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Sean Lewis and Abdul Q Vs Blitz and Randy Orton

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:09 pm

RP Link:

Note: I'll be adding layouts, coloring, RP Links (where possible) and Results links (again where possible) at a future date.


Sean Lewis and Abdul versus Blitz and Orton. Tag match King of Extreme Teaser.

Blitz was running. Running was is favorite past times, just him and the ground beneath his feet. Running allowed Blitz to clear his head, and step away from it all.

When Blitz ran, really ran, no one could see him. It wasn't because everyone ignored him, or that he ran where no one could see him. No, because when he ran he just

went where is feet took him sometimes they took him through the woods, other times through the streets of a city. But the reason why people couldn't see him was

because they could. He was moving to fast for them to see him. Blitz has been blessed with the gift of his speed since he was born. He could outrun just about

anything. So when people looked they saw nothing, but sometimes the felt a slight breeze. Blitz had use this speed of his to help countless people. Not many really

knew about his gift. His brother, Blitz 2, did but that was because he too had the same gift. Blitz had also let his Best friend, Thend, know. Of course, Thend had a

talent of his own, but well not get into that.

This time Blitz's feet took him through the trees not to far from the city where his eWe wresting match was being held. Blitz just continued to run. Nothing was on

his mind but the shrill thrill of his running. Dodging trees, roots and shrubs with quick jumps or other acrobatic maneuvers. Suddenly, Blitz cell phone began to ring

with a ring tone Blitz hadn't heard in a while. Blitz slowed down to a stop then pulled out his phone and answered.

"Mr. Green, what's up?" Blitz said.

"Say Blitz, could I get you to come to my office, " Mr. Green said almost in a sad tone, "There's a matter in which I need to talk to you about."

"No problem, " Blitz said, "I'll be there in a few."

Blitz hung up his phone. He stood there for a second, trying to think of what could be the reason for Mr. Green's sad tone. Then he took off again at his blinding


Blitz had arrived at Mr. Green's office a short while later. He casually knocked on the door.

"Come in, " Mr. Green said.

Blitz opened the door and walked in. He then walked over to a chair in front of Mr. Green's desk and sat down.

"So Blitz, " Mr. Green said trying to force a smile, "How have you been?"

"Fine, " Blitz said, "through I've been wondering if I still had a manager." Blitz smiled to show he was joking but Mr. Green didn't return it. Blitz could tell

something was up.

"Blitz there's something I have to tell you," Mr. Green said sadly. Blitz knew that he was getting close to whatever it was that had been bothering him.

"What is it?" Blitz asked.

"Well," Mr. Green said, wondering how he should tell Blitz, "It's like this, do you remember when you agreed to let me manage you."

"Yeah, " Blitz said. He remembered all right. Mr. Green had been able to get a good job as a eWe manager, however there was one catch. Through Mr. Green was hired,

he had only a few months to get a client. If he did not he'd be fired. Mr. Green had com to Blitz asking for his help so then Blitz agreed to let Mr. Green be his


"You see," Mr. Green said, "When you signed on for me to be your manager I didn't really know that there was an expiration date. Apparently, our contract has expired.

"No problem, " Blitz said, "Just get it renewed."

"It's not that simple," Mr. Green said, "the way the contract was, I would of had to renewed it before the contract expired."

"Ok then, " Blitz said, "I can just sign a new contract."

"I'm afraid that's not possible," Mr. Green said, "Since our contract was expired that also made the eWe contract you made expire. Meaning your not a wrestler any


"Fine then, " Blitz said, "I'll just go to them and sign a new contract, too."

"Sorry," Mr. Green said, "I tried to talk with them about that and they said that they weren't going to renew your contract. They said that You've had too many


"But Rick has had more than that, but He's still in."

"I don't know, " Mr. Green admitted, "Maybe you just made someone at the top mad at you."

"probably Jensen, " Blitz said.

"Well, the good news is there not going to officially drop your contract till after the King of Extreme Paper view is over," Mr. Green told him.

"So It's over then huh, " Blitz said, "I just have my tag match this coming Sunday, then the King of Extreme Paper view."

"That's right, " Mr. Green said sadly, "I'm really sorry Blitz."

"It's not your fault," Blitz told him, "Don't worry about it. You still have Leo and Kristy."

"Yeah, " Mr. Green said, "But It won't be the same without you."

The two sat in silence for a while. Mr. Green had been a very good friend to Blitz. Blitz knew that Mr. Green didn't like having to cut him loose.

"Well, I'd best be going, " Blitz said, "I have a match to train for."

Blitz got up and turned to leave.

"Ok," Mr. Green said, "See you at your match."

