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Raven & Josie Wales Vs Hardcore Stratusfaction Empty Raven & Josie Wales Vs Hardcore Stratusfaction

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:38 pm
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/12-23-13-hardcorestratusfaction-vs-raven-josie-t756.html#p22088393

Show: Chaos [12/23/2013]

It had been awhile since this black dressed Diva had been on Monday Night Chaos. But there she was, as she walked down the halls of the other brand thanks to Ladies' Night being brought to this night due to how close Hell Frozen Over was. Raven was actually headed to the ring as the crew made note of this so as Raven got close to the stage entrance "Gothic" by WWE was played over the PA system and the lights turned out with only a spot light shown to where Raven was as she made her way to the ring. Once there she got in as she pulled out a microphone. After a moment the lights were turned back on and Raven put the microphone to her lips.

"Monday Night Chaos," Raven said, "Last time I was here, EWE hadn't yet brought Ladies' Night back. So that Both the Diva's division and the Male Division were all on the same show. But now we have two brands. Now we have Chaos, and Ladies' Brand."

There were cheers from the crowd at the mentioning of these two shows.

"Of course, the better of the two brands is obviously Ladies' Night," Raven said as this did get a few boos from the die hard Chaos fans. "And we'll be proving it as the night rolls on."

of course, this got a back and forth chant going as part of the crowd chanted for Chaos as the other half chanted Ladies' Night. Raven stood there for a bit with a small smirk on her face before she finally shook her head.

"Look at all of you," Raven said, "Giving your chants, cheers and boos. Like you really think your opinion matters. After all you have been trying to lend your support to people that really should of been kicked out a long time ago. People like, Stealth Elf, Calesta Leon, Psychotica, and even my opponents tonight. All of which just couldn't learn a lesson that they aren't wanted here, but because of listening to you, they think they deserve to stay or they crave that little bit more attention."

The crowd began to boo, showing their disapproval.

"You see," Raven said, "There you go again. But not to worry, what you think doesn't matter. Me and the rest of the Grace's army will teach you the proper way to respond. After all, we are giving you exactly what you want. You just don't know it yet."

The crowd booed some more not wanting to be told what to do. But those who actually liked Grace and her army were giving their cheers. Raven wasn't phased by either really.

"Just like last week, when Josie Wales and I took it to Mickie with all intentions of ending her career," Raven said, "After all you all know you want her gone. You like the others see know reason for that has been to continue ruining the face of EWE with her presence."

The crowd boo some more.

"Sure she and her partner Trish are Diva tag champs, but that's only for now," Raven continued, "Because you only have those titles until Ms. Moretti decides it's time to give them up and hand them to a more fitting group."

Raven grinned at that as she easily had someone in mind.true

"Why do you think playing games is going to do anything different?" Raven asked, "I mean a nursery rhyme? Really?" Raven chuckled, "Please Mickie you have no idea the true meaning of fear. You don't know the true way to get into the minds of a unsuspecting victim and make their heart race as they run and scream for their lives. All you're doing is ripping off what you think is fear. So go ahead, let your little 'demon' come out. But it's only a facade. And you'll run into the fear before to long."

Raven grinned more at the thought of it.

"So Mickie you really think that I don't have the ability to defeat you?" Raven said, "I can defeat you and I've proven more than once that I can. Sure make your little excuses. Say that I didn't pin you in our triple threat. But what did happen? I bested you, right when you thought you had the match won you took your eyes off the prize, you forgot about me and that costed you the match. But if that wasn't good enough for you, I did pin you in our next match. During the handicap. But oh no, that's not good enough for poor little Mickie. What was your excuse this time? I had help? Pfft, you forgot something I said a few weeks back. I do whatever it takes to get the win. I don't care what I use, or who helps. What matters is that victory. So you want to make your excuses fine. I don't need them, for unlike you I don't need to explain to my poor little mind about why I lost that match... because I won."

Raven smiled.

"So stop with the demon talk, Mickie," Raven said, "Accept that you're doomed to fail when it comes to Me and maybe you'll get on with your life. After all that little alter ego of yours is just your high ego refusing to let yourself accept it. No one pushed you anyways Mickie. It's all on yourself."

Raven glared to the back her hair dangling over her face.

"Now what about Trish Stratus?" Raven asked as this automatically got cheers from the crowd at the mention of one of their own, Raven rolled her eyes at the fans, "You would care about that trash wouldn't you? Of course, her name is only one letter away from it." Raven grinned, "So Trash Stratus, tell us why do you have to stay here? After all you're way past your prime and all your just trying to hog the spot light... which you can barely do anyways. After all who was it that defeated you? An Elf? Ha even I defeated that elf and it wasn't even the best I could do. So please, Trash, leave while you still have the power to. Because if you decide to stay, you'll still be leaving. Just completely disfigured and with broken bones."

Raven grinned at the thought.

"So run Trash Stratus," Raven said, "Run away and never return. Or I'll make sure you can't return and Mickie will really have a reason so hate me."

Raven then laughed a cold hard laugh as it echoed over the arena. The lights suddenly went out and returned as the laughter remained a little longer though Raven was no where to be seen.

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Raven & Josie Wales Vs Hardcore Stratusfaction Empty Re: Raven & Josie Wales Vs Hardcore Stratusfaction

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:39 pm
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