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Team Grace Vs Team Kristy Empty Team Grace Vs Team Kristy

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:20 pm
Team Grace Vs Team Kristy LastStand2014-GraceKristy

RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/team-grace-vs-team-kristy-t1001.html#p22103168

Show: Last Stand 2014 [3/8/2014]

Color Code: Raven = Red Grace = Purple

Scene 1

We begin in Grace Moretti's office during the last episode of Ladies' Night. Grace had all ready discussed her strategy with the team. The others were all ready heading out of the room when Grace spoke up to Raven.

"Before you go Raven. There's a matter I need to speak to you about."

So Raven stayed behind as she gave her boss her full attention.

"It's about you're young charge, Sparrow."

Raven was curious wondering what Grace had to say about Sparrow. Though Raven had informed Grace about how the second contract worked. See as most people knew by now, Raven had a contract with Grace Moretti. Now this wasn't referring to a EWE contract, though Raven did have one of those to full fill the requirements of this contract. But, Raven works for a group known as the Shadow Division. True some may confuse this with the given name of Raven's previous tag team with ArchAngel, though for the most part, they just signed up under their groups name. But the Shadow Division is a special group that hires it's members out to others. In some cases, it could be for a simple job where once the jobs over that's it. Which is the case for Raven's Contract with Sparrow's mother. Then there's the other kind of contract, in which the contract holder will hire a Shadow Division member to work for them. How long usually depends on the contract. This is the kind of contract that Raven has with Grace Moretti. Of course, with that contract comes certain limits, and in one case, it involves not violating any other contract that the Shadow Division members has. In this case, Raven's contract with Sparrow's mother.

"Now, I want you not to bring Sparrow to Last Stand. I will not have you distracted by her. You do have enough things to worry about, including winning back the Shining Star Championship and putting Kristy Jensen and her team in her place. So find a sitter or something. Even that masked guy you were with before."

"You mean Noir."

"Whatever his name was. Just don't bring Sparrow to Last Stand."

Raven gave a nod as she understood. Though she'd rather keep Sparrow with her at all times to help further protect her but she knew it wasn't always possible. So in this case she'd find someone to watch her for the one night. Though not ArchAngel, he had his own hands full and Raven didn't want to put Sparrow's safety in his hands anyways. So perhaps she could get her mentor to look after her.

"Is that all?"

"That's all for now. Just make sure you're ready for both of your matches."

Raven gave a returning nod as she left the room to get prepared.

Scene 2

The camera begins rolling in what looked to be a dark room. Then again Raven's Promo's rarely started in other places.

"So it's that time huh? Time for that final battle where we finally put Kristy Jensen in her place."

The voice belonged to none other than Raven as she steps into the view from the side. She's wearing her usual all black attire as her bangs were in front of her face.

"Kristy Jensen, You used to run things from behind the scenes. In fact so much so that no one even really knew that EWE had a Vice Chairman and when the name Kristy Jensen was uttered, all anyone ever thought about was some low card Diva from before, who had some strange gimmick with the movie Saw, and was married to the Chairman. So why did you need to decide to push yourself back into the spot light? Was it because your need to stay relevant? Maybe that's why you agreed to Miss Moretti's own stipulation so quickly. Because deep down you wanted to go back to wrestling. Though you weren't very good at it. 10 wins, 12 losses and not a single championship or major match victory. You should of followed your friend Blitz and Leo. Both of them were worthless, and both of them finally left. But then again, Blitz isn't the best example, since he's constantly returning, only to leave again."

Raven pulled out a single kunai knife from inside her sleeve. She flipped it into the air, and caught it but the handle.

"But it looks like you're not going to just leave the spot light are you Kristy? Of course not. You'll try to continue to in that spot light by backing a sore excuse as a wrestler, Stealth Elf. Probably even why you choose her. For like her, you liked to stand out. You stood out as you started dating the chairman. You stood out when the two of you got married. H*ll you even stood out when you pretended to go insane. But even though all that was true, the one thing that made you stand out the most, was that you were a complete and utter loser and after tonight, Team Grace will wipe out your mismatched miscreants you call a team."

Three card board cutouts suddenly sprang up behind where Raven stood. Each of them had a picture of one of Team Kristy's group on them. Raven walks up to the first of the cut outs. This one is of Stealth Elf.

