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Raven Vs Hardcore Stratusfaction

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:46 pm

RP Link:

Show: Ladies Night [1/15/2014]

Scene 1

We begin a we ago at the 50th episode of Ladies Night. Raven is on her way back to her locker room, Shining Star Championship around her waist, after what was a pretty humiliating defeat for her. Yet oddly enough the frustration and anger she had portrayed in the ring wasn't showing. She was just walking in her usual manner. Why was this? Well, Trixy headed over to her with a cameraman following to find that out.

"Raven your plan to disrupt your match, which was designed to be a punishment, failed. Thanks to Kristy Jensen Restarting the match," Trixy said as she caught up, "Yet here you are walking along like it's all OK."

Trixy pointed the microphone to Raven who had stopped. Then Raven replied.

"So you want me to come back here all sulking and crying my eyes out When I let those two win?" Raven asked.

"The first match yes," Trixy said, "But after words Kristy Jensen, Vice Chairman of EWE, had restarted the match. Don't you remember?"

Raven just looked at Trixy like she was stupid. Then rolled her eyes.

"Of course I remember," Raven said, "And I was referring to the pinfall after that move."

"So you're claiming you let them win?" Trixy asked, "Not what it looked like from the rest of us."

"Looks can be deceiving," Raven replied seriously.

"Okay, then if it is true, why would you let them win?" Trixy asked, "After all it was your first match after winning the Shining star champion. It's going to make you look like a pretty bad champion if you loose all your matches between now and your first defense."

"You really think I care what the people think?" Raven asked, "They are completely confused in what they really want. Besides, I don't have to explain my actions to you, the EWE nation, or even that stupid little Elf. Only if Miss Moretti wishes for me to explain my actions."

"Speaking of Grace Moretti," Trixy said, "She and Josie Wales were put on suspension because of what you three did at Hell Frozen Over, amount other things. So what are you're thoughts on that?"

Raven only chuckles, "Does Kristy Jensen really think that suspending Miss Moretti and Miss Wales is going to change anything? She's only delaying the inevitable. Soon, Ladies' Night will under go the beautification that Miss Moretti has envisioned. And neither, Mrs. Jensen, Miss McGuire, or some elf can do about it."

"Not sure what Stealth Elf has to do with it...," Trixy said only for Raven to interrupt.

"As long as she's still here, this this company, she has to do with it," Raven replied, "She should of quit along time ago. In fact, when Miss Moretti set her up for her first match and it would determine rather she was aloud to stay, then she should of packed up and left. No one wants her here. No one wants to see a green flippin' munchkin as the TeleVixen Champion or any champion for that matter. But instead of her getting that message at Hell Frozen Over, she decided to stay. So fine, if she wants to stay, I will personally make sure her time here is a living hell. Starting with just a bit ago when I let her confidence go up. After all that's the best time to really have something sink in. Let their confidence build up, let them think that they have what it takes to win. Only to show them it was all a lie."

Raven grinned brightly, "So, little Elf, me and you aren't done just yet, And trust me when I say, you will not see it coming."

"Right," Trixy said, "So any comments on your match for next week? When you'll be facing the current Diva's Tag team Champions..."

"Which could change as of tonight," Raven interrupted again.

"So you think the Fugate sisters could defeat Hardcore Stratusfaction?" Trixy asked.

"Well with Mickie's problem, it's completely possible," Raven replied.

"Problem? What problem?" Trixy asked.

"Oh never mind," Raven said then chuckled to herself, "But if Trish wants to go all goody-two-shoes, and Mickie doesn't. There's going to be allot of problems in their match."

"Yeah it's possible," Trixy said.

"No it's not just possible," Raven said, "It will happen. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got better things to do with my time than wasting it away talking to you."

So Raven she walked off leaving Trixy watching her go. She then shrugged and turned back to the camera.

"At least she said excuse me," Trixy said before the scene fades.

Scene 2

A view of from a camera could be seen. The shot is showing that of Raven as she's sitting down in a dark room. Like usual Raven's dressed in her dark outfit and is currently tossing a kunai up into the air, letting it spin for a while before it falls down and she catches it. She's currently doing this as she looks into the camera.

"I know your secret," Raven said as a grin spreads on her face, "I know exactly the reason why things have been looking so strange around you. But don't worry, I won't be telling it right now. I'm just letting you know that I know. It will be interesting to see how you react to it. Plus I do enjoy having this little bit of information you and it just may come in handy sometime down the road."

