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Raven & Josie Wales Vs Stealth Elf & Milana Radek

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:11 pm
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Show: Ladies Night [2/10/2014](Posted date)

Raven Could be seen sitting in her locker room at Humphrey Coliseum in Starkville, Mississippi. With her as usual was the 5 year old Sparrow as she was currently playing with her Pinkie Pie doll. Raven didn't bother looking towards her as she had other things on her mind. After all, Kristy had finally decided to unsuspend Grace Moretti, so that means back to business as usual for her. Well her business in EWE that is.

Raven did wonder the exact reasons behind Kristy's decision. She seen the footage and saw that it was Kristy's old friend, Blitz, who actually convinced her to unsuspend Grace. Yet Raven couldn't help but wonder if there was a reason behind it. And it really bothered her not knowing something like this. So she placed a mental note to find out. After all if Miss Moretti wasn't the one who got Blitz to do it, then she might want to know the reason behind Blitz's actions. Unless it was simply what it appeared to be.

Just then there was a knock on Raven's door as it interrupted her thoughts. Raven glanced to Sparrow, giving her a 'stay here' look before she got up and answered the door. Which turned out to be the knew hire, Hellen Martin.

"Hey there Raven," Hellen said, "Do you mind if I get a few words with you?"

Raven's first instinct was to shut the door right back in Hellen's face. But since Grace has yet to give her an order about stopping getting these interviews, Raven just nodded as she stepped outside, shutting the door behind her. She then crossed her arms as she looked at Hellen. The blank stare giving Hellen a creepy vibe.

"...Right," Hellen said as she looked to the cameraman who was following her. She gave a nod to him as he began to roll, "Hellen Martin here with none other than EWE Diva, Raven." Hellen then looked to Raven, "Now Raven, let's start by talking about your match at Anniversary X, as you faced Trish Stratus for your Shining Star Championship."

"Or we could talk about the sorry excuse for a production team this company has," Raven said, "This is not the first time they've failed to deliver the footage on time. Not only that but they're constantly misplacing it. Especially when it comes to Pay-per-views. This year alone they've failed to deliver 2 of the pay-per-views, which includes War Games. If I were Michael Jensen I'd fire their lazy *sses and hire someone who can deliver on time."

"I'm sure it's not their fault," Hellen remarked and was about to continue when Raven interrupted.

"Not their fault?" Raven said, "Sure you could buy that if it was maybe once in a blue moon. Or only one or two times. but this seems to happen every single pay-per-view. And it's constantly delaying other shows like Monday Night Chaos, and Ladies' Night. And in some cases they're can't have as many shows as there could be."

"I see," Hellen replied and decided it was a good idea to change the subject, "Speaking of Ladies' Night. Tonight, you have a match with your tag team partner, Josie Wales, as you face off against Stealth Elf, and Milana Radek."

"Yes and?" Raven asked wanting Hellen to get to the question instead of drawing it out like that.

"Well there have been rumors that this match will become a three on one beat down, since Milana Radek is also working for Grace Moretti," Hellen continued, "So is there any truth to those rumors?"

"Just watch the match and you'll see for yourself," Raven replied as if she'd say rather it was or not. Hellen only nodded as she went to another question.

"Now we've seen that Grace Moretti has made some changes to your partner, Josie Wales," Hellen continued, "Including giving her a make over to enhance her beauty. Yet so far she hasn't done anything to you. Do you think this is because she thinks you're beautiful enough, or that she just doesn't care as much about you than Josie Wales?"

Raven raised her eyebrows at that.

"What kind off question is that?" Raven asked her.

"Grace does seem to be in the business to make those working for her beautiful," Hellen replied, "Though from what I've seen and see of you, you don't seem to fit the part here. Since you're hairs always a mess and dangles everywhere, you skin's a little on the pale side. And you don't wear any kind of make-up. Not to mention you're always wearing the same outfit, which has it's OK-Ness but I wouldn't exactly put it in the department of glamorous."

Raven just glared at Hellen who actually wasn't as phased by it.

"I think you need to leave that to Miss Moretti," Raven said none to pleased with Hellen's question, "Now either change the subject or this interview's over."

"Fine," Hellen said, "Now the last time you went up against Stealth Elf, was in a handicap match where you claimed to of let Stealth Elf, and her partner at the time, win the match. Then you went on to say that things weren't over between you and her. Does this match have something to do with that?"

