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Raven Vs Trish Stratus

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:21 pm

RP Link:

Show: Last Stand 2014 [3/8/2014]

All we see is black, pitch black. But suddenly a spot light come blaring on as it it's directed over an area. Hard to tell what the area is but it could of been a stage. But soon we see a single person step into that spot light. It's Raven.

"You know I hate the spot light. I truly do."

Raven's demeor is cold and dark as she just glares straight at the camera.

"Perhaps that's why Trish Stratus defeated me at Anniversary X. For I knew, that if I did go on to retain my title against her, then that would put me in the spot light. It'd set me aside as the person who kept Trish Stratus from coming to EWE's tenth anniversary and becoming the First ever Diva's Grand Slammer. On any other show, sure it probably wouldn't of been that big of a deal. But on that show, it was a huge deal, and just think of how big it would of been if I'd of defeated Trish Stratus that night, when everything was just so perfect."

Raven crossed her arms as she leaned slightly to one side.

"I didn't want that. When you're like me, you want to run things from the background. You don't want center stage, or the spot light. You want to be the one just beyond the light as you work out the things from the back. So that's why it doesn't bother me that Josie Wales is really Miss Moretti's number one. And why I didn't mind losing to Trish Stratus at Anniversary X. Because now, I'm just a foot note in the record books and sometimes it's those footnotes that really can change how you look on things."

Raven chuckles slightly to herself before she continues.

"Or at least how it's perceived. Take the match I had two weeks ago. Me and my partner Josie Wales took on Stealth Elf and Anya Markarov. Then you'd look as the record books will say that my team won that match. But everything changes when you look at that foot note as you see that the reason why we won was because Milana came from the back and slapped Josie Wales across the face. So then what? You start second guessing the outcome, saying that we didn't truly 'earn' that win. Of course I can't say I really care how I win. I've told you that from the start. So rather it's cheap, dirty handed, or what ever other reason you can think of, if it gets me the desired outcome, then I'll use it."

Raven nods as she just stares at the camera, further showing how far she's willing to go.

"And these are the tactics that Trish Stratus is going to have to deal with when I go to Last Stand to regain the Shining Star Championship. H*ll I'd even replace Mickie James' meds with water pills to bring back Alex Lauree, if I thought it'd give me even the edge I need to win."

Raven actually grins at the thought.

"But you go on to wonder why I'd go to such lengths to regain a title I've said I don't care for. Will you think that I truly do care for it? Go ahead, because every false idea I can plant into your head, will get me that much closer into getting more and more control of the situation on. But if you must know, and I only say it because hey, you're going to believe what you want to believe. But simply put, I want the Shining Star Championship back, because my employer wants me to get it back."

Raven nods as she shifts her weight to the other side. But then she shakes her head as she knows just how Trish would respond to that.

"But I guess that just makes me Miss Moretti's B**** huh? In fact you'd go as far as to say I'm nothing without her. Even bring up how I pretty much lost every match after she was suspended. But keep telling yourself that. Because I enjoy painting that picture of me only to rip it away when the time is right to show you that I'm not who you think I am."

Raven grinned at the thought. She just loved to play this game.

"What if I am just blowing smoke? That I'm just saying all these words to make up for the fact that I'm simply not as good as I think. Go ahead and think that. You're only making my job that much easier."

Raven actually laughed, a cold calculating laugh. When she finished she decided to bring up another interesting point about this match.

"This match isn't either of our only match at Last stand. As we're both featured in tag team matches, where yours is for to defend your Tag Team championships against A.L.A. ...Wait, those jokes? That should be an easy win for you right? After all the A.L.A. couldn't even beat that team of the Elf and the ice maiden. I don't even get how they managed to even get up to that spot. H*ll they've only had three matches and two of them they've lost. So what gives them the right? Of course, our match isn't about them now is it?"

Raven shook her head no before she continued.

"No, I mention it for it does play a small factor in our match. Depending our the matches our set. Yes I know that the card says one thing, but we all know that has changed multiple times. In fact I'd not be surprised if it's never at least had some slight adjustment to it. Regardless though. If the A.L.A. take you and that thing you call a wife to your limits, then you don't even deserve to wear those tag team titles."

You could see that look of discuss on Raven's face as she completely agreed with what she just said.

"But hey, it won't bother you won ioda would it? You'd just shake their hands and thank them for the great match they've given you."

Raven just scoffs at that sportsmanship.

"Pathetic. But that's the problem with being a good guy. You have to show your opponent respect and follow the rules. Well, not if your facing a bad guy like myself, then you're only expected to follow some of the rules. Interesting, how perceptives can change like that. You could go ambush someone, but hey as long as their a 'bad guy' it doesn't matter."

Raven chuckled as she even thought the whole concept of 'good guys' and 'bad guys' to be ridiculous.

"Regardless. For I don't care if your a bad guy or a good guy. Or if I'm either of them. Come Sunday, you will be defeated by me. Doesn't matter if you beat me at Anniversary X, or defeated me in the triple Tag match. Last Stand will be the last time you see that championship. For I will take it, and it'll fade away with me into the shadows."

Raven grinned as just then the spot light turned off leaving the scene pitch black again. The sound of Raven's laughter could be heard as the scene cuts.

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Re: Raven Vs Trish Stratus

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:22 pm
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