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Raven Vs Josie Wales

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:27 pm

RP Link:

Show: Chaos [4/29/2013]

Part 1

*The scene opens to Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS to the locker room of Raven. There we find Raven in the dimly lit room wearing her black outfit she wears just about everywhere. Currently, Raven was sat in one of the rooms chairs as she was flicking through the site of on her phone. She came across the match information as a smile came across her face as she saw her opponent. However, her expression didn't last long as suddenly her phone went off. It was Trixy. Raven frowned in annoyance. After all She wasn't sure how many times she had to tell the interviewers that she wasn't interested. So Instead of letting it ring Raven tapped the end call button. But as she sat there she couldn't help thinking. So she got and headed out.*

*Else where in the Allen Fieldhouse, as we see Trixy standing in a random hall as she had just been trying to call Raven. She then turned to the cameraman and gave a shrug. Trixy then brought up the phone to dial another number when suddenly someone appeared behind her.*

Raven: What do you want?

*Trixy jumped as she was surprised by Raven's sudden appearance. She turned around trying to keep her cool and act like the her reaction didn't happen.*

Trixy: Raven... I just tried to call you.

*Raven crossed her arms impatiently.*

Raven: obviously, That's why I asked what you wanted.

Trixy: Well umm... I was just seeing if you wanted an interview.

*Raven just stood there as she stared at Trixy. Trixy gave a small shudder at the Raven's creepy stare.*

Trixy: So uh... How about that interview?

*Raven stared turned into a glare as she replied.*

Raven: This is the 3rd week you've called trying to get me for an interview. If I wanted one I'd come find you. So Stop bothering me about it or next time I'll do more than give you a startling.

*Trixy nodded completely understanding.*

Trixy: Don't worry I won't bother you again.

Raven: Good.

*Raven then headed off as she walked past Trixy. Trixy then turned to watch her leave but she was now no where in sight. Trixy scratched her head.*

Trixy: How does she do that?


Part 2

*The Allen Fieldhouse Chaos arena was now under full swing. The fans in the crowd were simply electrified as they wait for the next part of the show to happen. Then the lights went out as "Gothic" from WWE hits over the PA system. As they wait they suddenly here a small thud. Then a dim spot light comes on as it shown where we see Raven in the middle of the ring, in a crouched position as if she had just landed. Her head was down as you could see a microphone in her hand. She then raises the it to her mouth but leaves her head down.*

Raven: Welcome back to the Shadows Whales. Last time you were in our realm you barely made it out alive. But As you've seen the effects of it have taken ahold. Sure you could blame your last loss on Melina attacking you before the match began. But we all know the true story, don't we. You never fully recovered from the last time you had to battle in the dark domain. There's now a small part of yourself that's lost now. Lost forever. You know it's true as you can feel it deep down within yourself. Tonight, though...

*Raven Looked up, glaring at the cameras.*

Raven: I finish what I stared.

*Raven stood up microphone still raised.*

Raven: Oh you have no idea how much I've been looking forward to this. Our last match was only supposed to be a small demonstration of the Shadow Division's power. But to loose that match to someone who couldn't even figure out who I was? I'm not from some other federation. I'm not some psychic from a stupid TV series. And I'm differently not a teen hero who uses dark magic. I'm Raven, Apprentice of Noir and Shadow Division member.

*Raven glared at the camera.*

Raven: This time, I'm going to show you exactly who I am. So prepare all you like. But the darkness is coming and it's coming with avengence.

*With that the dim light shut off. Not long later they came back on with nothing but a discarded microphone where Raven once stood.*

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Re: Raven Vs Josie Wales

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:27 pm
Results Link: TBA
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