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Blitz vs Leo vs Shadic Jobber vs Khaos

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:38 pm
Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.

Blitz vs Leo vs Shadic vs Khaos in Money in the Bank Qualifier. (Last chance)

*The scene opens to a parking lot. We then see Thend, a black guy wearing a black t-shirt, purple jacket, and black shoes, and is the same age as Blitz, and Kristy Jensen walking towards a black Colbolt SS. As they aproch the car the then see someone lying on the ground. It was Blitz. Thend and Kristy quickly went up to Blitz as Thend could see a gash on Blitz's head. Thend then has Kristy get help which she does. The scene then fades and cuts to a hospital room as we see Blitz in bed and Thend right by him. Blitz was still unconscious and Thend sat there looking over his friend. Suddenly, Blitz began to stir then slowly open his eyes. Thend smiled glad his friend had finally waken up.*

Thend: Good afternoon sleepy head.

*Blitz turned to Thend but a confused look came over him.*

Blitz: Who are you?

*Thend chuckled a bit.*

Thend: I see even in the face of injury you still can't help but joke.

*But Blitz confused looked only increased.*

Blitz: No seriously, who are you?

*Thend's smile dropped slightly.*

Thend: All right man enough. You just woke up from being asleep for 3 days.

*Blitz then looked around the room. He still had a confused look on his face.*

Blitz: Three days?

*Thend nodded.*

Blitz: Oh?...

*Blitz turned back to Thend.*

Blitz: So you're my friend right?

*Now it was Thend's turn to be confused?*

Thend: Huh?

Blitz: Friends, Becuase I don't think we could be brothers...

*Blitz then looked at his arms to confirm his skin tone then back at Thend.*

Thend: No were not brothers...

Blitz: Then we're friends right?

Thend: Yeah... what's this all about? This isn't because of loosing your last match is it?

*Blitz's eye brow rose slighty in confusion.*

Blitz: Match?

*Thend frowned slightly.*

Thend: You know you're Money in the Bank Qualifier match?

Blitz: .... Money in the Bank qualifier?

*Blitz thought it over then shook his head.*

Blitz: Can't say I know about it. But hey since you seem to know about be could you answer something for me?

Thend: ...sure.

Blitz: Who am I?

*Thend frowned but then he began to chuckle. The chuckle then turned into a laugh.*

Thend: Ok, I see what you're doing. You're trying to make light of being struck some how then getting put into a hospital.

*Thend laughed agian.*

Thend: Very good. You know you almost had me there.

*Thend looked at Blitz as he continued laughing but Blitz's look was that of confusion nor did it seem to be changing or show any sign of him trying to get Thend to think that he had amesia. So Thend's laugh slowly died down unitl he frowned.*

Thend: You're serious aren't you?

*Blitz nodded.*

Blitz: Fraid so.

*Thend sighed which sounded slightly depressed.*

Thend: I'm going to have to get the doctor. See what we can do about your amesia.

Blitz: All right.

*Thend stood up and turned to leave the room.*

Blitz: But hey before you go...

*Thend glanced back at Blitz.*

Thend: Yeah?

Blitz: Could you atleast tell me my name?

Thend: It's Blitz... Blitz 1 WhiteTiger.

*The scene fades has Thend left the room. Later Thend brought the doctor back and the doctor said that the best way to get Blitz's memories back was to show him things from his past. The doc then checked over Blitz then went to go see if Blitz would be cleared to head home. In the mean time Thend showed Blitz*

Blitz: I've lost how many?

Thend: Only 10 matches.

Blitz: buts that's about half of my matches...

*Blitz pulls up some of his statistics.*

Blitz: Seems like I was doing ok at the begining... But huh? ... seems like the only matches I've really won were either small time superstars or they were having an off day.

Thend: What about the King of Extreme Tournament?

Blitz: How should I know... but according to this, it was my last matches before I was fired... I guess I was trying to go out with a bang... I don't know... Why did I even come back?

Thend: Because you enjoyed challenging yourself. Pushing you're limits with opponents who have better fighting skills than you. You found it fun to be able to take them on rather you won or lost.

Blitz: Looks as if I failed each time...

*Blitz pulled up another match. which was ofcourse another loss.*

Blitz: I'm sorry... but how could this be me?

Thend: Hey don't look down on yourself. You've may have begun to loose but one thing I've known is that you've never quit. You've never backed down.

Blitz: ... Then explain that then?

*Blitz had brought up right after Blitz lost a match against Shawn Ashlocke. It indicated that Blitz had left the eWe.*

Thend: That was a leave of absence.

Blitz: No I call that quitting.

Thend: *Sighed* You just needed some time off... and besides you came back didn't you?

*But Blitz was a bit preoccupied has he was watching the news report of his charitiable act of donating to the Elementry School.*

Blitz: Wow even little kids know of how much of a looser I am.

Thend: Not all of them.

*Thend pulled up a picture of the girl from the school, named Abby.*

Thend: She seems to have faith in you.

Blitz: Then she has faith in the wrong person... I don't really care but if that is the guy I was then I don't want any part of it.

Thend: But what about you're match this Monday? It is a Money in the Bank Qualifier Match.

*Blitz looked at Thend.*

Blitz: And you think I can win it? Not only did I loose last time but now this Khaos guy is also in the match, who I've lost to before and that was before I lost my memories. What makes you think I can win now? I can't learn from my mistakes because I don't know what they are.... Well I know one mistake... joining eWe and I'm not going to repeat that mistake this time around.

*A small silence spread only to be intrupted by the doctor coming back into the room.*

Doctor: Well, Good news is that you're good to go and You're still fit to compete in you're match this monday, So i've informed eWe.

*Blitz nodded but didn't say a word. So the doctor left. Blitz then got up and changed into his normal clothes. Before walking to the door.*

Thend: Where you going?

*Blitz didn't turn around as he responded.*

Blitz: I'm going to clear my head.

*And with that Blitz left the room and the scene fades.*

*The scene then opens up to Monday Night Chaos. It was time for the Blitz's match to start. Thend had not told eWe that Blitz was not going to be coming and he was backstage. Just then Blitz walked up.*

Thend: Hey man, I thought you weren't going to show?

*But Blitz ignored Thend has he made his way to the entrance to the stage has his entrance Music began to play. Thend was taken aback and wondered what Blitz was going to do. Blitz made his way down the to the ring but not in his usual fashion. His face remained blank has he then entered the ring and awaited for the match to begin.*

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Re: Blitz vs Leo vs Shadic Jobber vs Khaos

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:50 pm
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