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Green Arrow Vs Stegfan King Empty Green Arrow Vs Stegfan King

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:07 pm
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RP Link: http://z6.invisionfree.com/eweefed2k10/index.php?showtopic=932

Show: Chaos [9/6/2010]

RolePlay Limit: 1
Maximum RolePlay Length: 3,000 Words

Pacific: Sunday(5th) 10 pm
Mountain: Sunday(5th) 11 pm
Central: Sunday(5th)/Monday(6th) Midnight
Eastern: Monday(6th) 1 am
UK: Monday(6th) 6am

[9-6-10] Green Arrow vs Stgefan King

Date: September 6th, 2010
Venue: Ernst Happel Stadion - Wien, Austria

Standard Match
Green Arrow vs Stefan King

Standard Match
Alpha Male vs Christian King

#1 Con. For Women's Championship
Fatal Four Way
Amy James vs Alicia Q vs Britney "Sugar" West vs Kristy Tiger

Non-Title Match
Dean Winchester� vs White Knight

Standard Match
Snake vs Mr Man

Non-Title Match
Johnny Chaos vs Abdul Q�

EWE Championship
White Tiger� vs Kurtis Porter

Oliver Queen was in his private Jet heading to Wien, Austria. oliver was ofcourse enjoying the life of luxery as he relaxed in his hot tub. However, his soak was disturbed when one of the waitresse's came in.

"Sir, " The Waitresse, who was really hot, said, "We seem to have ran out of fuel, sir. We need to land."

"But how does a Jet simply run out of fuel? " Oliver asked.

"Well, sir you have not given us any time to get fuel sir, " The waitresse said, "with all the parties you flown to you haven't givin us any time to refuel. Actually we haven't refueled since you've taken an interest in eWe, sir."

"I see, " Oliver said, "Just drop down and get some fuel, my 'apointment' with Jensen can wait."

"Were having a bit of trouble with that sir, " The watresse said, "You see we're still over the ocean and we don't have enough fuel to make it to main land."

"Are there any Islands near-by?" Oliver asked.

"Just a second," She said and talked into an ear piece that linked her to the Pilot. after a few seconds she responded, "they said there's one coming up. But they say there's not a port down there."

"How disprate is how fuel level? " Oliver asked.

"We really need to land imeadatly," The waitress responded.

"Then it looks like we've got no other option, " Oliver said calmly.

"Yes sir," The waitresse said and left the room.

Oliver got out and got dressed while the plane made it's decent. They landed in an open area. The island was very big with mountains to the east. The rest of the Island had very loose dirt. There was very little grass. Oliver called his company through his satellite phone and they told him they'll send a refuelling plane his way. When he got done his pilot came to him.

"there are two jeeps coming this way," the pilot said.

"Open the door," Oliver said, "and I'll have a word with them."

So he opened the door as the jeeps, one red and one blue, came near. In each jeep were three guys, one driving, one in the passenger side, and one in the back. All except the driver were caring rifles.

"I susgest you leave, " said the driver of the blue jeep as he saw Oliver, "It's dangerous here."

"We don't plan on staying long, " Oliver told them, "Just until are refuelling jet gets here."

the three guys in the blue jeep talked amoungst themselfes, then finially the driver spoke.

"You don't understand, " he said, "Once they get here, there will be very little of your jet to refuel."

"They? " Oliver asked cocking one eye brow, "Who's they?"

"Creatures like you've never seen before, " they driver said sternly, " they'll tear through your engine and puts holes in the bottom of your pretty little jet, as if it were nothing."

"what kind of creatures are they?" Oliver asked.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you, " the guy responded, "If you sit there and wait for your refuel jet, you'll see them first hand, " he grinned, "well if the ones under ground don't get you first."

"Under ground? " oliver said quizically, "Just what kind of 'monsters' are they."

"don't believe me I see, " the drive said, "Well, they've all ready on their way, probally felt your vibrations all the way across the Island. So I'd sugest you leave now."

"Well, I'm sorry to say but we can't, " Oliver said, "we don't have enough fuel."

