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Raven Vs Michelle McCool

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:40 pm

RP Link:

Show: Hell Frozen Over 2013 [12/29/2013]

There was a local bar in a city. Inside this bar, there was a few people here and there as most of them didn't seem to have anywhere to go on that cold winter day. The fact that it was the 25th of December didn't really help those in the place as most were drinking away their misery. However, this bar was about to get an additional visitor as the bell above the door chimed followed by a rush of cold air. In walked a lady wearing dark blue jeans, a red shirt and a black leather jacket. How much warm was this outfit to the lady no one could tell, since she wasn't to disturbed as she brushed the snow off her shoulders before putting them back into her pockets and walking up to the counter. The bar tender looked up at her as he had been busy keeping his area clean and organized, "What'll be?"

"Vodka," The lady replied, "Straight up."

The bar tender gave her a questioning look. Seemed like this here was another poor soul out on the holiday's with no one to are for her. That or it's what she likes to do. Never-the-less, he got out the bottle of vodka and poor the amount of the strong liquid into a shot glass before sliding it over to the lady. The lady picked it up and downed it in one go, not even flinching from the taste as most do, "Keep them coming," the lady requested. And the bar tender obliged by pouring more into the shot glass.

"Tough day? or just celebrating the holiday?" The bar tender asked the lady as she yet again downed the alchololic drink. The lady looked at him for her reply as he poured her another drink.

"I rarely drink," the lady replied, "After all it dulls the senses and fogs the mind. Not good for someone in my profession."

The lady downed yet her third shot and indicated for the bar tender to give her another.

"Well for someone so concerned about drinking, you sure know how to pick them," The bar tender said, "But what is your profession, might I ask?"

"Currently?" The lady asked as she didn't down this shot but simply laid her hand by it, "Professional Wrestling."

"Ah," The bartender said, "Well I can see why you'd want to be in tip top form."

The lady nodded as she downed her fourth shot and the bar tender poured more into it.

"Which federation are you working in?" The bar tender asked her.

"Extreme Wrestling Entertainment," The lady said strangely the vodka, hadn't really been effecting her speech patterns yet.

"The EWE?" the bar tender said a little impressed, "Been awhile since I caught a show, but don't they have a pay per view coming up?"

The lady nodded, "Four days," she replied.

"That soon huh?" The bar tender said, "You got any matches for it?"

"Just one," the lady replied.

The bar tender gave a nod as he had picked up a rag and began to wipe down the counter. "So you in a feud with someone, then?"

"Not really," The lady replied, "Just some B**** that I'm going to take out to win the Shining Star Championship."

"A championship match?" The bar tender said impressed yet also curious, "And you're sitting here drinking vodka four days before the match? Shouldn't you be out there training or something?"

"Oh I'm putting allot of effort into this match," the lady replied then shrugged, "besides, it's Christmas."

"True," The bar tender replied as he finished wiping down the counter. But he was called over to another side for a refill. So he went over to do so. The lady took the time to down her 5th shot of vodka. Of course, to most people, they'd be pretty drunk right now. And some may be even passed out. Yet this lady didn't seem that intoxicated. Then again, if you'd spent your life training your body to resist many different kinds of poisons, you'd probably be withstanding that much vodka in your system too. Plus her own natural talent for being tollerant to any form of alcohol did help her as well.

However, one particular guy didn't know this about the lady. As he was figuring she was quiet drunk at this time. Plus the fact of her nice body was a plus too. So Mr. Smooth comes up figuring he could get lucky with this chick.

"Hey there, pretty lady," Mr. Smooth said as he got within speaking distance, "How'd you like me to show you a good time tonight?"

The lady didn't even bother looking at the man as she sat there waiting for the bar tender to return. But Mr. Smooth figured it was time to press forward with his advance as he laid a hand on her shoulder. Bad mistake as the lady grabbed his hand and twisted it in a very painful way. Mr. Smooth yelled out in pain, "OK OK..." he pleaded but the lady kept up the pressure for a bit longer. Still not even looking at the guy. But eventually, she let him go as the bar tender began to take notice.

So Mr. Smooth quickly retracted his aching hand as he didn't wait another moment before he went grabbed his coat and left. As the bar tender returned he looked at the lady and asked, "What was that all about?"

"He touched me," the lady replied yet it had a kind of seriousness to it and the Bar tender wasn't sure exactly what it was but he shrugged it off as he refilled her shot glass.

"So tell me more about this match you have?" He said just being friendly.

"Not much to really say," The lady replied before downing the shot, "Ms. McB**** thinks she's flawless."

"Flawless as in her record?" The bartender asked as he picked up a cup and began to clean it.

"As in everything," The lady replied, "Sure, she's the longest Televixen Champion but who hires a tub of lard manager who can't even keep his other clients? Let alone it just seems more and more that he's not really doing anything for her. So why keep him around? To make herself look better when people see the contrast?"

The bar tender shrugged. "You never know," He said, "Maybe he's only good with women clients."