Raven's grin widens as she continues to throw her kunai up into the air then catching it on the return fall. She's like that for a bit before she finally continues.

"Now let's talk about something a little more relevant," Raven continued, "Let's talk about how this Wednesday I shall be facing two people in yet another handicap match that dear ol' Mrs. Jensen cooked up for me. These matches are supposed to be some kind of punishment, but all she's doing is setting me up to further boost my reputation by defeating the Diva's Tag team champions."

Raven smiled at that, still flipping the kunai dagger.

"It's really only a matter of time before those precious little titles of theirs are mine," Raven continued, "Or more precisely, mine and Josie Wales, or whoever Miss Moretti has me teaming with. So for now, you can just hold on to them for us. I'd say this match has nothing to do with your tag titles. After all I checked and even if I beat you, it won't give me a title shot at them. Yet they still play a factor. Why? Because if I can knock you both off just by myself, image what I could do with a partner? That's not all, once I win, every time you step in the ring with me, you'll be reminded each time about how I beat your 'legendary team'."

Raven didn't use air quotes but you could tell they were there. Raven then chuckled to herself.

"Yet you'll blame it on the disfunction you two are sure to have," Raven said with a grin, "With Mickie's problem and Trish trying to turn over a new leaf, things just won't go well for you two. And trust me when I say that I'll be in there taking every advantage I can from it. So Trish what will you think then huh? Will you be able to stay with your fans as every time in this match you try to be fair and noble that it'll only come straight back to haunt you? Will I be able to bring out the old Trish Stratus during this match so when we come face to face at the Anniversary X pay-per-view, you may even have a shot. After all, just ask Stealth Elf what it's like to play all nicey nice?"

Raven paused for a second as she thought.

"Oh that's right," Raven said, "You'd bring up the fact that I loss. But do it in such a nice way," Raven chuckled, "Oh how the mighty have fallen. Though, if you even mention the words, 'I respect her' then I'll cram those words right down your throat. I don't want your respect nor do I need it. I doubt you'd say it but you never know with them goody-two-shoes. They could be facing the worse of them all and still they'd say 'oh I respect them.' Pfft, it's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. If you going to say something, at least have the gall to say you hate their guts. But I guess that's the difference between so called heels and faces. Heels speak the truth rather you wanna hear it or not. Face's have to watch what they say, or it might offend someone."

Raven laughed due to the very fact at people not wanting to offend someone was funny.

"Why you'd want to stoop so low to please the fans, I don't really know," Raven said, "You said you missed what it was like to hear the fans cheer you on. I just tune them out personally, after all they only just little annoyances that I couldn't care if they were there or not. So why cater to them? They're surely not who my contract's with."

Raven paused for a moment as she continued to flip her kunai into the air.

"You really think I'm referring to the contract I have with EWE?" Raven asked, "Of course not. I'm referring to the contract I have with my actual employer, Miss Moretti. After all she's the reason why I came back to this company. If you really think I could care about going into some squared circle to fight for some silver or gold attached to some piece of leather, then you're wrong."

Raven then reached below her to pull out the shining star championship as she then draped it over her lap. Then she continued flipping her kunai.

"Even this belt right here," Raven said, "I don't care for it. Yet my employer does, so that's what I'm giving her. You can make all the claims you want about how determined or how much this thing means for you to get this belt, but in the end, Trish, you'll see, that it'll all be for nothing and that dream of yours for becoming the first Diva's Grand Slammer, will be nothing but a distant dream. As long as the belts with me that is."

Raven gave a cold smile as the sound of the kunai knife twirling in the air could be heard.

"Wednesday I shall give you a small taste at what's to come on the 27th Trish," Raven said, "For that's when you and your B**** will be dragged into the darkness, as the shadow's strike."

Raven began to laugh very coldly at the camera to finish off. Yet before she died down there was a faint knock to the room she was in. Raven cut her laugh short as she couldn't image who'd be there. So she caught her Kunai and slipped it up her long sleave before she went over and turned off the camera. She then headed in the darkness to the door where you could see a bit of light shining through the peep hole. Raven looked out it wondering who was there. She couldn't see anyone from it so she opened the door to the motel room to see who it could be.

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Re: Raven Vs Hardcore Stratusfaction

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:49 pm
Scene 1

On the other side of the door to Raven's motel room stood a five year old girl. This girl had long brown hair and currently had on a backpack with two my little pony dolls strapped to the back of it. Not only this but the girl seemed to be holding up a piece of paper out for Raven to see. The girl however was looking off to the side shyly. Curious Raven bent down to read the paper, yet she was ever cautious seeing as who knows what this could be.

