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Raven Vs Mickie James Vs Annie Fugate Empty Raven Vs Mickie James Vs Annie Fugate

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:32 pm
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RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/12-11-13-mickie-james-v-raven-v-midnight-t712.html

Show: Ladies Night [12/11/2013]

Part 1

We open up to a shot of the clear night sky. The stars were shining brightly that night and it was a very nice view. The camera then lowered slightly to show that of a tree, with a figure dressed in black perched on one of the branches. With the little lighting and the dark outfit it was hard to tell exactly who it was. But most people had their guesses. The figured stayed up there, in the shadows for a bit as it just looked at the camera like a predator stalking it's prey. Finally, the figured dropped to the ground as she landed on her feet. The figure then walked over to the camera as we could see that it was Raven.

"I find it a little ironic," Raven said as she looked into the camera her hair dangling over her face but she wasn't phased by it, "That two thirds of the people in my match tomorrow happen to have some kind of connection to the darkness. Yet, we are fighting for number one contendership for title called the 'Shining Star'."

Raven crossed her arms as she shifted in her position slightly.

"I'm am very well aware that it's refers to rising talent," Raven said, "A One who's past the beginning stage and is just starting to really shine out there. Even so, you'd wonder why would someone associate someone like me into this match? After all, When it comes to the shining stars, you think of Ms. Fugate. Even her cleaver little nickname goes hand in hand with the title's name."

"Then there's the other aspect," Raven continued, "A Shining Star would really be someone who's out there, who wants to be put on display to let the world see who they are. When it comes to Mickie and Annie, people can see that. But not me right?"

Raven shook her head.

"They believe that this match will have a hands down winner," Raven said, "They, think that when it all comes down to it, this match will be won by either Mickie James or the one who wants to call herself Midnight. After all, if it were just those two, I'd say that it'd be the new Diva's Tag Champion that'd walk out of the match alive. But let's face it... I'm in this match."

A small grin spread on Raven's face.

"They may think the know me," Raven continued, "Oh yes, they'll say what they want as they compare their vast records of wins and losses. Even compare just how well I've competed. But they don't know a thing about me. Sure, Mickie could mention the fact that we were both in Wrestle Mania 9's Ladies Choice match, a match that neither of us won. You could even point out how I didn't even do much, and after some trio sent me through the announce table, that you didn't see me again in that match. But of course, there's a reason for it. Just like there's a reason behind everything I do. But I don't need explain myself to you. I'll just let you wallow in your delusions that was brought on to you because you became the first Ever Diva's tag champions."

Raven gave a cold laugh.

"You really thought they should of just handed you the titles?" Raven said, "How stupid are you? Just because you became the first ever all female tag champions doesn't mean you've earned the First Diva's Tag champions. That's almost like saying since you became the first female Undisputed Champion that you should just be handed the Diva's championship. Of course then again, if you really think about it. What you did wasn't that impressive. I mean sure you defeated your protege, but come on, if you couldn't do that, what kind of teachers would you really be? Then you take out The Fugates? Please, with how they are doing recently, anyone could of defeated them. Even Kaitlynn could of..."

Raven paused as she thought for a second.

"Well, maybe they weren't that bad," Raven said, "So really Mickie, you need to stop with your delusions. You're not as good as what you think you are. H*ll you've lost more matches than you've won. And you probably are thinking that tonight you're going to be one step closer to breaking one of them curses you seem to think you have. After all, this is a contendership for a singles division title, that's not the televixion Championship. And let's face it, when it comes to this division, and you're on your own, you can only get the Lowest possible title."

Raven moved one part of her hair behind her ear.

"Though I wonder if it's crossed you mind that I've never won that particular championship," Raven said, "Though of course, you'd try to use it as some kind of delusion for thinking that that just makes you that much better than me. But really, it doesn't. So like I said before. You think you're walking on cloud nine since you got those Diva's championships, but when you try to reach for this shining star... you'll find out it's beyond your reach and you crash back down to the ground."

Raven paused as she shifted positions.

"Of course, this isn't just a one on one competition," Raven said, "There's still Annie Fugate. But where to start?"

Raven brought her hand to her chin in a thinking posture but it was only in a mocking tone.

"After all, it was said that First, Midnight was holding sunshine back and now Sunshine's holding midnight back," Raven said as she resumed her crossed arms position, "But really, they're both pathetic loosers. After all, who cares more about rather their sister stole their little hand-held device than about their match? And have you seen how angry she got when she thought her sister broke one of her pokemans? or what ever they call it... then again I don't care. Pokeman, yugimon, Skyblunders, what's it really matter? They're all distractions and Children's games at that. But even then, you're still pathetic. After all you even came to your senses and realized how sad your career had gotten but it didn't help you much as you still lost. Yet now you think you an turn things around and have a third chance at Michelle?"

Raven eyes narrowed slightly.

"How many times must she beat you before you realize you don't have what it takes to win?" Raven asked, "So do everyone a favor, and get out of this match, before I drag you down into the true darkness and you'll never be the same again."

Raven gave a cruel and cold grin as the camera view slowly went back to the sky. Before it faded.

end part 1

Part 2

Brooklyn, New York is the second most well known place in the state of New York. Only on more well known that it would be New York City. However, this particular night Brooklyn would be getting a slight bump in popularity as EWE Ladies's Night was coming to it.

So that's where we find EWE Diva Raven, as she walks down the halls of the Barclays Center. Her attire rarely changed as it consisted of a black outfit that one would associate with one of stealth. Of course, we don't know if she wears that attire all the time, or if it's just particular to when she's doing EWE related activities. Regardless of the fact, one EWE Interviewer, known as Trixy, came up to Raven followed by a cameraman.

