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Blitz Vs Leo Vs Dustin Jobber Vs Shadic Jobber

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:37 pm
Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.

Leo vs Blitz vs Dustin Jobber vs Shadic Jobber for MITB Qualifier (For WrestleMania)

OOC: For the most part when it says student it means a random student in the crowd not nessisarily the same one.

*The scene opens to a Elementry School. In the auditorium the school is having an asembly. The kids in the bleachers were all excited about what was about to happen. Down on the gym floor was a podium and next to that a simple white folding table with a sphere shaped devices with the crank that people use for raffles. Behind the Podium was the Principle and two other school staff were situated around that. There were also a few people from the media but most of them were local however there was a normal news team. Whispers and excited chatter were going on everywhere amoungst the students. Finally, the principle stepped up to the microphone and the students quieted down.*

Principle: Now I know you have been waiting all week for this but first let me explain why we are here. Now we all know that we were in dire need of a new library as well as new books. Well, we retrieve a very charitible donation from an eWe SuperStar and with the donation we were able to get not only the new books and improvements to the library but also brand new computers.

*This got an aplause from the students but what they were waiting for hadn't come up yet.*

Principle: In addition to this, the eWe SuperStar also has offered not only a back stage tour of the next Chaos Event, but a few additional suprises to one student of our choosing.

*This got the students going as they cheered but this time with more enthusiasm as each wanted to be that one student. The principle let their cheer go on a bit then had to raise her voice to be heard over them.*

Principle: WE HAVE DECIDED... *The kids quieted down.* now, we have decieded to chose the student by drawing and we are going to have him do the drawing.

*The students became in a stunned silence. It was about time to see just which eWe SuperStar had made this charitible donation.*

Principle: Now without further ado I give you...

*That was the cue as the auditorium speakers crackle to life as it played 'Flamboyant' from WWE 12. Then eWe SuperStar entered the auditorium.*

Principle: Blitz 1.

*This however, got a different reaction than either Blitz or the principle would of expected for the reaction of the students were that of both 'Whats?', and disapointment. Blitz took note of this has his energitic jog to the podium slowed slightly. Even the principle took note as she found that she was one of the few that were clapping. Blitz made it to the podium as his music was cut. The Principle offered him the podium to say a few words. Blitz did feeling slightly occward now at the reaction of the students but Blitz smiled anyways.*

Blitz: Well, not quiet the reaction I had expected. Though I figured a bit more applause from a eWe SuperStar.

*Suddenly a student shouted out.*

Student: You're not a real eWe SuperStar!

*The boy was imidieatly told to mind his manors but this got an agreement from most of the students.*

*Blitz gave a small grin.*

Blitz: I take it you're not one of my fans.

Student 2: Show us the real superStar.

*This got a 'yeah' fromt he rest of the students. Followed by more mumblings as well a few more shout outs. The teachers in the bleachers tried to get the students to quite down. However, even a few of the teachers seemed to agree with the students. Finally, the princible leans forward to the microphone.*

Principle: Now listen. *The students calmed down.* Now I don't care what any of you thinks, Blitz here has donated his time and money into this school and has also offered a few additional prizes for one of you. He deserves your respect. Besides, He's currently going to be in a money in the bank qualifier match...

Student 3: Only because they ran out of real SuperStars.

*The students began their agreements again as they continued to talk amoungst themselfs of how disappointing this was. The principle leaned back and gave Blitz a shrug. Blitz got back up to the microphone.*

Blitz: You know, I know you don't think I'll be able to win the Money in the Bank Qualifier...

Student: Know one else thinks so either.

Student2: You have no fans.

*Blitz sighed. It was true that compared to the other wrestlers he didn't have as many fans... well, not many actually. But whatever.*

Student: The Jobbers are going to kick your butt.

*This once again got a 'yeah' from the students.*

Blitz: Sorry you feel that way... So what do you think I should do? Quit? Now what kind of influence would I be if I...

Student: YOu did before... Lots of times.

Blitz: Some of those weren't my fault....

Student2: Just quit allready... no one wants you in eWe.

*The student then began up a chant and the rest of the students joined in.*

Students: Quit, Quit, Quit.

*Blitz just stood there, taking it all in. The students then stood up as they continued to their chant.*

Students: Quit, Quit, Quit.

*The teachers didn't know what to do. But some actually joined in with the chant til eventually everyone in the bleachers was doing the same Chant.*

crowd: Quit, Quit, Quit.

*Suddenly, a voice could be heard from with in the crowd. It was a small girl.*

Girl: Stop it!

*The crowd continued their chant so the girl then pushed through the students and stood at the end.*


*The girls shout ended in a scream as this time the crowd took notice of her and stopped the chant.*

Girl: You guys are being very mean to Blitz... He puts his heart into every single of his matches and he's trying to show that you can also have fun while wrestling in eWe.

*Blitz leaned back to talk to the principle.*

Blitz: Who's that?

Principle: That's Abby. She's a part of the Orphan's Goes to School program.

Blitz: Really? hmmm... do you mind if I choose her for the back stage tour and other stuff?

Principle: By all means.

*Blitz then leaned forward to speak into the microphone.*

Blitz: Excuse me Abby?

*The little girl jumped slightly as Blitz said her name and her courage melted away into shyness as she turned around.*

Abby: Y-Y-Yes?

Blitz: How would you like to have a back stage tour of eWe?

*Abby's face began to brighten into a smile.*

Abby: You.. mean... I-I...

*Blitz grinned back.*

Blitz: Yep, congradulations, you win.

*Abby did a small screech of excitedment before it quickly melted into a shyness once more but her smile remained.*

Blitz: Allright, Next Monday I'll be swinging by to take you to Monday Night Chaos.

*Abby nodded her sighness and excitedness conflicting.*

Blitz: All right then. As for the rest of you? *Blitz adressed the crowd then grinned* Enjoy the new books.

*And with that Blitz headed for the door.*

Abby: Blitz!?!

*Blitz was at the door so he turned back to Abby.*

Blitz: Yes?

Abby: I know you can win.

*Blitz gave a grin. Then with a two fingered salute he left.*

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Re: Blitz Vs Leo Vs Dustin Jobber Vs Shadic Jobber

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:50 pm
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