The three guys in the blue jeep talked it over for a few more seconds finially the driver guy spoke after they seemed to reach a decision.

"Oh many people do you have that jet?" the driver asked.

"Me, the pilot, and a stuartest," Oliver replied.

"And does any of them know how to use a gun?" The driver asked, "Because your going to need it."

"We all do," Oliver replied.

" Good so I sugest you can shut off all your engines and come with us , " the guy said, "Or you can wait here for your death."

"Ok then, " Oliver said, "Well go with you just give us a second to get ready."

"You'd better hurry, " the driver said, they'll be here any second.

So Oliver went back into the plane and told the pilot and the stuardiest, who's name is Ashley, what to do. The pilot and Ashley all ready had pistols on them so the pilot went to shut off the engine while Ashley went outside. Oliver, meanwhile, went and grabbed his bow and quiver where he had a lot of arrows as well as a few many arrows and it had a Saxes knife and throwing knife concealed in the quiver as well. Once they were done he headed outside with the pilot. once out side they saw that the two men sitting in shot gun had gotten out and were now standing in the back with the other guy.

"One needs to get into the back with the guys while the other two can sit shotgun, " The driver of the blue jeep said.

So the pilot sat shotgun in the red jeep while Ashley got into the shotgun seat of the blue jeep. While Oliver was heading to the back of the blue jeep the driver caught sight of the bow and quiver.

"Lot of use that will be, " the driver said half laughing, " I don't think you quite understand what were up against."

"well, you haven't really told me that, " oliver said then grinned, "Plus I don't think you quite understand how good I am with these."

The driver then shrugged as if to say have it your way. But as Oliver climbed into the back one of the guys in the back who was looking foward spoke.

"They're coming," He said.

"Right," the driver said, "here we go."

And with that the driver started the jeep and got it moving, the red jeep followed as they headed north. They didn't drove for only about a mile when Oliver heard a scream. the scream was not like anything he had heard before.

"What was that?" Ashley asked.

"Look for your self, " The driver said as he pointed to his left.

Both Oliver and Ashley looked and Ashley gave out a gasp for what was coming their way was a heard of strange flying creatures.

"What are they?" Ashely asked fear in her voice.

"Ass-Blasters, " the driver said.

"Ass-blasters?" Oliver said as he remembered the name, "Aren't they those creatures from Tremors 3?"

"Yes, " the drive replied, "Some people found out about them and decieded to make a movie about them. but That's something we'll talk about latter right now I'd suggest you show us how good you are with that bow of yours."

The Ass-Blaster were nearer now and the other two guys in the back had allready began firing. Oliver then turned around and knocked an Arrow in his bow. He quickly drew the string back to full draw and fired. His arrow soared the air and hit one of the Ass-Blaster in the head causing it to fall. He shot another arrow within seconds of the first and this one managed to strik two down at once. They continued like this as the two jeeps continued. with all the guys in the back firing at the Ass-blasters. Finially, the Ass-Blaster decieded that too many of them were dying so they turned and left.

"That was some fancy shooting there, " One of the guys in the back said, " name Eric by the way."

"Oliver," Oliver said.

"Wait, your Oliver Queen, " the driver said surprised.

"That's right, " Oliver said.

"Didn't really recignize you, " the driver said.

"Maybe he can solve are funding problems," Eric said to the driver.

"Funding problems, " Oliver said, "Just what do you guys do here?"

"well, we are mainly just hired hand, " the driver said, "we make sure the Gaboids, Shriekers, and Ass-blasters stay in line. but there is an archeological dig here. As well as other scientific things. There mainly studing those blasted creatures as well as trying to find out what caused them and why there only here."

"You seem to know alot about what there doing, " Oliver said.

"That's just what they told us. I ofcourse listened while most of my men didn't, " The driver said, "They mainly just follow my orders, they don't really care about why those Archeologits are here."

"What's your name?" Oliver asked.

"Maxie, " He told him.

"Well Maxie, you just take me to whoevers in charge here and I'll see if there's anything here worth funding, " oliver said.

