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Raven & Josie Wales Vs Mickie James Empty Raven & Josie Wales Vs Mickie James

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:34 pm
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/12-18-13-mickie-james-v-raven-josie-wales-t739.html#p22088124

Show: Ladies Night [12/28/2013]

Part 1

We open up, late at night to a beautiful lake. With the stars and moon out, the view is increased as their light is reflected off the waters surface. Of course, this view was then interrupted as a figure steps in front from off to the side. This figure was Raven as she was in her normal black outfit. She looked into the camera as her hair dangled in front of her face.

"Mickie..." Raven said her voice low but there was a cunningness to them, "What happened Mickie?"

Raven grinned a cold smile.

"Oh that's right," Raven continued, "Exactly what I said would happen, happened. I said that you wouldn't win, I said that with my involvement it wouldn't end the way you thought it would. And what happened? You thought you were going to win, you thought it was in the bag... But then I came in. I took you down and while you were busy outside the ring, I was in there making Midnight tap."

Raven glared into the camera.

"You under estimated me,” Raven said, "You thought that just because I was gone for months that you could defeat me?" Raven shook her head, "Those tag title belts are clouding your mind. I don't sit around doing nothing, I train always further developing myself. But then again, who cares what you think of me. For just like I proved last Wednesday, you know nothing about me. And I find really amusing to leave you in the dark."

Raven grinned again.

"But you're certainly not in the dark about voicing your ill feelings about my employer, Ms. Moretti. Something I won't stand for," Raven said, "You should of kept your mouth shut, because now, I get the pleasure of shutting it for you. After all this is what this match is about. It's not about friendly competition to see who's the better wrestler. It's about showing you where your place is. And that's for you to fall in line with your mouth shut, just like the rest of those in this division who Ms. Moretti hasn't given the privilege of speaking out."

Raven paused only momentarily to change the topic slightly.

"I'd do this myself, but Ms. Moretti as decided that what you did deserves more than just me taking you down and shutting you up, like I did with the green thing," Raven said, "What you did deserves a bit more, special of a treatment. And in this case, it's putting you into a handy-cap match."

Raven moved a strained of hair from her face.

"No need thinking that you can treat this as just some kind of Triple threat match like we had last week," Raven continued, "After all, in that match, it was every Diva for themself. It was a constant watching your back for the other opponent, something that you failed to do at the end. But the difference in this match, is both me and my partner, Josie Wales, will have our primary focus, all on your head."

Raven smiled at the thought.

"You see Mickie, you have no chance in winning," Raven replied, "After all, there will be no running, no comeback, and no changing the outcome. But let's face it, you'll try, you'll not just back down since you seem to have this idea that you and Trish are something special. The only thing that's really there is two idiots that don't know when their time is over. Sure you disbanded your little Queens... but I still believe that perhaps you did that so that you could forget about the next generations of queens so that you and your playmate could continue to hog the spot light. So perhaps this match this week will let you know that the spot light has left you some time ago. Sure you became the Diva's tag titles, but even the background gets a small time under the spot light, even for the briefest of moments."

Raven brushed a part of her hair behind her ear. Then she continued on.

"In only a few short days," Raven said building up what she was about to say, "The beautification progress of this division will continue. And Mickie, you are nothing but a blemish on the face of this division. So It's time to apply some Blemish, remover."

Raven grinned as she looked into the camera. Then she stepped out of the shot as we could see the view of the lake. Then the camera faded on that.

end part 1

Part 2

Only 7 days til Christmas and my true love gave to me... A Ladies' Night episode for me. Wait... This is a Raven RP... Oops. Regardless of the fact, it was now Wednesday night in this Canadian arena called Stade Uniprix. The crowds were all excited for another great show as they slightly wonder if they'll see some Santa babes... then their wives slap them for thinking that way. In the back, however, things were a little bit Christmasier as there were decorations and things. And for most of the Diva's and staff, they were in a cheerful mood. Well almost everyone as we see Raven walking down the hall. Though honestly, you never could tell what her mood was as her face was normally set in a neutral tone so you never could tell. And that's what EWE interviewer Trixy, was thinking as she came up to Raven with a Cameraman behind her. Though the cameraman was a little cautious... he didn't want another camera broken.

"Hey Raven," Trixy said to Raven as she made the effort to get in front of her so she had to stop. Raven however gave a slight sigh.

"...Fine," Raven said.

"But I haven't even asked yet," Trixy said.

Raven gave Trixy a don't waist my time look. Trixy put up her hands in defense.

"OK, OK," Trixy said as she glanced to the Camera, "This is Trixy with EWE Diva, Raven." Trxiy then turned to Raven, "So Raven, last week, you made Midnight Fugate tap out to become the number one contender for the Shining Star Championship. But when the Current champion began to trash talk you, you didn't really reply. So do you have a response you'd like to say now?"

"Why do I need a reply?" Raven asked, "Not like I care about what she has to say."

"Well she is the Shining Star Champion," Trixy said.

"For now," Raven replied rather bluntly.

"Right," Trixy said, "Anyways, this week you're facing Mickie James in a handy-cap match as it'll be you and Josie Wales vs her. So do you really think you and Josie Wales can get along?"

"We'll get the job done," Raven said.

"Not what I asked," Trixy said.

"It's the only thing that should matter," Raven replied.

"Yeah but, you did face Josie Wales in your Debut match, which you lost," Trixy said, "You did seem rather angry about the loss."

"That was then," Raven said to Trixy, "This is now. Why would I let such trivial matters put a division in me and my partner's heads."

Trixy shrugged, "Just saying," Trixy said, "Besides, you may feel that way... but what about Josie? After all it was she who you defeated to make it into the Ladies’ Choice match. And since you said you weren't planning on..."

"I think that's enough," Raven said cutting her off, "That is the past, now either direct your attention to the future and stop trying to drive a wedge into this team. But honestly, if you think that something as trivial as that will, then you're badly mistaken."

"All right, all right," Trixy said, "So, what are you thoughts on this basically being Grace disliking Mickie's Comments about Grace?"

"I agree with her," Raven said, "She needs to be put into her place."

"Really?" Trixy said, "And a handy-cap is the way to do it?"

"Do you have a problem with it?" Raven asked almost daring Trixy to do so.

"Umm... No, no," Trixy said, "I think it's a wonderful idea... yeah."

Raven rolled her eyes.

"OK, so..," Trixy said trying to think of another question to ask.

"No need to come up with another question if you don't have one," Raven said.

"Yeah but this interview hasn't been that long," Trixy said.

"You're point?" Raven asked.

"Umm... I guess I don't have one," Trixy said then turned to the Camera, "This is Trixy, Until next time."

Trixy then looked back at Raven but she was already gone.

"Strange," Trixy said as she gave a shrug and her and the cameraman headed off to find their next victim.... I mean person to interview.

end part 2
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Raven & Josie Wales Vs Mickie James Empty Re: Raven & Josie Wales Vs Mickie James

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:36 pm
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