"OK, Later." And with that Blitz left.


Blitz was now walking up to Jensen's office. He got to the door and just went on through. His entrance gave a startled surprise from every one in the room. Big show

and Kahli instantly got up and stepped in Blitz's path.

"Move," Blitz said he was not happy.

The two just stood there. but then a voice from the other end was heard.

"Let him through," Jensen said.

The two body guards stepped aside and Blitz walked up to Jensen's desk.

"How may I help you," Jensen said, he sounded friendly but Blitz knew that it was an act.

"I see that you won't renew my contract," Blitz told him.

"Well, " Jensen said a grin spreading across his face, "As I've told your manager, or old manager, that you've tried to sign a contract with a supposed manager. You

have falsified the document because at the time of the signing he wasn't you legal manager. Plus considering your string of losses, It doesn't seem worth all the extra

trouble to get you a new contract."

"I've won my last two matches," Blitz said.

"Which is why I've decided to let you stay until King of Extreme is over, " Jensen said, "Once you've lost in King of Extreme your done as a wrestler in eWe."

"I'm going to win that," Blitz told him.

"Right now it's only what you say, " Jensen said, "Once it's time for action, you may not be able to act on what you say. But either way, once King of Extreme is

over, rather you've lost or not, you done."

"Then Why have you giving me a match this heatwave?" Blitz asked.

"The fans love it, " Jensen simply told him, "Besides, you will more than likely slow Orton down. I despise both of you."

"I don't think so, " Blitz said, "I don't know that much about Randy Orton, other than I hear he's pretty good, But I know, we will win.

"If he still remembers how to fight," Jensen said in an undertone that Blitz could barely hear.

"What does that mean?" Blitz asked.

"Oh nothing," Jensen said, " but I don't think your going to be able to beat two very skilled wrestlers, forming a tag team."

"Me and Orton will beat them," Blitz said, "You may have succeeded in kicking me out of eWe, but I'm going to this years King of Extreme Crown with me. But first This

Sunday I'm going to show you just how I'm going to do it."

Blitz turned and left.


Blitz started on his way home. To be honest he thought that Mr. Green's claims of Blitz being kick out of eWe was all Dalton. Blitz had found out by Leo, some time

after his last match that Dalton was involved in Blitz 2 and Thend's kidnapping. Blitz then put two and two together and found out that Dalton was also the reason why

Trixy had been acting so strange. Blitz was under the impression that Dalton was trying to bring him down for turning away Dalton's offer to be his manager. So when

Mr. Green had said that he wasn't Blitz's manager any more that, it was all Dalton's doing. So that's why he went to Jensen, and he confirmed it with him. Blitz

thought about it and the only way he might be able to stay in eWe would be to accept Dalton's management offer. But Blitz didn't want anything to do with him.

Blitz was feeling kind of sad when he came to his apartment. He opened the door then saw his brother and Thend.

"Hey there champ," Blitz 2 said smiling.

"I'm not a champ," Blitz said, "Jensen has found a way to kick me out of eWe until after the King of Extreme Tournament."

"Oh, " Blitz 2 said, "Well, then that should give you more focus on you next match, seeing is how it will be you fourth to last match."

"That's if I get that far, " Blitz said as he sank to a couch in the living room.

"Don't doubt yourself, " Thend said, "Sure you may have lost a few matches, but that doesn't mean you still can't win your last ones."

"It's like a Big Mac, " Blitz 2 said.

"What are you talking about, " Blitz said.

"Your wins and losses, " Blitz 2 said.

"How so? " Blitz asked.

"Well, first you start your carrier with an undefeated record, that lasted till you fought Spider, " Blitz 2 said, "the first part of your wins was the bread, the

loss to spider was the first meat in the big Mac. then you won against the Russian Mafia, and that's the then slice of bread between the two meats. Then your had a

string of losses, the next slab of meat. Then you started winning again. Now alls you have to do is finish your bread."

"So Your now your working for your Big Mac, " Thend said, "You have the start of your top crust, now you just have to finish it by beating Abdul and Lewis. Then

Winning King of Extreme."

"Now remember, " Blitz 2 said, "You can't have Orton carrying all the wait of your team. You have to go out there and not only show Abdul and Lewis that you've come to

win but you also have to show your partner, no matter how temporary your team up is, that your there to back him while he backs you so that you can win."

"you guys are right, " Blitz said, "even through I have a few matches left, I'm not just going to lye down and loose. First Me and Orton will win that Tag battle,

Then I'm going to the top to be King of Extreme."

"And if you manage that, " Blitz two said smiling, "I'm buying you a Big Mac."

They all laughed.

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