived as Raven saw that there was an open invite for the final two spots of the Ladies' Choice match. Though when she saw who entered, and how pathetic they were doing, it really only angered Raven more. She should be out there, claiming one of those spots for herself and her employer, Grace Moretti. Not some some bottom of the barrel scum like the three that did enter.

Oh how Raven just wanted to enter that Battle Royal, yet it was to late. That's when she heard the news. The stipulation for that match was actually canceled. Seemed the higher ups also agreed with Raven. Raven even put on a small smile as she heard there would be another Battle Royal, this time at a house show. And though Raven knew her employer told her she had to go on a break, to help clear her mind and perhaps regain that edge and composure she once had. But this opportunity was to good to pass up. So after getting someone to watch Sparrow, Raven headed to the house show.

The house show was packed as usual. Even though it wasn't televised as one of EWE's weekly shows, it was still EWE and people didn't want to miss out. Especially of the news, of the final two spots of the Ladies' Choice match was happening that night. So the people were waiting in anticipation for that match. However, soon the titan-tron turned on. All we saw was a black screen, and a few people wondered if someone accidently shut it off. That was, until Raven stepped into the view of the camera.

"What do you get, when a cloaked freak, a so called 'boss', and the newest member of the Bouncing Baby freak-shows enter a Battle Royal?" Raven asked as she seemed to have a straight face under her long bangs, "Nothing. And that's exactly what happened on the Super Show when the open invite was set. It makes you wonder though. Out of all the Divas that are wrestling that are qualified to enter it, how was it that these three idiots were the only ones to make an attempt at entering the Battle Royal. Were the rest to scared to bother and show their faces, knowing that two-thirds of the Beautification army was already in the ladies' Choice match. Perhaps they believed they wouldn't stand a chance, which in all honesty, they wouldn't. Who in their right minds would dare challenge Miss Moretti and her right to claim the Ladies' Choice briefcase. How about Sasha Banks or any other of her little group of rejects? Did they honestly think with the way they treated that Battle Royal that they'd even stand any kind of a chance at winning the Ladies' Choice match?"

Raven shook her head no. Even gave a small chuckle.

"No," Raven replied, "They probably believed they could just waltz right into the Ladies' Choice match. Little did they know that they'd have to earn it. and with the pathetic excuse of a match they had a few days ago, it just gave some other people a chance to get involved."

Raven looked into the camera with her intense glare as she was nearing her purpose for this video.

"Which is why I'm entering the battle Royal tonight," Raven continued, "I had no intentions of getting involved but the Ladies' Choice match needs Diva's who will actually take this role seriously. So if the BFFs or that hooded freak want to try and enter this battle Royal, I promise them a world of pain as I knock them over the top rope."

The anger could be clearly seen in Raven's expression as she was starting to get worked up.

"I'm f***ing tired of these string of losses I've been delt," Raven said her anger building, "I couldn't regain my Shining Star Championship at Last Stand, I couldn't even beat a f***ing gremlin and her failure of a friend. I lost to Calista f***ing Leon. How the h*** that happened I'll never know. Then with what should of been my match to get back to how things were, I missed that up too. So anyone who dares step into that battle Royal, you're going to be messing with one p***ed off assassin. And I'll stop at nothing to win. I don't care if I have to break your bones, snap your neck or any other tactic. Whatever it takes, I will win the match and go on to Wrestle Mania."

Raven's breathing had escalated as she had stopped her small rant. She was staring directly at the camera. The crowd was wondering what would happen next.

"So, I know what will happen if those rejects try to come in here again," Raven replied, "Though I've also heard rumors of another person going to enter. That person is Miss sunshine and rainbows."

Raven said those last few words as if they discussed her.

"Grow up," Raven continued, "This would will eat you alive. Though you've already had a small taste of those things huh? Like your all the punishment your boyfriend went through a few months back, Not to mention what's happened recently to your sister. But those are things that has happened to people you care about. But what about yourself? Well, I know you've had your own pains. Like when that Skylander misfit gave your a burn on your back. Probably the only good thing those rejects have ever done. But just think of it this way Sunshine, if you enter this Battle Royal, I promise that you'll be in allot more pain than some 3rd degree burns. And trust me, I'm an expert on torture."

A small grin spread on Raven's face as she remembered back in the 'good old days' when she'd torture people for information, or even fun for the job required it. But that was something the EWE didn't care about. Nor did she care to tell them.

"So tonight it won't be the BFF's return to their 'rightful' place on top," Raven continued, "Nor some underdog story of some newbie trying to make a name for themself. Or even to shine a little light on a broken career. Tonight, you'll witness the final member of Grace's Beautification Army joining the Ladies' Choice match. Then, you'll find out that the odds of Miss Moretti getting the Ladies' Choice briefcase, is at 100%."

Raven stared at the camera as a slight grin spread on her face. The feed faded on that.
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Raven in House Show Open Invite Battle Royal Empty Re: Raven in House Show Open Invite Battle Royal

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:28 pm
Results Link: TBA (seriously, I don't know where the results were even made public for this.)
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