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Green Arrow Vs Taylor Shay Empty Green Arrow Vs Taylor Shay

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:11 pm
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=983

Show: Chaos [9/20/2010]

RolePlay Limit: 1
Maximum RolePlay Length: 3,000 Words

Pacific: Sunday(19th) 10 pm
Mountain: Sunday(19th) 11 pm
Central: Sunday(19th)/Monday(20th) Midnight
Eastern: Monday(20th) 1 am
UK: Monday(20th) 6am

(the scene opens up to Green Arrow sitting on a park bench as Chloe sullivan walks up to him.)

Chloe: So tell me again why you want to meet out in the open? I mean a guy in a mask is sure to atract attention.

Green Arrow: The park just looks so nice. Why not meet here?

Chloe: have it your way.

Green Arrow: You not like the park?

Chloe: No, I just not sure what people would think, of some random masked guy with a hood on just sitting on a bench.

Green Arrow: Well, even random masked guys with hoods on need to sit too.

Chloe: Whatever, So you ready for your match on monday.

Green Arrow: I have another match? well who is it?

Chloe: Taylor Shay.

Green Arrow: Isn't that a girls name?

Chloe: Yes, because she is a girl.

Green Arrow: Oh. hmmm... strange.

Chloe: It's not strange for Diva's to challenge SuperStars.

Green Arrow: No, that's not why I say strange.

Chloe: Then why did you say strange?

Green Arrow: Well, I was just thinking it was strange how Leo, Kristy and now me, have had to face girls the past two shows. Did JC do something wrong or something?

Chloe: One, Kristy's a Diva so it's normal for her to face girls, and two your sounding sexist.

Green Arrow: I'm not sexist, I was just saying that is JC doing so bad with his own gender categoey that he has to now face those in the other. Unless he's secretly a girl.

Chloe: I don't think JC's a girl. And your getting to out of character, not all the judges like out of character comments.

Green Arrow: If it's funny.

chloe: but your not being funny, and shouldn't you be talking about Taylor Shay?

Green Arrow: Well, I was thinking that she is pretty hot, maybe me and her could go do something afterwards.

Chloe: Your forgetting that your trying to keep your idenity a secret. Plus you need to talk more about your match.

Green Arrow: Why can't we just enjoy the nice scenary.

Chloe: (Sighes) How many times does JC have to have some one remind his wrestlers that you need to talk about your matches in order to win. I mean Why do you think you lost to Snake?

Green Arrow: (shrugs)

Chloe: What ever just say something about your match.

Green Arrow: It'll be on Chaos next monday.

Chloe: Something else?

Green Arrow: Ok, ok. I'm going to be facing Taylor Shay on Chaos next monday.

(Chloe does a face palm.)

Green Arrow: What?

Chloe: Are you going to be serious?

Green Arrow: Talk to JC? he's the master mind behind these role plays.

Chloe: Stop making out of Character comments and talk about your match.

Green Arrow: I thought that's what we've been doing.

Chloe: I'm about to leave.

Green Arrow: Go ahead, I'll just stay here and enjoy this nice park.

chloe: Your not caring attitude is going to cost you your match.

Green Arrow: hey, I care about my match. I'm going to go into that ring and go all out on Taylor, even it she is a girl. You enter that ring with me I'm going to treat you like any other opponet. Ofcourse I doubt your going to think that I'm going to give you any special treatment. I've heard about your wins, once against brooke and once against Britney, well that just about makes us just about as new. But I don't care, Taylor your going to see first hand of how dificult wrestling at eWe can be. To me, your wins are important. Because those two you defeated, weren't me. I'm completly different than those two. So once your in the ring with me Your going to see that I'm not just skilled in Archery.

Chloe: Now that's better.

Green Arrow: Now that that's out of the way, why don't you just sit down and enjoy this park with me.

(So chloe sat down and they both started enjoying the park, that is until the midget parade came through, and started shouting about midget rights and stuff.)

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Green Arrow Vs Taylor Shay Empty Re: Green Arrow Vs Taylor Shay

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:12 pm
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