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Blitz in Final Rounds of King of Xtreme

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:11 pm
Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.  (note did I no show both RPs?  I honestly don't remember.)

Abdul Q vs Blitz vs Christy Chaos vs Derek Daniels vs dutch clark vs Randy Orton vs Sean Lewis vs Shane Dresden vs White Knight.

The Stadium was empty.  All the people who were fixing it up to get it ready had gone home all ready.  For it was late in the night.  Blitz decended down from the currtin on the stage.  walking down the ramp to the ring Blitz glanced at the empty seats that the audience would sit.  It wouldn't be long til he would decend down this ramp, to perhaps his finial showdown.  Blitz continued down to the ring. As he approached he casually entered by ducking under the ropes.  This was it.  Blitz thought.  This was where he'd make his final stand.  Where he'd face his last opponent.  Blitz walked around the ring.  Getting the feel for it.  The ring was just about like all the rest he's been to but it seemed to have a more significant value to it.  For in this ring, was where the King of Extreme would be crowned.  Blitz moved to one of the courners and sat down in the bend of the ropes.  One last time, he told himself.  One last time, he'd be in this ring trying to best his opponent.  One last time, he'd be pinning his opponent or flat on his back as the bell signals his loss.  Blitz had grown rather fawn of eWe.  Wresting his opponents trying to get to the top.  In a few days time, he'd be here.  Wrestling is way to the top.  Trying to attain the same thing is opponents are. Abdul Q, Christy Chaos, Derek Daniels, Dutch clark, Randy Orton, Sean Lewis, Shane Dresden, White Knight, and himself.  All his opponents got this far due to their own efforts.  They came this far and Blitz knew that they didn't come this far just to be defeated.  Blitz knew because he, himself, also felt the same way. Everyone of them would fight with a determination, with a will power to be victorious.  But even if they lost,  there was allways next time for them.  Not so with Blitz.  For there would be no next time with Blitz.  If he lost, it would be all over.  If he won it'd still be all over.  For after King of Extreme was over, Blitz's career would be over.  So Blitz had to face Sunday like there was no tomarrow, for there would be no tomarrow for Blitz in the World of eWe Wrestling.  Blitz had to win.  For the King of Extreme Crown would be his first and last prize from eWe.  

Blitz looked over the ring one last time.  Then he got up and left the ring.  Then he went up the ramp and left the areana.


"Were here live with at a press conference with none other than Blitz 1 Whitetiger, Superstar of eWe, " Trixy said into the camera, " We are now waiting for Blitz to come up on stage to begin."

Blitz then emergerd a building and made his way to the platform.  Blitz stepped onto the platform and up to the microphone stand.

"Hello," Blitz said he pause waiting for a responce but didn't get one, "Well it looks like you guys are professionals."

A hand shot up in the audience and Blitz getured for him to speak.

He gave his name and the place he represents, "What was it like to be apart of the big upset last Black Friday?"  He asked.

Blitz said, "Well I don't see how it was an upset, well it's true that I wasn't expected to win, but I still don't get it.  They way I see it is that I beat shawn micheals fair and square. Next question."

A lot of hands shot up into the air.  Blitz pointed to one and he also gave his name and place he represents.

"Do you think you have a shot at becomeing King of Extreme, " the man asked, "Even with strong opponents, like Sean Lewes and Randy Orton?"

"Like they said with the heart break kid, " Blitz said, "He was good but I still beat him.  I know that I shouldn't compare him with the rest but I'm just saying that they shouldn't underestimate me becuase I've all ready proven myself as worthy enough to become King of Extreme."

Another hand shot up and Blitz gesture for her to speak.

"Hellen Martin from The Print, " Hellen said, "Is there any truth to the rumor that your going to quit eWe after King of Extreme is over?"

"Oh Hey Hellen, " Blitz said, "I didn't recignize you for a second there.  But the truth is I'm not quitting.  Due to complicated reasons my contract has expired and eWe won't renew it.  Well, I should clarify that a bit more.  Jensen won't let my contract be renewed.  However, Jensen is going to let me finish the King of Extreme tournament before I'm officially kicked out.  The funny thing is, I'm going to turn Jensen's "niceness" around and bit him in the but, by winning King of Extreme.  So I tell you Jensen, Thanks."

Another person spoke before Blitz could acknoledge him.  He said his name and where he's representing.

"How do you expect to defeat Sean Lewis?" He asked.

"I take it your one of his fans, " Blitz said with a smile, "Well If we meet in the tournament I'm going to fight him without holding anything back.  I've got something to loose and I won't get another chance to win it."

Another hand poped up and Blitz gestured for him to talk.  He gave his name and where he was representing.

"How do you feel about one of the quarter final matches will be a triple threat match?" He asked, "And do you think you'll be in it?"

"I have no idea if I'm going ot be one of them, " Blitz said, "But if I am I won't let that stop me.  I'll take them down one and a time till I'm win and proceeding to the next round. But I think that's enough question for now, so see yeah latter."  

Blitz stepped down from the stage and walked off.  The press tryied to crowd around him and ask him more questions but Blitz managed to slip through them and into his car.  He then drove off.

end part 1
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Re: Blitz in Final Rounds of King of Xtreme

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:21 pm
Note: This RP was actually not posted as I missed DL. However, I found this one on the OOC board so uh yeah. Layout to come.

RP Link:

Finial rounds of King of Extreme Tournament. part 2

Blitz drove home in silence. His mind was thinking on nothing in particular. Blitz drove up to the Motel and parked his car. he then got out and headed towards his room. He got to his door and opened it. He quickly turned on the lights... to see a huge crowd of people.

