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Saw Puppet Rep Vs Michael Jensen Rep Empty Saw Puppet Rep Vs Michael Jensen Rep

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:13 pm
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=3682

Show: Retribution 2012 [6/24/2012]

Results Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=3767

Present Day.

*'Saw Theme Remix' hits over the PA system. After a bit the saw puppet appears on the titontron.*

Saw Puppet: The time has come. The hour will soon be upon us. You eWe must decide rather you want Michael Jensen to continue to run this company or have this company shut down. Choose wisely. Live or Die.

*The saw Puppet makes a pause.*

Saw Puppet: But it seems that Michael Jensen wants to settle this with a representative match. I'm afraid that it will not settle this for it will not be settle until this company is shut down, or Michael is no longer running it. But I'll be happy to oblige to your request. You can think of it as my fare well present.

*The Saw puppet gives a short laugh.*

Saw Puppet: Now, My representative is an easy choice. So without further ado, my representative is ... Green Arrow.


May 26, 2012

Sometime before Ladies Night.

*The scene opens to a room where we see that Kristy was standing amongst several dead bodies. The speakers went off as we hear the saw Puppet voice.*

Saw Puppet Voice: Good. Now show Jaylina what you're made of.

*Kristy saw as a door opened behind her. A light shown through it. Kristy then left. The door closed behind her and all that could be heard was the sound of a cold and calculating laughter. After Kristy left Green Arrow was now seen in a room off of that one. He seemed to be facing a video screen where it showed the saw puppet.*

Saw Puppet: Another success Green Arrow. The trauma from what she’s just gone through will be enough to send her over the edge.

*Green Arrow nods.*

Saw Puppet: Now, you need to begin training for a match. Retribution is coming and I believe I'll need you for it.

*Green Arrow nods again he then shuts off the TV as he leaves.*


Wrestle Mania 8

Sometime before.

*The scene opens to the outside of a 4 story building. After words Kristy is seen coming out of the building heading off. Then it shows up on a balcony on the second floor. Green Arrow was crouched up there. He knocks an arrow in his bow and aims at Kristy. Green Arrow measures his shot and is about to fire when he hears the Saw puppet through his head set.*

Saw Puppet: Let her go

Green Arrow: You sure?

Saw Puppet: Yes, She's far more useful to us alive than dead.

Green Arrow: All right.

*Green arrow puts up the arrow and watches as Kristy leaves. Once she was out of site he went back into the building. He made his way to the different people inside who were now dead. He then poured a liquid substance on them as they turned from Jensen, Trixy, Blitz, and Helen. To 4 other people. Once his work was done he left.*


Months back.

*The scene opens to an abandoned ware house. There we see Green Arrow inside standing by a chair. There was also a strange device lying by it. Green Arrow was speaking into a head set.*

Green Arrow: She got away.

*From the other side of the head set.*

Saw Puppet: Really? How did she escape?

*Green Arrow looked at the device lying by the chair.*

Green Arrow: Some of the poorage got onto the device. It short circuited.

Saw Puppet: I see. Ok then, burn the place down. Leave no evidence.

Green Arrow: yes Sir.

*Green Arrow went to a cabinet and opened it. Inside was a container of gasoline. He took it out then began to pour it on the floor as well as around the chair and device. Once he finished he sat the container down and left the warehouse. He walked a distance away then pulled out an arrow from his quiver. He lit it as he knocked it. He took aim and fired it into the warehouse. The Arrow sailed in and found its way through the seat of the chair. The fire on the arrow spreads to the gasoline and soon the entire building was ablaze. Green Arrow watched as the warehouse burned to the ground.*


Weeks back.

*The scene opens to a Queen Industries. It was the top floor where we see the office of Queen Industries' owner, Oliver Queen. Just then Oliver Queen comes into the room he seemed a little agitated by something.*

Oliver: I got your message. And Now I'm here.

*Oliver looks around the room but doesn't see anybody.*

Oliver: Where are you?

*Oliver then notices a faint glow coming from the computer on his desk. Oliver goes to it. He has a seat and looks at the screen. It was on the screen saver. Oliver moved the mouse as it came off the screen saver. He then noticed a video file in the center of the desk top. It was labeled "Play Me". Oliver clicked it and the video began to play. It showed that of the Saw Puppet.*

Saw Puppet: Hello Oliver Queen, I want to play a game.

*Oliver raised an eyebrow.*

Saw Puppet: Now Oliver, the game I have is very simple. There is one rule and as long as you follow them everything will be ok. Now right now, you will find out that you will be unable to access any of your business accounts. I have complete access to them. Break the rules and you're company will pay. Now the rule is simple. Do what I tell you to do until the game is done.

*Oliver pauses the video and checks his accounts. Sure enough he was blocked from them.*

Saw Puppet: The objective of the game is very simple. We are to cause Michael Jensen much pain and suffering. This will include dealing with his current fiancé' Kristy Tiger, hitting him at Jensen Industries, and taking him out of eWe. Now in case you still have doubts in your mind about following the rules here’s another incentive.

*The video then changes to show a short haired blond woman bound to a chair, gaged, and blind folded. Oliver knew who she was.*

Oliver: Chloe?

Saw Puppet: Chloe Sullivan. If you break the rules, she will pay for it as well. Now you'll be getting a call soon on your first assignment.

*The video ended. Then suddenly Oliver's cell phone went off.*

Oliver: Hello?

Saw Puppet Voice: Hello Oliver, or should I say Green Arrow.

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