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Introduction RP Empty Introduction RP

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:04 pm
Note: This is the RP that was added to the 'sample RP' in the contract. it served as a bit of an introduction to the character.

RP Link: N/A

Chloe sullivan was sitting in an airplane. She wasn't to happy. She was heading to the eWe's main building, but that's wasn't the sorce of her unhappyness. The reason that she was unhappy was becuase she had had to be on the airplane. It wasn't becuase that she was afriad of flying, no. It was becuase her client, refused to let her ride with him in his private Jet. Chloe had never really been a manager before. Actually, the only reason she was managing her client was because she was the only one he trusted. Her client was the Green Arrow, or atleast that was is Superstar name. Green Arrow was really, Oliver Queen, President of Queen Indusrties. but know one but her and Green Arrow himself knew that. Oliver had decided to stay in secretcy when he wrestled at eWe and that was part of the reason why he didn't let Chloe ride in his jet. Oliver got his jet threw his company. The way that Oliver saw it was that if Chloe where to arrive with him, it make people suspicious, as to why Chloe would ride with Oliver. So reluctantly chloe agreed to go by plan. Oliver was in fact heading to the same place she was but he was going there for a different reason.

So Chloe sat in silence. She knew that Oliver's logic was right, but that didn't mean that she had to like it.

"Where about to land, " the pilot said over the innercom, "Please go back to your seats and fasten your seatbelts."

Chloe did as instructed and waited. The plane made its desent the passenger got off. While most people went to recieve there luggage, Chloe made her way to the entrance for the only thing she brought was a single bag, which held her notebook PC as well as various other items. As Chloe made it towards the entrance to the airport she noticed a guy holding a cardbord sign with her name on it. The guy seemed to have long dark hair covered by a detriot's baseball cap. He also wore a simple worn out jacket with simple worn out t-shirt. His jeans were old with a few holes here and there. He seemed like a mess, dirt all over. The only thing that didn't seem to be old or worn out was a pair of sunglasses, he had on. as Chloe got closer she could see a Suitcase sitting right by him. Chloe got up to him and smiled.

"Nice outfit, Oli, " She said.

"How'd you geuss?" He asked with a smile.

"Mainly the sunglasses, " Chloe told him, "I find it strange that you seem to be dirty from head to toe but yet, you seem to have a nice pair of sunglasses. Plus the fact that your the only one I'm expecting."

"Should have known I wouldn't fool you," Oliver said with a grin as he went to pick of the suitcase.

"What's in there?" Chloe asked as they headed for the exit.

"I thought you might need some clothes, " Oliver said, "From here on you'll be hitting the road, folling the various eWe arena's. So I figured you'd want a change of clothes."

Oliver grinned. He knew that Chloe had known and that after she left his jet, after being told that she'd have to go comercially, she had accedently left her luggage with him.

"Sorry," chloe said relising that the suit case was actually the one she had accidently left on his jet.

"Not a problem," Oliver said, "I can take you to your cab, after that I have somewhere to be."

"Where exactly are you going?" Chloe asked.

"Oh I'm just dropping by on an old friend, " Oliver said with a grin.

Oliver took Chloe outside to a parked Taxie cab outside. He helped her put her luggage in the trunk then they said there fare wells. Oliver then headed out into the parking lot where his car, a 2008 Porsche 911 GT2, sat. he got into it and quickly took off his disguise. Once he was done he left and headed down the road. He made a pit stop at a gas station so he could change into something a little better, then he took off once more.


Micheal Jensen, Head of Jensen Industries and Co-Owner of Extreme Wresting Entertainment, was sitting at his desk working on some paper work. There was a knock at the door.

"Come in, " Jensen said thinking that in was someone on his staff.

The door opened and Oliver Queen stepped into the room. Big show, who was in the room looked over to Oliver, Big show shrugged and let Oliver walk towards Jensen who had not yet looked up from his paper. Oliver walked up to Jensen's desk before he spoke.

"Jensen, how are you," Oliver said.

Jensen looked up from his paper work and saw Oliver.

"What are you doing here?" Jensen asked a bit of anger in his voice.

"Oh I was just in the neibahood, " Oliver said with a grin, "So I decided to check up on my old buddy."

"We aren't buddies, " Jensen said coldly.

"Now don't be like that Micheal," Oliver said.

"Don't call me Micheal," Jensen told him just as cold.

"Why?" Oliver asked with a grin, "That is your name right?"

Jensen's anger was building.

"You will refer to me as Mr. Jensen, " Jensen told him.

"If you want to be so formal, " Oliver said.

Oliver sat down in one of the chairs that was in front of Jensen's desk. He proped his leg up using the arm of the chair and he could see Jensen was not to happy about that.

"Now to buisness, " Oliver said, "I want to by a share in your company."

"Your not getting any shares in Jensen Indutries, " Jensen told him, anger still apperent in his voice.

"I wasn't talking about Jensen Industries, " Oliver said calmly, "I want a share in Extreme Wresting Entertainment."

Jensen stared at him for a moment, Then he grinned.

"And what will you do with that?" Jensen asked, "You've never shown any interest in Entertainment before."

"You just seem to have a good operation going on here, " Oliver said, "I just wanted a piece of the pie, you'd still be in charge."

"Your not getting a single share from this company, "Jensen told him coldly.

Jensen knew that If Oliver got as so much of a foot hold in his company, that Jensen would be driven out. The wrestling world was still the one place where Oliver hadn't tried to rival Jensen in. Oliver and Jensen had been rivials since school. They were both allways trying to out due the other.

***ooc: Oliver and Jensen started has school rivials then moved to buisness rivials. oliver was Jensen's rivial, unlike in the show where Oliver was a bully to Lex(Who jensen is based off of).

Oliver then got up.

"Well I figured I'd try," Oliver said, "Nice to see you again."

Oliver turned and left the room. Jensen sat there in silence. He knew Oliver all to well to believe that Oliver was anywhere near finished.

Oliver walked to his car with a grin on his face. He knew that Jensen was probally still sitting in his office, trying to figure out what Oliver would do next to try to take control of his company. In truth, Oliver didn't want to own eWe. He was trying to give Jensen the assuption so he wouldn't think it strange that Oliver's private jet was going to the eWe's various areanas. Oliver got into his car and drove off. This is going to be fun, Oliver said.

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