"SURPRISE!" They all shouted.

Blitz was surprised he could see a banner that read Farewell. Blitz 2 walked up to him.

"So?" Blitz 2 asked.

"What is all this?" Blitz asked.

"It's your farewell party," Blitz 2 said beaming, "We got a few people from eWe to show up."

Blitz looked around. He could see Trixy, Leo, and even Spangled. His best friend, Thend was also there but he continued to browse he saw a group of people that brought tears to his eyes. Not to far away, standing by Thend, was his family. His mom, his dad, His older brother Tiger, his older sister Cynthia, and even his little michievous sister kitty. Blitz made his towards them.

"Mom, Dad, " Blitz said happy to see them, "Tiger, Cynthia, Kitty."

"Don't forget me," Blitz 2 inputed.

"You guys came." Blitz said as he gave his parents a hug.

"Ofcourse, " Blitz's Mom said, "We wouldn't miss your finial show now would we."

"Your staying to see me fight?" Blitz asked.

"Ofcourse we are, " His dad said, "We've been watching you on T.V."

"We are too, " Tiger said, "The whole family's going to be in the audience to cheer you on."

"Just don't loose like a big baffoon, " Kitty said.

"I'll try not to, " Blitz said.

Blitz turned to Cynthia.

"What?" Cynthia asked.

"Oh, I'm just even more surprised to see you here, " Blitz said.

"Think nothing of it, " Cynthia said.

Blitz then looked at Thend. Thend held out his hand and Blitz took it. They shook hands then Thend pulled Blitz into a hug.

"With you till the end," Thend said.

Blitz broke the hug, tears in his eyes, "Thanks man."

Blitz 2 put his arm around Blitz's sholders.

"I'm not going anywhere either, " Blitz 2 said, "But we have other people who want to say somethings."

Blitz 2 lead Blitz to another group of People. Here Trixy, Leo, and Spangled were standing.

"Hope you do good out there, " Trixy said.

"I'm just glad your talking with me again, " Blitz said, "but what about Sean Lewis."

"Don't worry about it, " Trixy said, "After all this is your role play.

Blitz grinned at her and she returned it. Blitz then turned to Leo.

"Leo," Blitz said.

"Blitz," Leo returned.

They looked at each other then Leo spoke.

"Just go out there and do your best, " Leo said, "But just be glad I'm not still in or else you wouldn't stand a chance."

"Same old Leo," Blitz said with a grin.

"And It'll never change," Spangeld said.

Blitz smiled at that.

They all had a great party. Blitz 2 had got some great entertainment, in the form of a radio. In the end it was a fantastic party and Blitz was glad for the surport. Towards the end Blitz stood in front of the crowd.

"Attention please," Blitz said over the noise of the crowd. They all quieted down.

"I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for coming out here," Blitz began, "Mom, Dad, I'm glad that your going to be out there cheering me on. And everyone else that will to. I'm not going to let you down. I'm going to head out there and take one opponent at a time, Until I'm crown King of Extreme."

the crowd clapped from that and Blitz left the front of them. He felt now that he was ready for the finals rounds of this tournament. Everyone still in had better be ready, for Blitz is coming, full speed, and ready to become the next King of Extreme.

end part 2
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Re: Blitz in Final Rounds of King of Xtreme

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:22 pm
Note: this Segment was going to be in results but I didn't get around to doing it. Layout to come as well.

(Blitz walked to the center of the stage microphone in hand.)

Blitz: I've Fought hard tonight but I'm sorry to say but this is the last time you will see me fight. For I'm leaving eWe.

(The crowd was silence from his announcement but then a lot of noise began as people began to ask why.)

Blitz: The reason why is because eWe has refused to renew my contract. So I've decided that It's time to move on. I'm glad you put up with me for so long. I'd

like to thank my family for coming tonight to cheer me on even if I did loose. But I do remember a saying and it fits now so I'm going to say it. I've done My

best, So I have no regrets.

(Blitz looked down for a second then back up to the crowd.)

Blitz: so Thank you all. It's been fun.

(The crowd burst into applause as "It doesn't matter Remix," Hits over the PA system for the last time. Blitz throws his hand up in victory. Then he makes his way out of the ring, up the stage, and through the curtain.)

***Next scene***

(The camera show Blitz walk out of the Stadium. His Family standing by. He said his good-byes and they left. Blitz then turned to see his twin, Blitz 2 and his

Best friend, Thend standing by Blitz's black Cobalt SS.)

Thend: Well, you've done your best. That's all that anyone could ask for.

Blitz: Yeah I know.

(Blitz 2 brought something from behind his back.)

Blitz 2: I got you something.

(he tossed the box to Blitz who got it. The box was a Big Mac box. Blitz opened it to see a Big Max inside.)

Blitz 2: That's for finishing your Big Mac career.

Blitz: But I didn't win.

Blitz 2: (Smiling) Oh I know, but why do you think there are sesame seeds on the top bun.

Blitz: Thanks.

(They stand in silence for a bit.)

Thend: So what do we do now?

(Blitz thought about it then answered.)

Blitz: Anyone for a road trip?

(Thend and Blitz 2 smiled. Then they all got into to Blitz's Cobalt. They then drove off towards there next adventure.)

(The camera fades.)
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Re: Blitz in Final Rounds of King of Xtreme

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:22 pm
Results Link: (TBA)
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Re: Blitz in Final Rounds of King of Xtreme

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