I have a proposition for you. See this little girl's name is Sparrow. Though you never got a chance to really meet her, this is the child I was pregnant with 5 years ago. Now for the proposition. See, I've been arrested and I'll be going to jail for sometime. Thus I need someone to look after her. I've sent her to you, since honestly, you're the only one I can trust to really look after her Since i don't trust any of my relatives, and I refuse to let her enter the system. So I've went ahead and got all the paper work and things signed over so that you're now her legal guardian while I'm in jail. Your copies are in Sparrow's backpack.

Now I know you and you may not want to do this, but I've talk with your division and I've signed a mission contract for this. That's also in Sparrow's backpack.

With that settled, I've packed a few things in Sparrow's backpack. Including, a list of things she likes, her pajama's, and a change of clothes. You'll need to purchase some additional clothes for her. I've also included a tooth brush and her favorite tooth paste.

One last note to let you know, Sparrow is pretty shy around other people but she's been told to follow your orders. Once she gets to know them, she'll open up.


Raven finished reading the note. She didn't really require the MH at the end since she already recognized the hand writing. So Raven stepped back from the door as she gestured for Sparrow to enter.

"Come in then," Raven said, so Sparrow walked inside, though she didn't make eye contact with anything. Once sparrow was inside the room Raven shut the door and turned to Sparrow who was just standing there facing Raven but not making eye contact.

"I assume Hawk’s informed you of what's happening?" Raven asked the girl. And Sparrow nodded. Raven then looked to the backpack, "Well, empty your backpack on the bed." Raven said to the girl. So the girl did walking over to the bed and removing her backpack. She unzipped it and began to take out the items inside of it. Raven watched as Sparrow removed all the items that The letter said was in there. When Sparrow took out what looked to be a scroll tied with a red string. Raven took this and undid the string as she looked at the scroll's contents. She read through it and gave a nod more to herself. So she rolled up the scroll and put the ribbon back on it. before putting it down on the bed with the other items. She glanced over them before looking to Sparrow. Who was still just standing there not really looking at anything. She sure did have a air of shyness on her.

"When was the last time you ate?" Raven asked the girl. The girl seemed to think for a moment before she gave her reply.

"This morning..."

Raven glanced at the clock. It was going on 2 o'clock. So Raven gave a sigh as she looked back at Sparrow, "Leave the documents out but put the rest of your stuff back in your backpack."

Sparrow looked at Raven this time. Yet there was confusion in her look.

"Doc-cu-mints?" Sparrow asked unsure of the word. But Raven sighed pointing to the papers.

"The papers," Raven replied.

Sparrow gave a nod as she went to put the things in her backpack, leaving out the scroll, and the others documents on the bed. Raven then went to fix Sparrow something to eat.

Scene 2

It was that time of the week again as the fans head to the Bud Walton Arena. Everyone is expecting such great matches tonight from the official Debut of Frost Elfs to the Tag team Champions taking on the Shining Star Champion Raven in a handicap match. Of course, from Raven's earlier reply, the fans do believe that Raven could be putting up more of a fight this time around. But that's what brought Raven to the arena that night as she was walking through the halls to her locker room. Though she seemed to be getting allot of attention from those she passed. And it wasn't because of the Shining Star Championship she had around her waist. No, it was because following her closely while holding onto her hand for safety was a 5 year old girl. Those in the back had no idea who this girl was nor why she was with Raven. But EWE interviewer, Trixy, was about to find out as she approached Raven with a cameraman following.

Trixy knelt down to look at the girl as she gave a smile.

"Aww, who's this cute little thing?" Trixy asked but Sparrow only hid behind Raven as she clutched her Pinkie Pie doll closely. Trixy only smiled more seeing Sparrow's shyness only made her that much cute. So she looked up to Raven.

"So," Trixy said, "Who is she if you don't mind me asking?"

Raven glanced down at Sparrow who was still hiding behind her. Before looking at Trixy.

"Her name is Sparrow," Raven replied, "And before you or anyone else starts pointing accusation of kidnaping..." Raven shot a crew working a glare for he had just been whispering to his friend just that, Then Raven looked back at Trixy, "I'm her legal guardian while her mother is away."

Trixy gave a nod understanding.

"Where'd her mother go to?" Trixy asked.