The lady rolled her eyes.

"I doubt that," the lady said, "Though that does bring up an interesting question. Does she keep him around because he's good in bed? Then again, I doubt it's worth it to look at his ugly face."

"I've heard of women overlooking certain facts about men when they enjoy the sex," the bar tender replied.

"True," The lady replied, "Well, that just makes her less flawless then."

"Yeah," the bar tender said as he got out a rag and began to wipe the counter a bit as the lady drunk her 6th shot of Vodka.

The bar tender nodded as he refilled her glass. "Well the champion does seem to be a tough opponent, So that makes me wonder why you're having a drink tonight? I mean sure it's Christmas, but wouldn't this hurt you're training?"

The lady shook her head, "It's actually going to help my training," the lady said.

"It is?" The bar tender asked, "You said it yourself that it dulls the senses and makes your reaction time sluggish. Not to mention the hang over you're bound to have."

The lady chuckled slightly.

"This is part of my training," the lady replied, "After all, when you put on things like ankle weights and you train til you can do great wearing them. When you remove them you'll be able be better than what you were. In this case, I'm using the dulled senses to increase my own."

"Interesting concept," The bar tender replied, "Hope it works out for you."

The lady gave a nod as she downed her 7th shot. The bar tender refilled the glass as she hadn't told him to stop yet.

"What I think it a little funny though," the lady said, "Is really how self centered McB**** is. She thinks she's flawless, She thinks she's got some looks to her. But if she really did, then Why'd my Employer want me to take the title from her? And not have her join her? Simply because she's not a great as she thinks she is."

"I guess," The bar tender replied to her.

"Don't believe me?" the lady asked him but the bar tender only shrugged. Of course that was returned with a shrug from the lady, "Well doesn't really matter. I'll be showing her this Sunday as I help strip away that mask of hers she calls flawless. Little by little with every punch and slam she takes. Until all that's left is her every little flaw."

"You sure are confident about your abilities," The bar tender said, "After all, she's got to have her reasons referring to herself as Flawless. Like didn't you say she's the Televixen Champion as well? Wouldn't that make her a double champion?"

The lady rolled her eyes, "It's made her arrogant," The lady said, "It's made her more and more self centered. Besides, Not like any of her recent defenses have given her much effort. And that's only lead to her being even more full of herself. H*ll she even redesigned the Televixen title just further goes to show you how much she thinks of herself."

The lady downed the 8th shot. Which the bar tender refilled.

"Well you do have to be pretty sure of yourself to redesign a title that's defended every show," He said, "After all, I doubt she'd want to redesign it only to get it taken from her. But, aren't you going after the shining Star Championship?"

The lady gave a nod, "I am," She said, "And all I had to do was get the drop on a Male's division has been, Diva's division never was, Mickie James then pin the wicked step sister, Midnight."

"Wicked Step sister?" The bar tender asked curiously. But the lady only shrugged.

"They're half sisters, and she's the 'darker one'," the lady said using finger quotes at the words 'darker one'.

"I see," The bar tender said, "Though I bet Mickie wasn't too happy."

"Oh she wasn't," the lady replied, "In fact the next two shows I was giving a match against her. One handicap and one tag match. She claims to have let some 'Alexis Laree' posses her," The lady rolled her eyes, "I just think she snapped after realizing exactly how much of a looser she really is. Though she's probably out there, celebrating her victory last week in our tag match. I couldn't care less actually."

The lady drunk her 9th shot. The bar tender refilled it again.

"Besides, My focus is on Ms. McB****," the lady replied still showing little to no signs of being drunk, "She is the one I'm facing this Sunday. And I'm more than happy to show her the errors of her flawlessness by taking her title. Maybe then she'll realize just how flawed she is? But who am I kidding? I could beat her to a pulp, steal her title, throw that ugly walrus she calls a manager on top of her, and she'd still think she's flawless." The lady shrugged, "But once again. Do I really care? Nope. If she wasn't to continue in her make believe world, let her. I'll have what I want and I'll be finished with her unless she gets on my Employers bad side. Then I'll be there to take out the trash."

The lady chuckled slightly, "Yet she'll think because I work for my employer that I'm weak?" the lady shook her head no, "Oh, no, that just means I utilize my abilities to assist some one. Should I be working for myself? No, I find it fun working for another as I do their work for them. When I get to go out and publicly humiliate someone for someone else, it makes me smile. Why? because in that way I know my own ego can't get in my way as I become to blinded by my own self, to not be able to see clearly. Which is something McB**** hasn't learned yet."

The lady downed her 10th shot. She set the shot glass down as so the bar tender would refill it. The Bar tender refilled the glass and the lady picked it up but didn't drink it yet.

"So here's to you McB****," the lady said, "For your streak, ends at eleven."

The lady grinned as she drunk her 11th shot as she sat the glass down but upside down. Then she pulled out a wad of cash from her jacket and laid it on the table as she stood up. The bar tender collected the money as the lady left the bar.

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Re: Raven Vs Michelle McCool

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