"I will be blunt," Raven said, "I think that elf needs to be removed from the company. Since it's Diva's like her that cast down this division. She whines and carries on her 'oh woe is me' cr*p. Not to mention she's actually ripping off from a video game character. And it's no wonder the Diva's division is looked down upon. When we have Diva's like her."

"Well despite going off about her looks," Hellen said, "She did say she was working on keeping her emotions in check... or did you not read Stealth Elf's blog like Zena failed to do?"

"Like it matters?" Raven said.

"It kind of does," Hellen said, "Since Zena and Anez both thought Stealth Elf would be an emotional wreck. And they both lost their match against her and Mizore. Besides, Stealth Elf has a pretty good record thus far. She's even managed to defeat Trish Stratus which..."

Raven held up a hand to silence Hellen. Not something for them to talk about with the AVX show still not out.

"Stealth Elf has been nothing but lucky," Raven said, "That and her opponents continued to underestimate her. But Have I underestimated her? Not even once. I bested her in that handicap match Kristy set up. The only reason I let her and that ice b**** Mizore beat me after Kristy restarted the match, because I knew Kristy wasn't about to just let me walk out of there the winner. Sure she could of restarted the match again, or even added some other match she believed I deserved. So I stopped it there. Does it make me seem weak? Sure, but maybe that's the other part of my reason. Maybe I wanted her to think that, so that when the time was right, I could use her that deluded perception of me to fully wipe her from the face of this division."

"Or you just don't want to admit that you lost," Hellen said with a grin. But that only got a glare from Raven.

"You're new here right?" Raven asked, "Only recently hired."

Hellen nodded, "Correct."

"Then let me welcome you properly," Raven said as just then she grabbed Hellen and planted her with the Ninja Strike. Hellen laid there moaning slightly from pain as Raven towered over her. "Never disrespect me like that."

Raven then left back into her locker room. Yet inside she heard the sound of a slow clap. Instantly, Raven glanced to see ArchAngel in the room. Of course, then Sparrow quickly darted behind Raven as she hid behind her leg. Raven glanced at Sparrow, initial assessment told her it was only her fear of strangers that caused Sparrow to hide behind her. So she looked back to ArchAngel.

"What are you doing here," Raven asked coldly.

"I was just witnessing your little interview when I decided to drop in," ArchAngel said smirky, "Nice touch at the end though."

Raven's glare lessoned. Though she knew that ArchAngel wanted something from her. She could tell it in his voice.

"What do you want," Raven said simply.

"Always right to the chase with you isn't it," ArchAngel said When Raven's face only showed that of annoyance ArchAngel decided to cut to the chase, "I need a few things and I would like you to get me them."

"And you can't get them because?" Raven asked.

"I can't go back to HQ, you know that," ArchAngel said, "And right now it's the quickest way to get what I need."[/color]

Raven thought about it. Though ArchAngel was a real annoyance to her, she gave a nod, "Fine," Raven said.

ArchAngel nodded as he took out a slip of paper and handed it to Raven. Raven looked at it seeing what he needed. Raven then pocketed it as she turned to Sparrow, ignoring the fact that ArchAngel had left while she was looking down at the paper Since she knew he did. Raven gave Sparrow a better examination and her hunch earlier was right as ArchAngel didn't do anything to her.

"Who was dat?" Sparrow asked Raven.

"An acquaintance of mine," Raven replied to Sparrow as she finished her examination. Then stood back up.

"A-main-tents?" Sparrow asked Raven.

"Acquaintance," Raven corrected Sparrow, "And it means someone I know of."

Sparrow nodded as she believed she understood. Then she asked, "Am I your a-crane-tents?"

Raven looked down at that little girl as she looked up at her with her cute brown eyes. As she did she wasn't sure what to reply to that. Finally she decided on her answer.

"Yes," Raven replied to her. The little girl smiled as gave Raven a hug then went back to where her pinkie Pie doll was. And she began to play with it once more. Raven could only watch the little girl as one thought entered her mind.

'No Sparrow, you're not an acquaintance. You're much more than that.'
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Re: Raven & Josie Wales Vs Stealth Elf & Milana Radek

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:11 pm
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