"None of your business," Raven replied to Trixy. Trixy only shrugged.

"Back to the usual routine then," Trixy said as she held up her microphone, "Since your here, care for an interview?"

"If you must," Raven replied a 'I'd rather not' in her voice. But Trixy didn't care as she got in a better position then looked to the camera.

"Hey EWE fans, Trixy here with none other than Raven, who is the Shining Star Champion," Trixy said into her microphone she then turned to Raven, "Now Raven, last week you made a comment about how Trish and Mickie might not of retained their Diva tag team championships last week. Yet despite the problems they still managed to win."

"And?" Raven asked Trixy.

"Well, you did say that they might loose due to disfunction," Trixy said, "Yes as I just said, they still managed to defeat them."

"Because The fugate sisters never tried to exploit it," Raven replied, "Though it they did they sure had a bad way of showing it."

"Like you're illegid 'letting Frost Elfs win' last week," Trixy asked. But Raven wasn't to upset about the shot at her.

"Did the Fugate sisters win?" Raven asked.

"Well no but...," Trixy said.

[color=red]"But nothing," Raven interrupted, "Rather they did try or not it was ineffective. I know from years of training and practice just how to take advantage of things. Just ask Michelle McCool. She thought it was a good idea to turn away from her number one contender, I made her pay for the mistake."

"Speaking of that," Trixy said, "Trish had commented about how you don't deserve any respect..."

"Good," Raven replied interrupting Trixy yet again, "She's learning. After all I've said before, I don't care how it gets down, I will get it down. She talks about skills. I have skills that I've yet to show this 'entertainment' company. But I see know point in wasting them when it's not necessary."

Trixy nodded, "Guess it takes some skill to do that light trick you enjoy doing," Trixy said then continued on, "Anyways, Mickie and Trish were saying about how you're nothing but a puppet's who's strings have been cut. Any comment on that?"

"I have a contract with Grace Moretti yes," Raven said, "It's currently the only thing keeping me in this company. All it is is some stupid show and people become 'fans' of this individual or that. I couldn't care less. I'm here to do a job and that's it. As for my string being cut. Last I checked, Miss Moretti was suspended, not fired. So once she returns we'll be picking up where she left off. Yet those two idiots think that just because I work for someone that I must not have very much skill and I'm just floundering in the wind? Then again, let them think that, for I'll proving to both of them how wrong they are."

"Well they do have a good point about how when they aren't self centered they have someone to share their victories with," Trixy said, "Or even say, finding someone to watch Sparrow there while you're out in the match."

"She'll be fine at Ring side," Raven replied. But that only got a shock from Trixy.

"Wait, you're going to have Sparrow sit at ringside during your match?" Trixy said as she couldn't believe it, "Especially with how Mickie's been acting lately and even threatening to break your neck. What makes you think she won't attempt to attack Sparrow to help her team get the win?"

Raven still seemed calm yet a little bit of an intense look came over her as she flipped her wrist as suddenly a kunai knife appeared in her hand.

"Let's just say, these aren't just for breaking cameras," Raven said as she looked intently at Trixy, "If Mickie even thinks about trying something to Sparrow. She'll find a few of these in her neck. Then we'll really see how blood crazy she is."

Raven flipped the kunai and it seemingly disappeared. Trixy wasn't to sure it was a good idea but she did notice something.

"You seem to have some passion towards keeping Sparrow safe at least," Trixy said, "A little surprising actually, that you care about another human being."

"She's under contract," Raven replied.

"Still that was an awefull lot of passion for someone just under contract," Trixy said, "Sure you just not have a soft spot for this little girl?"

Raven only replied by glaring at Trixy. Yet that only seemed to confirm more what Trixy said as Trixy gave a smile.

"Yep seems like it," Trixy said actually seeming glad over it. But Raven still didn't like Trixy's 'accusations'.

"This interview's over," Raven said sharply she then looked down to Sparrow who was still hiding behind Raven’s legs. "We're leaving," Raven said to Sparrow. Sparrow gave a small nod before she grabbed Raven's hand again and the two of them walked off. Trixy just smiled to herself as she watched them go.

"Well, guess there's a little human in her after all," Trixy said then turned to the camera, "This has been Trixy with Shining Star Champion, Raven. Until next time."

The cameraman nodded as he shut off the camera, glad that Raven didn't break it.

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Re: Raven Vs Hardcore Stratusfaction

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:50 pm
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Re: Raven Vs Hardcore Stratusfaction

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