"Ok then," Maxie said.

The rest of the ride was uneventful. but finially they arrived in two too baracades in the mountains. They all got out and while maxie's men went to show Ashley and Oliver's pilot were they can stay Maxie lead Oliver to what looked like an office in one of the baracades.

"Ms. Summers, " Maxie said, "I bring to you Oliver Queen."

Ms. Summers, who was looking at something one a table with her back turned to them turned around.

"oliver Queen?" Ms. Summers said then she saw Oliver, "Oliver Queen, what brings you here?"

"My plane ran out of fuel so we landed here, " Oliver said, "And Maxie here told me about how you guys seem to be having some funding problems."

"Yes we are actually, " Ms summers said, "You see we haven't really been finding anything recently so the company that has funding has told us that we have two months left then they're going to pull our funding as well as kill those creatures here on the island."

"I might be able to help you there, " Oliver said, "If I think there's something here worth putting an investment in. So tell me what are you doing here?"

"well, Were trying to find out how these grabiods came to be, " Ms. Summers said, "If you've seen the three tremmor's movies, the company that made them is also funding my research. I've allready discorvered that these creatures are prehistoric, I've got the fosils to prove it. The only problem is that were trying to find out why after being extent for so long sudenly appear on this Island. The Company thinks that some of the creatures managed to survive on this Island. But my research has lead me believe that therory is not true."

"But you can't prove it?" Oliver asked.

"Not completly, " Ms. Summers said, "My research show me that there was a point when these creatures did not exsit on this Island, some time in between are discovery of them and surposedly when they went extent."

"Well, " Oliver said, "how long do you think it'll take you to find out the answers? Would five years be enough time?"

"I'm not sure, " Ms. Summers said, " Why?"

"Because I decieded I'll fund your project. The terms will be for five years. In Five years time we'll see if we'll continue funding you."

"Oh thank you Mr. Queen, " Ms. Summers said.

"Please call me Oliver, " oliver said.

So the two talked some more then Oliver finially left. It took a while but the refuel jet finially arived and refueled Oliver's Private Jet then Oliver took off. Not long after that Oliver gets a call from Chloe.

"Hey chloe, " Oliver said.

"where have you been, " Chloe said, "I have set you up with another interview and it's in an hour."

"relax chloe, " Oliver said, "I had some buisness to take care of."

"Jensen buisness?" Chloe asked.

"Not really, " Oliver said, "I'll tell you about it latter. So don't worry I'll make the interview in time."

"All right, bye," and before Oliver could say bye to Chloe hung up.


"Hello this is kelly and I'm here with green Arrow to talk about his up coming match with Stefan King, " kelly said, "But first, any comments about your win over the undertaker last week?"

"Not much to say about it," Green Arrow said, "I beat him and now I'm moving on to my next opponent."

"You sound as if it were no big deal, " kelly said, "An attitude like that could get you into trouble."

"You missunderstand me, " Green Arrow said, "My sight is on what's ahead, not on what was behind me. I'm going to press foward and not look back. So rather I win or lose I'll still keep moving forward.""

"But what about your surprise match against Big show last Chaos," Kelly said, "that match was canceled due to some kind of virus. Do you think you would have won."

"Ofcourse, " Green Arrow said, "He may be big but that just means he'll fall harder. You see Trixy like I've said before, I've got this fire burning in me and like with all fires they burn up the ladder fast."

"Now what about Stefan King, " Kelly said, "What do you have to say about him?"

"How about I just show you instead?" Green Arrow said.

"Ok, " Kelly said not really know what Green Arrow ment.

Green Arrow Pulled out an Arrow from his quiver and Knocked it to the bow he was caring. He then made a gesture then a target in the shape of Stefan Kind sprand up. It had a full picture of Stefan on it. Green Arrow drew his bow back then released. the arrow flew through the air then sank right into chest of the Stefan picture and the target fell backwards.

"I'll win," Green Arrow said.

Kelly turned to the camera, "Ok well that wraps this up, until next time this is Kelly."

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