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Raven Vs Matt Sydal Empty Raven Vs Matt Sydal

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:20 pm
Raven Vs Matt Sydal SydalRaven

RP Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/ewewrestling/4-15-13-matt-sydal-vs-raven-t49.html#p22040330

Show: Choas [4/15/2013]

Scene 1

*We begin during last Chaos at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX. Raven had just entered her locker room a fowl mood playing across her face. However, as she enters we see that ArchAngel was in there leaning against a wall with his arms crossed. He was out of his in ring gear and now wearing his casual clothes of black shirt under a brown jacket along with a matching pair of pants and shoes. He however was still wearing his mask. While his mouth couldn't be seen you could see a grin in his eyes.*

ArchAngel: So it looks as if the great Raven has lost her first match.

*Raven glared at Arch Angel.*

Raven: She wasn't a target.

ArchAngel grin widened.

ArchAngel: True, but I won my match. So does that mean I'm better than you? Or perhaps the great Raven has gone soft.

*Raven's anger increased. She was about to say something when a singe sound could be heard. They both new what it was as Raven crossed the room and picked up a black cell phone. She looked at the message.*

Raven: I've got work to do.

*ArchAngel didn't bother asking the meaning of it as he watched Raven head for the door. But then she stopped as she was passing him.*

Raven: Oh and one more thing.

*Raven turned on the spot and grabbed ArchAngel performing a snap DDT she calls Ninja Strike. Raven now towered over the now grounded ArchAngel.*

Raven: You're no where close to how good I am.

*With that Raven left the room. Leaving ArchAngel out cold on the floor of her locker room.*

Scene 2

*The scene begins this time a week later at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. The arena is sold out with eWe fans of all ages. Just then the lights turn out again as Goth from WWE 13 hits over the PA system. The Titontron shows off Raven's entrance video as it's currently the only light we see. Just then someone drops down from somewhere above the Titantron and down to the stage. The figure lands without any injury or anything. The figure then stands up as the dim lights from Raven's Entrance video made it difficult to see who this person was. A microphone was raised and Raven's entrance music was cut. The Titantron stopped on a dim light continuing to siluette the person. As she began to speak it was clear that it was Shadow Division's Raven.*

Raven: Tonight, is the second night of eWe's return from dead. Most of you are expecting a grand show, maybe even a show that topped last week. For one man however, tonight his time is up. For tonight, the Shadow Division will take down their first target, Matt Sydal.

*Raven rose her hand as an image of Matt Sydal appeared on the Titantron.*

Raven: Now Matt Sydal thinks that this is just some normal match against some low card talent to help him show off his in ring skills to the eWe Management. That's were the problem lies Sydal. This is not a normal match. This is a wake up call that you don't belong to this company. EWE management doesn't know allot of the times what they are thinking when they bring in new talent. You've had your chance to impress but how is it that you struggled with a match that was practically handed to you? You should of easily wiped the floor with Astor Lane last week but instead you struggled with it allowing Astor to gain control. You barely won that match. Which only goes to show how much you're not needed in this company.

*Raven glared at the Camera for a moment before continuing.*

Raven: Now you enjoy claiming that you are someone great. You've probably listed all your different things that make you so special in those pathetic little Vignette's you posted. If you were so good, why did you leave your former brand, WWE? I know it couldn't be because you were done with the company after of accomplishing your goals in the Company. If it is then you didn't have very high goals. After all you never made it to the top of the company buy holding one of it's two top championship belts. EWE is not a place for people who have low goals. You either dream big or you go home.

*Raven paused as she stared into the camera as if she were looking straight as Matt.*

Raven: Perhaps though that wasn't the case. Perhaps you decided to join eWe because WWE was just to tough for you, as you never could win those high Championships so you decided to try your luck somewhere else. News Flash, eWe is way tougher than WWE. Besides that this company doesn't need someone who quit another federation because they couldn't handle it. If you think eWe will be better off for you, think again as I show you just how wrong you are during are match.

*Raven continued to glare towards the camera.*

Raven: You may be thinking, How could she know this? After all she's just as new as I am?

*Raven gave a short laugh.*

Raven: That's where you'd be wrong. We've been here for awhile. Silently, waiting in the shadow's until the perfect time to strike would be. Now is that time. Now is the time for the Shadow Division to rise and strike the undeserving of this company. And you are the first one. Matt Sydal.

*Just then the Titantron turned off, leaving the arena in complete darkness.*

Raven: The Shadow Division is coming for you and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

*The lights then turned back on as all that's left from where Raven was standing is a microphone lying on the floor where she had been standing.*

END scene 2
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Raven Vs Matt Sydal Empty Re: Raven Vs Matt Sydal

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:27 pm
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