"Hey Raven," Trixy called out as she got closer but Raven took no notice of her. So Trixy and the cameraman closed the gab between them as she got in front of Raven.

"Care for an interview?" Trixy asked.

Raven glared at Trixy as she slowed due to Trixy stopping.

"Does it look like I want an interview?" Raven asked Trixy.

"I dunno," Trixy said, "Do you?"

Raven was getting annoyed so she slipped out a Kunai knife. Then in a fluid motion threw the Kunai at the cameraman's camera. The knife struck home as it was implanted into the lense of the camera.

"Does that answer your question?" Raven asked.

"A simple no would of sufficed," Trixy replied with a frown.

"Maybe you'll learn not to ask next time," Raven said as she walked passed Trixy and continued on her way.

Raven continued down the halls as she made it to the General Manager's office. Once there she entered the room to find Grace sitting at her desk with Milana Radek standing close by. Grace had some things on her mind but looked up as Raven approached her desk.

"Raven I believe we're gonna need to work on your people skills," Grace said to Raven, "After all if you're going to be the new Shining Star Champion, the people need to see you more than just you standing in the dark shooting a promo."

Raven gave an nod of acknowledgment to show she was listening.

"So I want you to go get an interview," Grace said.

Raven's features remained unchanged though inside she didn't completely like having to do an interview. But it was what the boss wanted.

"Fine," Raven replied to Grace, "Anything else?"

Grace thought about it for a moment before shaking her head.

"No that's all for now," Grace said.

Raven gave a nod as she turned and headed out of the door.

Meanwhile, Trixy and the cameraman went to get a new camera. It didn't take them long as the other staff took the broken camera to try and repair it and gave the Cameraman another camera. Of course, they had just left that area when suddenly Raven came up to them.

"Interview me," Raven said to Trixy rather bluntly.

"Excuse me?" Trixy said.

"Did I studder?" Raven asked.

"No, but i thought you didn't want an interview," Trixy said.

"Things changed," Raven replied.

"OK OK," Trixy said, "As long as you don't break another camera. This way."

So Trixy lead the way to the small area designed for interviews. Though it was pretty simply put together. The three of them got into position and Trixy nodded to the cameraman to begin rolling.

"Trixy here with none other than EWE Diva, Raven," Trixy said as she looked to the camera. Raven only stood there.

"So Raven," Trixy said as she looked at Raven, "At War Games, you had your first match since you left after Wrestle Mania 9. So tell us, where have you been all this time?"

"My time in EWE had come to an end," Raven said, "So I left."

"Did it have something to do with you loosing the Ladies' Choice match?" Trixy asked.

"I had no intentions of winning it," Raven replied.

"Why not?" Trixy asked, "I mean the winner of that match could cash in the brief case at any time for a shot at the Diva's Championship. Why would you not want that opportunity especially after you had to earn your spot in the match?"

"We had already decided to leave before that match began," Raven said, "So I saw no reason to win the match if I wasn't going to be staying."

"Then why'd you come back?" Trixy asked.

"Ms. Moretti hired me," Raven replied.

"Oh, well speaking of Ms Moretti," Trixy said, "There's been speculation that she was the reason you attacked Stealth Elf last Ladies' Night."

"And?" Raven said not really caring about the question.

"Just that the Vice Chairman of EWE, Kristy Jensen, didn't take to kindly to that attack," Trixy said.

"I couldn't are less what Mrs. Jensen thinks," Raven said, "I work for Ms. Moretti, not her. And if Mrs. Jensen really has a problem with it, she can put those worn out wrestling boots of hers back on and meet me in the ring."

"Anyways," Trixy said, "That attack lead to a match on War Games, which thanks to Josie Whales distracting the ref, you were able to use that foreign object and pick up the win."

"I use what ever I deem nessisary to accomplish my goals," Raven replied straight forward.

"So you're saying you couldn't of beaten Stealth Elf without the interference?" Trixy asked.

"Does it really matter?" Raven asked, "The little wanna be ninja dropped the ball and I took advantage of it."[/color]

"So do you plan on using a foreign object in your match tonight?" Trixy asked, "I mean it is a triple threat, thus it's a no disqualification match."

"I'll use what ever I deem nessisary," Raven replied plainly, "All that really matters in the end, is that I win."[/color]

"Not everyone will see it that way," Trixy said.

"You're point?" Raven said.

"Well some people belive that using cheap tactics just shows cowardice or that you simply can't win if it was a fair fight," Trixy said.

Raven only smirked.

"Like I said," Raven replied, "I couldn't give a care about what anyone says. I find a way to win regardless of rather I use a nun-chuck, a kendo Stick, or my fists. So sure they can call it coward. I call it winning. And I think it's funny how you people think I should care what other people think. No, I do what I do, the only exception is what my employer, Ms. Moretti wants."

"Like getting an interview," Trixy couldn't help but say. But Raven's eyes narrowed.

"I said what ever she wants," Raven said with an iciness in her voice.

"Riight," Trixy said and couldn't help a small smile, "Anyways, do you have any closing remarks about you opponents?"

Raven looked to the camera.

"Mickie James, Midnight," Raven said, "Take a good long look at that Shining Star Championship. Because when tonight's over, that championship opportunity will be taken from you, like a thief, in the night. So make fun of who you think I am, play your little game what-it's or whatever it is you want to do. Because when it's all said and done, the ninja will strike!"

Suddenly, the lights flickered but when they returned Raven was gone. Trixy looked around a little confused because Raven was no where in sight. But then she looked back at the camera.

"Well... that was EWE Diva, Raven," Trixy said, "Until next time."

She gestured for the cameraman to stop rolling as the two of them headed off.

end part 2
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Raven Vs Mickie James Vs Annie Fugate Empty Re: Raven Vs Mickie James Vs Annie Fugate

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:33 pm
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