"Stealth Elf, the one that started this whole thing. See, Instead of getting the hint that was given to her time and time again that she's not wanted on this Show, she keeps on returning, week after week. And each time, the women's division reputation drops further and further. Miss Moretti saw this coming the moment Kristy Jensen brought the thing through these doors. She tried to put a stop to it right then and there. But you didn't get it then did you? No. Multiple times we threw it in your face. Like when I attacked you after your first match with Josie Wales, or even our match at War Games. And lets not forget when I costed you the Televixen Championship, a match you didn't even need to be in, in the first place."

Raven scoffs silently as she glares toward the cut out.

"But you know, we almost got to you didn't we. You had finally seen the light that night as you even hit your head on a mirror. But then what happened? Little miss ice queen decided to stick her nose in where it doesn't belong."

Raven walked over to where the Mizore card board cut out stood.

"I still find it interesting how Mizore is on Team Kristy's side. Considering her debut match at Last years Wrestlemania was the very same match, that was Kristy Jensen's last. But then again I never expected to be working with the person I faced in my EWE debut and lost to. But that doesn't matter. Seeing as I've all ready said my piece. I don't care about anyone, but the mission. My mission is to do what Grace Moretti says, and right now she says to take out this snot nosed brat who got involved in something she never should of. Sure you could say she's helping out a friend, but they weren't friends when she first interfered. I can even bet she didn't even know nor care that the elf even existed. Mizore you should of stayed like that. You should of stayed in your ignorance bliss as you followed around your loser group, the Expierence. And if you don't think they are, tell me, how long has it been that Kelsi Parr was in that funk? And honestly, if she makes it out of Money in the Bank the winner... then again, with who she's got to face. I guess being king of the losers has it's perks."

Raven smirked behind her long dark bangs before she continued.

"Then you have Hollie Winder, the girl who was here for years, only to fail to cash in her Ladies' Choice Briefcase. Sure she managed to get the Televixen title but just about anybody can, and look how long it took her to get the championship that anyone can get? But this isn't about them. This match is about you. Granted you've had some impressive starts, like winning both the Televixen Championship and Shining Star Championships on your first try. But wait a moment, didn't you lose the Shining Star to Michelle McCool, and fail multiple times to get the Televixen championship from her too. Well guess what? Tonight you're going to fail again to the very same woman as our Team beats you down so badly, there will be nothing but left of you for Syd Vicious."

Raven chuckles to herself as she makes her way over to the third cut out.

"Anya Makarov, The voice of Rebellion. But what's a rebel without a cause huh? She makes claims that Miss Moretti's bad for the company. How she's doing things just like Stephanie McMahon. Well News Flash Anya. Stephanie was a power hungry tyrant you only wanted those on her group to succeed. As for my Client, sure she wants her group to succeed. But she's also trying to save this company from the jokes and those who have no talent for this business. If some of these Diva's had minded their own business, My client might not of had anything against them. Mizore wouldn't be in for a down right beating at Miss Moretti's request, had she stayed in her place and let us take out the trash, known as Stealth Elf. But then you fell into the same thing Mizore did. You had to take it upon yourself to fight the system, and for what? To let the clowns to continue to pop up and continue their dog and pony show until we lose all respect we had as a wrestling organization? Sure you may say it's, unfair, what we've done to the elf. But it was more unfair to this business to continue to let that, thing, take up any more of this company's time. So why don't you make yourself useful Anya, and rebel against the b**** who's bringing in these monstrosities and keeping us from doing our job in cleaning up the mess that she made."

Raven eyes question the card board cut out, as if she could hear her. But she just shook her head as she walked back to where she started, standing in front of the three card board cutouts.

"So Rebels, do-gooders, and freaks of nature. Tonight is the Last Stand for you three. For it will be the last time you stand up against Miss Moretti and her goals to put the respect back into this company! And then You'll finally be where you belong."

Raven suddenly whips around as with one toss, she threw three kunai at the three card board cut outs. The kunai sunk directly into their heads before causing each one to fall over backwards, but as they did, it brought up three more card board cut outs. One of Josie Wales, one of Raven, and one of Michelle McCool. Raven then turned back towards the camera as she glared into it.

"Down on the ground, underneath our feet."

The camera zoomed in on Raven's face before it began to fade to Black.

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Team Grace Vs Team Kristy Empty Re: Team Grace Vs Team Kristy

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:20 pm
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